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No sourcers? No problem, says Netflix's recruiting researcher team

  1. “No sourcers? No problem” Netflix's Recruiting Researcher Team Recruiting Researcher Michael Recruiter / Researcher Tennyson
  2. ● Could they understand the business? ● Could they tell the difference between good and great talent? ● Could they influence the business? The History of the Recruiting Researcher
  3. Sourcer Researcher Sources Candidates Sources Candidates Phone Screens Phone Screens Partners w/ Recruiter Partners w/ Recruiter X Understands the Business X Can tell the difference between good and great X Influences the Business Sourcers vs. Researchers
  4. Researcher What defines a Recruiting Researcher at Netflix? PartnerBusiness Expert
  5. Business Expert ● Understands the why ● Connects the dots
  6. Photo Editor VS.
  7. Researcher ● Industry Expert ● Curious
  8. Partner ● Is a “Culture Compass”
  9. “You've been my culture compass for the past four months, while challenging me to break my habit of settling for ‘good enough’ unrefined talent.” - New Hiring Manager Netflix 360 Feedback
  10. Partner ● Is a “Culture Compass” ● Has the ability to influence
  11. Total Sourced Referred
  12. Researcher What defines a researcher at Netflix? PartnerBusiness Expert
  13. What’s next?
  14. #1: Make your own rules #2: Slow it down #3: Don’t stop learning
  15. Questions?
  16. To hear from more speakers at our Summit, watch our live stream recording here: innovation-summit/main-event Recruiting Researcher Michael Recruiter / Researcher Tennyson