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A leaflet to promote the activities of the project called "Let's meet under the Spots" was published by the Ekonomska i turistička škola, Daruvar

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Leaflet of the Comenius Project - Croatia

  1. 1. 1 Project information Project acronym: LMUS Project title: LET’S MEET UNDER THE SPOTS Partners : Greece,Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia Project website: http://letsmeetunderthespots.weebly.c om/ Project coordinator: NAZMİYE KIRDAR BELHAN
  2. 2. 2 PROJECT SUMMARY “Let’s Meet under the Spots!” is a student-focused project based on creative writing and drama. The concerns of the project are fairy tales and short stories as they provide a common ground regarding their similarities and differences in terms of their plots, themes, characters and images. Since the duration of the project is two years’ time, the first year was centered upon fairy tales. In the following year, folk tales was studied. As far as the process of the project is concerned, the students read the fairy tales and folk stories of each partner country, study them elaborately and create a new text. The next step was acting this newly-created text out as a short play. All partners shot the performance and uploaded it to the website of the project. The aim of this project is to develop our students’ creative abilities and communication skills which inevitably arouse self-confidence in them. Pupils participated directly in all activities and suggested their own ideas and put them into action
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  4. 4. 4 INTRODUCTION OF PARTNERS 1) TURKEY AHMET KABAKLI TEACHER TRAINING ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL Ahmet Kabaklı Teacher Training Anatolian High School is a public institution whose aim is to train possible teachers of future. The school is in the center of the East Anatolia and offers accommodation facilities for students who are economically disadvantaged. It has laboratories furnished with latest equipment and a big sports hall. The duration of education is 4 years. It is known as one of the biggest and notable schools in the region as it requires an academic exam to enroll. Also, teachers of our school have to pass an exam for their academic ability. Currently, 420 students are being educated and 40 teachers are employed. 2) CROATIA EKONOMSKA I TURISTIČKA ŠKOLA DARUVAR Ekonomska i turistička škola Daruvar is a medium-sized vocational school attended by students of different abilities. The aim of the school is to get involved in the lifelong learning programme. The school gives young people an opportunity to get a degree in various fields (economy, hotel and catering industry) with a special emphasis on learning foreign languages. It is a high school in a little town with approximately 400 pupils who attend hotel and catering industry and economy departments. About 40 teachers work there. We have different projects within school in which our students are involved, but have not been involved in a Comenius project before although we applied for one last year. The school has taken part in annual international competition organized by AEHT for several years. 3) ROMANIA LICEUL CU PROGRAM SPORTIV Sports High School is situated in the Northern-Eastern part of Romania, region of Moldavia, in Bacau city and it comprises a number of about 500 students. Sports High School is a vocational school with students of ages: 10/14 and 15/19 years old. Our students practice various sports like: football, volleyball, handball, boxing, wrestling, swimming and diving , judo that are included in the curricula besides other objects, such as:. Romanian Language and Literature, English and French, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
  5. 5. 5 History, Geography, Religion, Arts, Music, Theoretical Sports Training, ICT, Music and Arts. 4) CZECH REPUBLIC GYMNÁZİUM BRATŘÍ ČAPKŮ A PRVNÍ ČESKÉ SOUKROMÉ STŘEDNÍ ODBORNÉ UČİLİŠTĚ S.R.O. Gymnázium bratří Čapků (Čapek brothers grammar school) is a little private grammar school constituting one department of two allied schools (both as one educational and economic entity with one headmaster) – classical grammar school and vocational school . The school is situated in the capitol of Czech Republic in Prague. The aim of school is to educate students in the humanity subjects (with an emphasis on learning history of literature and social sciences – psychology, sociology, philosophy and cultural anthropology) and art (design, painting, aesthetic, history of art…) and get them ready to studying at University. The duration of education is 4 years. In every year-class we have only one class, so there are the conditions for individual approach for all students. It means 60 students are educated in department of Gymnázium bratří Čapků (Čapek brothers grammar school with humanity subjects) and 130 students in department of vocational school (classical crafts – joiner, confectioner of business subjects). And about 30 teachers are employed there. 5) GREECE GENICO LYCEIO VONITSAS The Liceum of Vonitsa is settled in a small town of Western Greece. Our town is agricultural and far from big cities, so our children are socially excluded from culture events and they have no opportunity to contact with other peers in a creative basis and under a program in a European level. Our school has joint environmental programs and has experience in programs, but never in a European basis. The Comenius program will give them the opportunity and the motive to practice their English, to learn a lot about other countries and their culture. Moreover, they will make friends to other countries and that will gives them the chance to visit or study to one of them, not to mention the sense of European citizenship that is not so vivid in remote and agricultural areas.
