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Suzanne Rich Folsom and Bart M. Schwartz on Corporate Compliance in 2011


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As part of a continuing series of LEVICK video interviews with thought leaders across multiple disciplines and industry sectors, I recently sat down with Suzanne Rich Folsom, the former Vice President, Chief Regulatory and Compliance Officer, and Deputy General Counsel at AIG, and Bart M. Schwarz, the Chairman and CEO of Solution Point LLC, to discuss evolutions in corporate compliance in 2011.

During our conversation, Ms. Folsom and Mr. Schwartz spoke in great detail about the myriad benefits that effective compliance programs impart -- such as reduced legal liabilities, talent recruitment advantages, and the competitive edge that accompanies a reputation for honest and ethical behavior. In addition, Ms. Folsom and Mr. Schwartz outlined the essential elements of a strong corporate compliance function and looked ahead to how emerging trends will impact corporate compliance efforts in the months and years ahead.

As leading experts in global regulatory issues who have played significant roles in some of the most high-profile compliance matters in recent memory, Ms. Folsom and Mr. Schwartz shared these insights -- and many more -- with LEVICK.

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