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Name, Identity, record label


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Name, Identity, record label

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Name, Identity, record label

  1. 1. `We chose the name ‘Kate Seeley’ because we wanted a name that sounded like a real name but was still catchy and that would be rememberable. We thought her name was also girly which would match her image. An example of a girly name from a dance genre include Tulisa. We decided to do audience research of names and ‘Kate Seeley’ was the most popular by far so we decided to use what our audience decided.
  2. 2. The identity of the artist is a female mainstream pop/dance genre singer and has had number 1 hits in the UK and US. Her new album is called “Heartbreak + Promises” because it says that in her first single which is called “Show Me Love.” Kate Seeley is looked as an attractive artist selling her music through her looks as well like many other females do such as Rihanna and Cheryl Cole. Her age is early twenties. Her music idols include Madonna and Rihanna.
  3. 3. We chose Sony Music Entertainment because we wanted our artist to be in the mainstream charts. This record label is one of the biggest so we believe this one would be the best for mainstream success. This record label has signed artists such as Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rita Ora, Shakira as well as many other big named artists would our artist looks up to. They’ve had number 1 hits all round the world like our artist so we thought this record label was the best one for our artist.