  6. 6. 6 1- TURKEY - GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER In the first visit of the Project, the Turkish team welcomed all partners in the friendly environment of Elazığ in September, 2011. In this meeting we arranged the schedule of the Project and distributed the tasks to each partner. During the visit, all partners were fascinated by the hospitaility and well-organized team. They had a chance to do sightseeings around the city as well.
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  8. 8. 8 Turkey It’s hard to describe all that has been seen. Everywhere we went it was just beautiful. The scenery was amazing. Seeing plains in different colours, palm trees swaying in the breeze, tasting new food and experiencing their culture were things that can’t be described with words; you have to see it with your own eyes. Driving through Bosporus and seeing all those castles and buildings that were made was so great. First time travelling by plane was awesome and something I never thought I would do. At first I was afraid but when I did it, I wanted more. The lake in Sivrice and snow in the mountain top, just being there and meeting all those people was great experience. Living in Elazig in the house of someone you don’t know is scary but when you meet them you wish you had done it sooner. The spiciest food I ate in Turkey was in Karpan. For Antonija, Jana and me that was a real fight because we never ate food that was so spicy, but we survived thanks to water and bread. Their culture is a lot different than ours and there’s a lot that can be learnt from it. I’ll never forget this experience because it did teach me so much about lives, culture and so many more things. It made me think before I start judging, it showed me that not everybody has what they want and most importantly it taught me I need to learn more and live my life on the best way I know. Maja Supan Lifetime experience These two projects (Comenius and Leonardo) literally changed my life. They changed the way I think of other nations and I gained more experience than you can even imagine. Turkey was something new for me. It was the first meeting of the Comenius project, so we didn’t get to meet the students from other countries before we went there. When I came there, I realized that there were so many words and expressions that we use in Croatian as well, so it wasn’t so hard to understand what they talked about. I did my very best to learn as much Turkish words as I could. I was so amazed that people were so friendly to us. There weren’t people who were standing aside and just staring at us. Everyone wanted to meet us and talk to us, ask us about our interests and so on. It was so nice of them. We went there in November, and even though I’m not an autumn/winter type of a person, those people made the whole trip so warm because of their kindness and hospitality. Jana Ružička
  9. 9. 9 II. CZECH REPUBLIC- THE COUNTRY OF HISTORY We were in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe in the freezing weather in February, 2012. However, the fascinating scenery kept us warm. In this meeting, we exchanged the fairy tales and wrote a new text. Czech team designed the website of the Project.
