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  1. 1. EvaluationFor my final video I thought that it turned out quite a bit different to my original intentions, as I wasoriginally going for a whole timeline created in Photoshop where we would move from clip to clipdepending on which scene we wanted it to go to. Instead of doing that we decided to just stick withthe normal transitions between each of the individual clips to try and keep the video flowingsmoothly. The picture that we would have had to make in Photoshop was also far to advanced forhow good I am at Photoshop. Overall though I think that the original video looks a lot like how Iintended the shots to turn out like, and the overall smoothness of the clips turned out a lot betterthan I thought as the transitions between each of the clips looked really good and kept the videorunning smoothly. The overall look of the shots had exactly the same compositions as we hadplanned before we started shooting except for a few which we had to change because of lightingissues, or the area didn’t look as good as we thought it was going to. The lighting of all the differentshots turned out really good as we only shot on the days that it was bright outside so that we wentto shoot in our locations we could leave the blinds open and use natural sunlight instead ofunnatural lights. For a few of the scenes the lighting wasn’t as bright as I had hoped it would be sowe had to use some spot lights from the photography room so that the frame would light up a bitmore, this was not in our plan as we wanted to use all natural lights. The interviews turned out justhow we wanted them to in our plan, as we used the right background which really set the scene forthe different people that we were interviewing. The only thing that didn’t go to plan was the largeamount of background noise, as there was a few people in the class while we were shooting eventhe smallest sound would be caught by the camera. The fact that the classroom was right next to ahallway as well didn’t help with the sound as there was people constantly walking to and forth whichyou could hear through the thin windows.When it came to editing my video together I didn’t wantmy video to go on that long as the viewer would start to loose interest in the video. I tried to keepthe video short and sweet so that people didn’t change the video half way through but when thevideo was over they were still left wanting to watch more. I later uploaded the video onto a YouTubewhere I have not gotten any feedback on the video so far.The final video looks extremely professional and you can see throughout the video exactly what wewere trying to get across with advertising the Photography course in Cheadle College. From thevideo you could also see that we were not only advertising that particular course but we were alsoadvertising the whole college as we had a number of shots of the college, ranging from the frontentrance to the cafeteria. From this video you can get a real feel for how it would be like to study inCheadle College and to do the Photography course, as you got all the different opinions from bothstudents and teachers from that course. Although in this video we do go into more detail about thephotography course than the overall Cheadle College which is something that we didn’t want to goas far as we ended up doing. But just from the few shots of the different college areas that we got,give the viewer an idea for what the college looks like and what they should expect. When it came tomaking the photography course look as interesting as possible I think that we didn’t achieve the bestthat we could of, as we mostly did still shots of interviews or other peoples work. This doesn’t showall the different areas that you would take part in when doing the photography course but it doesgive you a basic idea of what is expected of you. I think that our video looks extremely professionaland even better than some of the other ads on the internet, as we had such a large range of clips we
  2. 2. could freely switch between them giving the viewers a much wider view on how the college looks.This was all possible by editing the audio clips so that they started playing before the actualinterview had begun. As most other videos advertising college have such a small range of clips fromthe college they are forced to playing these long boring interviews in one go.When it came to rendering the video I couldn’t decide what resolution to render the video at as Ididn’t want the video to take ages to load when people watch it online, and I didn’t want it to takeages to send the file to other people. I ended up using 720p as the quality to render it at, as that isstill a good quality to watch a video at but it didn’t make the file size to big. When it came to filmingthe clips we used two different cameras which had dramatic differences in quality, as one was a HDcamera and the other was just a standard 480p camera. I think that the quality of the editing meetsthe standard which I was trying to achieve as the video looks very smooth and flows nicely. I didn’tuse as many transitions as I had hoped to use as I didn’t think it looked as good as I hoped theywould have, as most of them stopped the flow of the video and made the video look rubbish. I didquite a bit of colour correction to the video clips and I also changed the levels at which the audio wasat, as some of the scenes were louder than others and was sometimes quite hard to hear the audio. Ifeel as though the editing that I did to the clips made the advertisement a lot more fluid, andimproved the look of all the clips. When it came to importing the music I just downloaded the musicof YouTube and then imported in all the clips in an Mp3 format. As we used multiple cameras torecord all the scenes we had a number of different video formats, which were AVI Video File, MovieClip, XMP file and MPEG-TS Video File. When it came to importing all the different video format clipsI was able to do them at the same time as the software was able to realise they were different anddeal with them. In the end I didn’t use any of the pictures that we took as I wanted the video to keepon moving and not go to a standstill at any point in the video. When it came to compressing thevideo down and rendering it out, we ended up losing quite a bit of the video quality as I wasrendering some of the clips in a lower quality than they were recorded at.I think that when it came to shooting our scenes our product was very well thought out and we knewexactly what we needed to shoot during each scene, and how we were going to go about shootingthat particular scene. Since we had a long time to prepare before we actually went out and startedshooting all the scenes, we planned out how we wanted each scene to look and when we were goingto start shooting that scene. We did have some very detailed storyboards which we used to ouradvantage when we went in to shoot each scene as we already knew how we wanted it to look. Weall did our individual mood boards which we had a look at to try and give us some ideas of what weall thought that we wanted the product to end up like. After having a look at all of our differentmood boards we then sat down and decided which elements of them we wanted to include into thevideo.I think that I reached the right target audience which we were going for as I used some music thatkeeps people happy, along with the interviews with the other students so that people can get a goodidea of what other students think about the course. By showing what other students thought aboutthe course it allowed the students to get a closer look into what someone of their age thinks aboutthe course, and you get a true honest opinion.
