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LexisNexis Bridger InsightFor cost-effective and efficient sanctionsand watch list screening.                             ...
Bridger Insight scans your customers or third-parties in real time,ad-hoc or in bulk against the most up to date watch lis...
How it works?From 1,000 to over 100 million names, Bridger Insight             Minimise false positiveschecks as many cust...
Enhanced due diligence and                                       Trust LexisNexis to protectmedia monitoring              ...
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Bridger Insight brochure


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Bridger Insight brochure

  1. 1. LexisNexis Bridger InsightFor cost-effective and efficient sanctionsand watch list screening. LexisNexis Bridger Insight
  2. 2. Bridger Insight scans your customers or third-parties in real time,ad-hoc or in bulk against the most up to date watch lists availableand ensures you have a robust audit trail to demonstrate compliance.Complying with the sanctions regimeThe focus on screening and monitoring of clients and third-parties is increasing. In addition to the requirements of the We were really impressedMoney Laundering Regulations 2007, the FSA is demanding with how fast and simple itthat firms improve their ongoing sanctions screening and is to use. The fuzzy-namemonitoring process. HM Treasury’s new powers under theCounter Terrorism Act could mean additional client screening matching algorithm, deliveredis needed in the future. excellent results which wereBridger Insight also helps companies manage emerging risks easy to understand.around bribery and corruption under the Bribery Act 2010 by Gary Stephenson, MLRO Prudential UKenabling users to screen their third party agents, suppliers oremployees against watch lists.With LexisNexis Bridger Insight, compliance is easy, efficientand cost-effective, even as the regulatory mountain grows.Screen and monitor high volumes of clients or third-partiesin one transaction and future proof your organisation againstchanges in regulations.Cost-effective sanctions and watch listscreening with LexisNexis Bridger Insight• Streamline client or third party onboarding and increase efficiency while protecting your company and its reputation.• Bridger Insight’s fuzzy-name matching algorithm reduces false positives, saving you time and money. The ability to add any irrelevant results to an ‘Accept List’ reduces future false positives further, increasing the time saved.• With minimal IT investment and resource required the cost per check is low, so you’ll soon realise the value.• Bridger Insight adapts easily and automatically to new Key Benefits regulatory requirements, so you can be confident of staying compliant. • Flexible and easy to use• Bridger Insight makes it faster to bring on and monitor clients • Increased efficiency with better match rates or third-parties without the need for extra headcount or system maintenance, keeping your business profitable. • Rapid return on investment • ‘Future proof’ your compliance Over 3,500 customers rely on • Cost-effective and efficient compliance LexisNexis Bridger Insight for • Simple implementation process fast and accurate sanctions • Robust audit trail included and watch list screening.
  3. 3. How it works?From 1,000 to over 100 million names, Bridger Insight Minimise false positiveschecks as many customers or third-parties as you need In addition to naming variations Bridger Insight also factorsagainst all the necessary watch lists. Perform screening in common causes of false positives, such as missing orad-hoc, at point of transaction or via batch processing and initialised first names and common words. These are heldget maximum benefit through Bridger Insight’s advanced in a common words file which is constantly updated andmatching capability. added to by LexisNexis.Protect your business and your profitability To minimise the workload further, you can automaticallyWith Bridger Insight it’s easy to monitor a large collection apply a false positive status when a name matches butof sanctions and watch lists which are regularly updated a data element such as address, date of birth or phoneby LexisNexis and included as standard. These include HM number doesn’t.Treasury, OFAC, FBI Most Wanted and United Nations. All potential matches are assigned a confidence scoreDepending on your risk-based approach you can just based on the strength of the name match. You canscreen against the UK HM Treasury list or take a broader configure match options to compare other data elementsapproach and include OFAC, United Nations or any other to increase this score and define what level of match youlist to ensure that no one is missed. want to be alerted to.It is simple to plug in additional content into Bridger Insight Easy to implement and simple to useas needed to support your requirements: Use Bridger Insight online or integrate with your own• Third party politically exposed person (PEP) data systems behind your firewall. Our highly customisable providers such as World-Check platform ensures the workflow process can be seamlessly• Your own internal blacklists of unwanted clients or integrated to fit with your own internal processes. Bridger third-parties (such as previous bad debts) Insight is easy and fast to install. It is fully scalable to address individual business needs without the need for• UK and international ID verification data heavy IT investment.Superior fuzzy-name matching A robust and consistent due diligence processOur advanced fuzzy matching algorithm employs After conducting initial screening through Bridger Insight,sophisticated searching techniques capable of finding ensure you stay compliant. Ongoing monitoring alertsrelevant potential matches, creating a risk-based approach you to issues with any of your clients or third-parties.that meets your exact requirements. If you need to investigate further, Bridger Insight isIt takes into account many naming considerations, such as: part of our wider compliance suite and complements Lexis® Diligence, which can be used to research• Abbreviations • Run Together Names companies and individuals in more depth.• Anglicised Words • Single Initials• Extra Words • Titles• Foreign Transliteration • Typographical Errors• Missing Double Letters • Word Order• Mis-spellings• Nicknames
  4. 4. Enhanced due diligence and Trust LexisNexis to protectmedia monitoring your businessOur enhanced due diligence solution and media monitoring LexisNexis has a world-class reputation for providingtools, along with LexisNexis Bridger Insight, provide the professional firms with critical business tools. For over 30 yearscomplete solution for all your customer or third party due we have been pioneers in risk management and intelligence.diligence needs. Our solutions are used internationally by over 75,000Lexis Diligence organisations. These include financial services, lawAccess the information you need for enhanced customer enforcement, government, legal and accountancy firms anddue diligence checks on clients and third-parties. Draw on blue chip multinational companies, including the world’s topglobal company data, biographies, sanctions, PEPs, country 5 banks. Our solutions help customers to reduce the cost ofinformation and legal case history. Perform negative news compliance, fulfil regulatory requirements, enhance decisionchecks to safeguard your organisation’s reputation, accessing making and protect their businesses.23,000 news sources from an archive going back up to 35 years.All as part of a single search.LexisNexis AnalyticsMonitor news across all key media on your high risk customers Our solutions help customersor third-parties through your own early warning system, set to reduce the cost ofup by our analysts. Automated monitoring enables you to compliance, fulfil regulatoryanticipate and mitigate any financial and reputational risksto protect your organisation. requirements, enhanceInstant ID International decision making and protectConfirm the identity of UK, US and international individuals their businesses.using the most up to date information available. Sourcesinclude electoral roll and passport data.Get in touchTo find out more about LexisNexis Bridger Insight and how LexisNexis can help your business:+44 (0) 20 7400 2984 | |