  10. 10. 10 I opened my eyes and just slowly got up to find a switcher for light. When I turned the light on, first I saw was my best friend, I woke her up and said „It is time. We are going to Prague today.“ We were driving by a car through a blizzard for two hours and finally we came to the Railway station and got on a train which was going to Vienna. We went to McDonaldsand waited for our train for Prague. We were all so excited. With me, there were four more students, Antonela, Dijana, Dejan and Ivan we all became good friends in just few hours. And here we are. We came out of train very slowly and kind of scared. We did not know if we were going bto be in families or in hotel and it was killing us. A group of students and few teachers were standing there and waiting for us. It was awesome feeling. They dinided us to families and we were there to our homes for next 7 days. I was with two girls, Jira and Inga. The girls were awesome. Both of them took cared about me and everything was perfect. Next day we have met on square and walking around Prague. We were to school, too. There we had a France and English class. We were sight-seeing. We saw Charles Bridge, the cathedral and so many other places. We were at trip to Kutna Hora, we saw a church and a museum of bones. On our last day, we went bowlling with all students. That week was just awesome. Czech is awesome, but at home is the most beautiful. Dora Mercluft
  11. 11. 11 I thought it wouldn't be interesting. We went to the capital of the Czech. One week after that I was depressed becouse I didn't knew anybody who would go on the trip with us. We set off,and the trip started. A long trip. We enjoyed it. We werw talking all the time and Dejan was eating all the time! the last four hours we spent discussing. We were so nervous because we didn't know where we would be the next seven days,if they were good of bad, we were exhausted because the trip was so long. We came to the railstation in Prague. I was scared because there was a lot of people there. They were waiting for us. I saw a beautiful girl with long red hair. She was waiting with her mom an dad. Her name is Nikky, I was at here home for that seven days. When we came at her house, she showed me my room. Then i had a shower and went to bed. The next day I woke up at 8. we had breakfest and went to thew town. It was Sunday, and it was very cold. We met on the square and went with Dejan and Ivan to change money. Then we went to McDonald's and dinosaur park. The next morning we went to their school. It was awful! My favorite day was when we were going to bowling, but it was last day. We were very sad because everything was great and we had to leave it. I met a lot of people there and they said that they would come to Croatia next year. My favorite was Martin. He is the best. I'd like to go there again with the same people. It was the best trip I've ever been on and I hope that opne day I will go to Prague again and see all these people. Antonela Nora The first days of cold and snowy February I spent in Prague, the Czech Republic as a part of project Comenius. I wasn’t the only one from my school. Dora Mercluft, Antonela Nora, Dijana Mika and Dejan Pokrajac were also in Prague. These six days I will remember my whole life. I have met some new friends from the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and Romania. The city of Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with so many historical monuments, buildings and huge malls. I was a little bit disappointed with their school, it is in a total mess. I forgot to mention travelling by train. It was special for me and the others, of course. As I already mentioned, I will remember Prague my whole life. So, thanks to the teachers and students for that. Ivan Macura
  12. 12. 12 III. GREECE COUNTRY OF THE GODS Having participated two mobilities, we were friends rather than partners. The fresh air, the lovely town Vonitsa made our relations much closer. Seeing the Hellenistic culture of the Greece was one of the memorables of the trip.
  13. 13. 13 Our trip to Greece was something I will never forget. Exploring that country and getting to know these people is the best thing that could come from the Comenius project. We traveled by plane. We traveled by bus. And it was worth it. We were welcomed in the best possible way. Not to mention the surprise when I realized that Özde (the girl I stayed at in Turkey) was with me in the same host house. And my host family was great. In the next few days we visited many beautiful places. Also, we couldn't resist not to swim in the Ionian sea. Last night in Vonitsa we had a formal gathering. We danced traditional Greek dances. As a gift, we got the shirts which we signed to each other. And now when I look at it I think of all wonderful people I met. The hardest part was to say goodbye. We wept at parting, and promised that this wasn't the last time we'd see each other. And it really wasn't. Because as soon as we came to Athens our teachers had arranged re-meeting in Starbucks. It was so unexpected and we were happy as little kids. Still we had two more days in Athens and we used them in the best possible way. We were the best team: Ksenija Škorić, Romana Gašpar, Vesna Šagovec, Nada Majstorović, Katarina Pranjić, Jana Ružička, Anamarija Toplak and me. And I'm very thankful and proud because I was