  3. 3. In the video there are a number of different scenes which I edited and I think make the video look alot better than the original clips did. To make the video look smoothly I used a number of differenteffects and changed around the location of the different audio files a number of times. I used anumber of different transitions which I thought worked well with the clips and made the video looka lot smoother, I also used some small colour correction on certain clips which I thought looked tobright or were quite dull and boring. By making the video a lot brighter and bumping up the contrastlevels it made the video look a lot more vibrant and interesting to watch.Before we started to create our products we created a questionnaire asking people what they thinkshould be in the video and what they like best about the course. With the results from thequestionnaire we were able to get an idea of what we thought should be put in the video and whatpeople like most about the course so we could go into more detail. Another thing that I looked atbefore starting to create the video was other video’s made by our college and other colleges nearby,to get an idea of what the used to try and attract the most amount of people. After looking at someother adverts about colleges I then looked at a broader range of adverts on the TV and tried to findout what was repeated in all the adverts to attract the viewer’s attention. The only feedback that wegot from people of our age group was the questionnaire that we sent out to the other students inour photography class. I think that with the video I reached the right target audience with my videoby all the different aspects which I included in my video.When it came to actually shooting the video we used a number of different styles of shots to try andcapture each scene to the best of our ability. The hardest part of creating the advertisement wastrying to capture the shots where we panned through an entire classroom to try and get it all in oneshot. As we weren’t using the best tripod to do moving shots we had to make do with what we hadwhich made some of those shots quite unstable and wobbly. When we did the still shots we set thecamera up on the tri-pod and made sure that the background suited the person that we wereinterviewing, or the questions which we were asking. As we used two different cameras to shoot thevideo we ended up getting two different qualities which is noticeably different in the final video. Thiswas one of our mistakes as we used a HD camera for some scenes where the audio and video qualityis notably different to the 480p camera. I think that some of the shots could have been a bit steadieras we couldn’t get the camera moving as smooth as we wanted with the tri-pod that we were using.If I was to shoot these scenes again I would look into a new way of making the shots look smootherwith the tri-pod that we had. Which may mean holding the camera with our hand to get thesteadiest shot of the classroom. When it came to editing the video I had to make a lot of decisionson what clips to use and what not to use as I had so many clips which I had to fit into a 60 secondadvert. When it came to choosing the clips I decided to choose the clips which I thought suited thetarget audience the most and what went well together. I tried to use clips which lead onto eachother well and kept the video flowing smoothly. I think that the music is the best part of the advertas there is not quiet spots where the advert comes to a halt and nobody knows what is happening.With the music I was able to keep the video moving as smoothly as possible and made the video looka lot better than it originally did. The only thing that I would change about the editing is that some ofthe transitions weren’t as smooth as I wanted them to be. I had originally planned to use black andwhite in some of my clips, but when it came to the editing process it didn’t look as good as I hoped. Iadded some colour correction to some of the scenes to try and bring out the colours more than theyalready had been. I decided to use a little bit of text in the video so that the audience knew what
  4. 4. questions the student/teacher was answering. I decided to use the plain text in my video as I didn’twant it to distract the attention from the viewer.When it came to delivering the product there are many different legal and ethical considerationsthat we need to take on board to keep the viewers and the client happy when producing andwatching the video. One of the major concerns when it came to shooting the video as we didn’twant to use music which was copyrighted and wouldn’t be allowed to use on the internet again. Thisis why when it came to choosing the song which I wanted to use in the video I had to make sure thatit wasn’t copyrighted and that we could use it freely over the internet. In the description of the songit said that it was free for anyone to use and that we don’t need to ask for permission. This enabledme to use the song freely when it came to uploading it onto the internet or turning it into a DVD todistribute it to the public.During the editing of the video I didn’t want to make the video to long as I wanted to keep theviewer interested and not make the video go on for too long as then they wouldn’t want to watch it,and it wouldn’t keep them that interested. To do this I edited all the clips beforehand and chose allthe best moments. After I had all the best scenes I then placed them in the order that I wanted toput them in, after I had all the units in place I then started to add in all the other parts which were inbetween and made up the gaps between each scene. To try and keep the video shorter I playedsome of the audio from the interviews over the scenes where I was showing the people the differentclass rooms and work done by other