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Lewis barbe – a trusted professional expert


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As a certified safety engineer and longtime workplace safety professional, Lewis Barbe possesses the experience, insight and expertise needed to provide expert testimony on the subject of safety whenever needed. As one who has provided such testimony on behalf of numerous defendants and plaintiffs over the course of a litigation, Barbe has become a sought-after engineering consultant and witness throughout the field.

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Lewis barbe – a trusted professional expert

  1. 1. Lewis C. Barbe A Trusted Professional Expert Lewis Barbe, a professional engineering consultant, continues to be sought-after for his considerable knowledge and expertise, acquired through many years of experience as a licensed engineer. As someone with three professional engineering licenses, and who is Board-certified in Safety Engineering, Barbe is continuously looked to as an expert witness in numerous litigations, and has compiled a track record of success, as well as a strong professional reputation, as a result.
  2. 2. Much like any expert witness, Barbe has extensive experience and expertise in his field, as well as numerous memberships and affiliations with professional boards and associations throughout his industry. A member of both the Canadian Society of Safety Professionals and the American Society of Safety Engineers, Lewis Barbe is also registered with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, and is afforded, by Federal Law, the opportunity to provide his professional opinion on matters related to the field of safety engineering. The opinions he provides over the course of a litigation are supported by his experience, his extensive knowledge of the field, and/or by peer-reviewed findings or science.
  3. 3. Lewis Barbe continues to utilize both practices and theories that have been tested, reviewed and validated by peers throughout the industry, and that contain nothing subjective. When rendering his opinions in a courtroom, he utilizes time-tested academic principles that are widely taught in colleges and universities, those that continue to be used by insurance firms in order to make proper analyses of accidents, injuries and numerous other incidents. Barbe has experience teaching Fire Science and Safety Courses at UCLA, and is a former Chairman of the System Safety Society Standards Committee.