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Ig1 task 2 analysis work sheet


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Ig1 task 2 analysis work sheet

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in GAMES DESIGN Unit 73: Sound For Computer Games Game Title Name Link The Walking Dead Lewis Brady Provide detailed descriptions from chosen examples that establish… Setting (0:00:41-0:01:07) At this part of the video The main character Lee is thinking about what happened that involved him to being in a back of a police car, as it is the start of the game the player is still deciding what had happened to Lee as you hear flashbacks throughout episode 1. Clearly state what production technique(s) you think have been used to create specific soundtrack elements The music pace is slow to give the player time to think about what is going on and why Lee is in a police car, this forces the player to think about what is going through Lee’s mind and when the zombies will make an appearance in the game. Mood (0:13:02-0:14:22) At this section Lee is listening to a family message recorder which unearths the demise of clementine’s parents who were in savannah at the time of the infection breaking out, as Lee looks at clementine’s family photo this give us a sense of sadness but as the plot unravels the sense of sadness is prolonged as clementine is not aware of the fate of her parents. The music itself is very emotional as the player finds out about the fate of a little girl’s family through a message recorder, this makes the player automatically assume that they met similar fates that has taken most of the population. Game genre (0:08:56-0:09:44) At this point this is obviously spotted that it is a zombie survival game as the music is very tense as Lee has just had his first encounter with a “walker” and flees from the damaged police car and enters Clementine’s backgarden. Narrative (0:44:29-0:09:44) The music give you a very tense sensation as you run away from the “walkers” the intensity of the music increases as they get closer towards Lee and abruptly ends as he jumps the fence and is temporarily safe from the infected. In this scene they mainly focused on the dialogue
  2. 2. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in GAMES DESIGN Unit 73: Sound For Computer Games In this scene we move further into the story where there arguing with Larry about Duck being bitten outside of the drugstore and Lee is siding with Kenny as he knows that Duck was not bit. The music in this part is intertwined as the atmosphere is very tense with there being an argument about Duck being bitten. but it does not mean that the music does not play a role in this part as it gives you a very tense and angry sensation as Larry is trying to kill Kenny’s son Duck.