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How to Write Funny Letters to Camp


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How to Write Funny Letters to Camp

  1. 1. How to Write Funny Letters to Camp Top Letter-Writing We asked readers of the Letters to Camp blog about their biggest challenges with writing letters to camp. Turns out that Challenges 30% of readers said that writing funny letters was their biggest challenge. Campers love humor! [Most] kids love to laugh – and funny letters get kids laughing without losing their focus on camp. Laughter makes a good day great, and a challenging day better. Whether sharing funny true stories or jokes, or just mixing it up, humor helps build a lasting bond between you and your camper. It’s Easy! So, how do you write funny letters when you’re not a stand-up comedian? Try these easy suggestions – and click on the links to get more details. A monkey walks Tell a joke into a bar And he says… Kids love jokes, riddles, and funny stories. You can write your own jokes and riddles. Or grab a few online – simply cut and paste them right into your typed or email letters. Check out this great list of kid-friendly joke and riddle sites. Imagine it Let your creative juices flow! Letters can be whatever you want them to be. Write a true story. Or a fictional story. Or a funny story. Create funny pictures and drawings. Add silly captions to your photos. If you can imagine it, you can do it! Click for more ideas. So I was taking a walk… Change Your Perspective And I said… It’s amazing what a new point of view can do for a letter. I love to write letters from my dog’s perspective. You might prefer to write a letter from your cat or your parakeet. Or your baby. Be Unexpected Who says that letters to camp have to be the same old same old? After all, you’re unique – and so is your camper. And your letters should be unique too! Try a few of these ideas for unique and unexpected letters. Next time you write a letter, use a fill in a CampLib (silly fill-in- the-blank letter), fill-in-the-blank letter or even, a multiple choice letter. Or write your own. More tips at the Letters to Camp Blog© 2012 Letters to Camp