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Kick - off Report Presentation - Agenda


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Download and use the following template for your next kick-off report meetings.

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Kick - off Report Presentation - Agenda

  1. 1. Kick-off Meeting
  2. 2. Agenda ● Introductions and roles ● Get to know you ○ Understand the project and client ● Establish what will make this project a success ○ Identify the deliverables and timelines ● Define the rest of the process ○ Agree on communication channels and preferences ○ Clarify next actions for you / us [Logo] ©LevelUp Ventures
  3. 3. Introduction Client Project Team Responsible for: Project Lead Responsible for: Responsible for: [Logo] ©LevelUp Ventures
  4. 4. Let’s Get To Know You About the company ● Mission, vision, business model ● History and Future ● Team and culture About the project ● Purpose ● Scope [Logo] ©LevelUp Ventures
  5. 5. Deliverables & Timetables What makes this a success? ● Deliverable 1 ● Deliverable 2 ● Deliverable 3 Timelines ● Milestone 1 ● Milestone 2 ● Milestone 3 [Logo] ©LevelUp Ventures
  6. 6. What the Process Will Look Like Communication ● Agreements on communication ● Agreements on meetings Next actions ● Actions for you ● Actions for us [Logo] ©LevelUp Ventures
  7. 7. Notes ● To edit the images: Click on Background -> Choose image Sometimes the image doesn’t fit right, which can’t be fixed :( So then try to crop the image if needed. HQ images from these websites work the best: ©LevelUp Ventures