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Inanimate Alice


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Inanimate Alice

  1. 1. Inanimate Alice <br>In Thailand <br>
  2. 2. Hi my names Alice, I am 19 years old. I Live in Phuket,Thailand.<br>
  3. 3. We have lived here for a year now. I used to live in England. I loved it there.<br>
  4. 4. One day a letter arrived. It was my great uncle's will. It turned out that my family was his only living relatives. We had inherited a mansion and a fortune. So we moved into his mansion in Thailand.<br>
  5. 5. This is where I live.It has lots of windows and a big pool.<br>
  6. 6. The butler that works at our mansion is a bit weird and I always get the creeps when he looks at me but mum and dad think he is normal.<br>
  7. 7. The first thing my parents got for me was two rottweiler dogs. I have always wanted a dog and I was really excited when I finally got them.<br>
  8. 8. Today the butler ordered some window cleaners to come which was strange because it rained yesterday. I don't know if mum and dad know about it. The butler always does things like that, doing something without permission.<br>
  9. 9. I made a new game on my player. It is called mixnmatch. Suddenly I hear a noise behind me. I turn around and I see a man in overalls hop through the window into my room. Before I have enough time to scream somebody covers my mouth and the two men carry me away.<br>
  10. 10. They put me into an old blue van. Its really dark in the van and I can't see very well. I hear the van start up. I'm scared.<br>
  11. 11. Suddenly the van stops. Somebody shoves me out the van. My hands are tied up. we have arrived at a run down shack. A burly man wearing a balaclava points a gun at my head and tells me to sit down. I'm freaked out by all this but not too much to notice that one of the men is wearing a butler suit. I am just about to struggle but then I hear Brad's voice in my head to keep still and listen to them.<br>
  12. 12. I can hear a voice. It sounds like our butler. He must be talking on the phone. &quot;We have your daughter here. To get her back you mus---&quot; he was interrupted by a loud bark and heavy paws steps. The door was smashed down and in came my two dogs. The man shot the gun but it missed and the two dogs jumped on him, knocking him to the ground and started mauling him. The butler started screaming and ran out the door but my dogs charged after him. Five seconds later I heard a terrifying scream coming outside the shed.<br>
  13. 13. After 5 minutes in scary silence my dad came rushing in and checked me over. I was so happy to see him again and gave him a big hug when he untied my hands.<br>
  14. 14. Dad called the dogs into the car and we drove off home.When we got home my mum hugged me to death while dad called the police. It turns out that my dogs had killed the butler, and one of the other guys was bleeding to death.<br>
  15. 15. This is the end of the adventure for now. I hope you like it.<br><br>Written by Levi and Sophia.<br>