students. This enabled me to keep the viewer interested in thevideo instead of them just watching someone talk about all the different areas in Photography. Thefinal video turned out to be two minutes and 30 seconds, I think that this is a perfect time to notonly keep the viewer interested but to also show them enough information about the course.When it came to shooting the video scenes Chris took the lead when it came to setting up the shotsas he was controlling the camera. This was where we set up the rest of the scene to make it look tothe best of its ability through the eyes of the camera. When it came to shooting the scenes I was incontrol of setting up the lighting and making sure that the scene was lit correctly by using somelights from the photography room and natural lights from opening and closing the blinds. When itcame to making any major project decisions we all came together as a group and discussed whetheror not that idea should be included into the final video. As we had class together we were in regularcontact with the rest of our team as we saw each other almost every day. We were also in regularcontact with the client as we had a lesson with him twice and week and discussed what we weregoing to put in the video and whether or not he thought it was a good idea. It was extremely easy totalk with our team members and our client who enabled us to get our work done extremely fast andmeant that any new ideas which came up were put straight into the project as quick as possible.When we came together to do our group meetings we were able to move our project forward a lotfaster as we knew exactly what we were doing, and what everybody else wanted us to do. After themeetings we all got an understanding of how each other saw this project moving forward and whatwe felt was best to do next with the project. I feel as though the client was extremely involved as wewere constantly telling him what we were doing with the product and we were getting constantfeedback from him, which gave us new ideas on what to do with the project. When we had themeetings we tried to make sure that everyone attended them and that we were all involved indiscussing what we were planning to do next, in the end one of the production team might beabsent on the day of the meeting but they were able to quickly catch up when we told them what
  5. 5. was happening. When we went to each of the meetings we all had our own ideas to bring to thetable, whether it was in the form of a storyboard or it was verbal everyone had an input in thesemeetings. When we showed our final product to our client he was extremely pleased in the directionof how we decided to film the whole advertisement, he thought that the final product looked veryprofessional and exactly how we had described it to him in the meetings. With the final video I thinkthat I achieved the goal of advertising the college and a particular course as we have included loadsof references between the two in the video. The video has changed quite a bit from the original planas we didn’t do anything near as much as I thought we would have when it came to creating all theimages in Photoshop, as none of us are that good with the programme or editing the images into thevideo. Although I don’t think our product changed much after we had the meetings with the clientand ironed out any problems which we could have had, but changed when we noticed the problemsduring pre-production. Sticking to the timescale which we had originally set was one of the hardestparts when creating this video, the main reason being that the people we wanted to interview fromthe course were not always available when we wanted to film it. This lead to huge setbacks andmeant that our product was not filmed in time before the editing period had started, to deal withthis problem we started editing our video during the period when we weren’t able to film the actualvideo. There was a few times that we weren’t able to set a formal meeting with the client as he wastoo busy with classes, therefore we had to just do the meetings during our lesson period and discusswhat we wanted to change then. This didn’t have a huge effect on the final product as we were ableto just get the meetings done then, and we could tell him everything that he needed to know duringthat timescale. The only area that slowed down the final production of our video was when it cameto shooting the final video, but this was at no fault from our production team as it was theinterviewees that couldn’t make it to the meeting. I think that if I was to do this project again I couldmake it run a lot better and smoother than this project had gone, the main problem being setting upthe interviews. To avoid this problem all I would have to change would be to set up the meetingswith the interviewees way ahead of schedule and make sure that they could make it to the meetingson time. This would enable us to have a smooth production of the product and would have made usable to meet the editing deadline.My ideas for the video were implanted into some of the shots and the locations at which we shot,and they also were introduced into the video to make all the different clips work well together whenit came to editing them together. When it came to shooting all the different scenes we didn’t reallyhave set shots which we wanted to do first, as we just did all the different scenes whenever thelighting was good in that particular area. If the lighting wasn’t very good anywhere and it was a darkday then we continued editing the clips or planning for the next shoot. Overall I think that theproject ran very smoothly over the period of time that we had to edit the video together and shootthe video I think that everything went very well as kept to our timescales and didn’t take too longshooting certain scenes.