part of it. Antonija Malina The project Comenius and Leonardo are the best projects that our school got. In this project we meet new people, their culture and traditions and we are traveling through Europe. The journey to Greece was the best and the funniest trip in my life. Greece is in a Comenius project. First 4 days we were in the host families, in Vonitsa. Vonista is a wonderful town. I liked the beach and the Venetian fortress on the hill. The family was very friendly and kind. The food was delicious and varied. My favourite food there was the Greek salad. People were friendly and communicative. We spent most of the time with the Romanians, Greeks and Turks. We talked a lot in English, we taught them some Croatian words, and they taught us a few words from their languages. Last three days we were in Athens. Acropolis in Athens was beautiful and it has interesting history. Because of this trip to Greece I have expanded my English vocabulary, I have more confidence and can easily communicate with people in a foreign language. I hope I'll travel somewhere else and that'll be fun as well as Greece was. Katarina Pranjić 3.h
  14. 14. 14 Turkey was great but Greece was really something else, even though those two countries share their national border. I didn’t even expect that I’d have the best time of my life there. Greece is absolutely beautiful and I don’t regret a single second of time that we spent there. The weather was perfect, so we managed to do everything that was in our ‘to do’ list. I’ve never met more cheerful, optimistic and affectionate people than the Greeks. That week was like a fairy tale to me, so that’s why it was so hard to go back to ‘reality’. Every Greek person that I’ve met ‘got under my skin’ and in my heart and stayed there. It felt so good to be around those people, I felt fulfilled for the first time in my life because of the way they treated us. They weren’t pretending, they were just being themselves and it made me think that I want to go back there and completely meet the culture and the tradition. My favorite part of all is that some of those students I met became my real friends, or I should say ‘long-distance best friends’. They mean so much to me. I can’t go through a day without talking to them and telling them how much I miss them. I can’t even explain how much I’m looking forward to seeing them again, here in Croatia. Jana Ružička
  15. 15. 15 IV- ROMANIA THE COUNTRY OF DRACULA The second year of project started with the transnational mobility in Romania during the 15th-19th of October which took place in two different places: in Bran Meociu area and in the host town- Bacau. We made an evaluation of the first year. We selected the folk tales which we would study the following year.
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  17. 17. 17 V. CROATIA THE PEARL OF THE ADRIATIC In this last meeting of the project, we were not only happy to see each other again but also sad for saying goodbye. As this was the final mobility, our students and colleagues felt unhappy. Yet, we demonstrated all our products in this meeting. The students performed the final play that they had been working on the whole year. Wıth the song of John Lennon “Imagine” the students gave a message of unity, peace, brotherhood which shows that the aim of the Project was accomplished.
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  19. 19. 19 FOLLOW YOUR HEART Storyteller: Once upon a time there was a king called Jiřík who lived in an old castle in the forest with his daughter Goldilocks. She knew the animal language, so she often spent her free time walking around the forest. In the forest, she she came across a little turtle which was observing passer bys sadly. (Goldilocks approaching carefully) Goldilocks: Hey there, little turtle. Why are you so sad? Did anyone hurt you? Turtle: I’m not sad, I’m just thinking a lot. Goldilocks: What are you thinking about??? Turtle: About a conversation with a goldfish. Goldilocks: Share your thoughts with me, if it’s going to make it easier for you. Turtle: The goldfish told me that all unhappiness would disappear if I solved the secret of the forest. But she didn’t tell me the secret. Besides, I’m too slow for this kind of venture. Goldilocks: (smiling) You can’t know unless you try, and I think I can help you out. Turtle: (coming closer to the girl) Goldilocks: When I was a little girl, my father told me a story about the secret of the forest, about the stone of patience. The story which will come true one day and bring back the joy that is missing in this forest. I think that day came and that it’s time for me to pass on the secret to you. Turtle: (excited) Tell me, tell me, I really want to know… Goldilocks: Deep in the forest by an old oak, there is a path that leads to the sea shore.
  20. 20. 20 Across the shore there is an ancient island Krk. You can cross the sea over the Krk’s bridge. Walking along the south side of the island, you will come across the oldest olive tree. When you get to it, take a turn onto the Roman road and go straight on. On the highest spot of the island, you will notice a cave. In that very cave there is the stone of patience. Your mission is to find it. Turtle: (with an insecure expression accepts that big responsibility) But it’s a long way to get there, how will I manage that being so small and slow??? Goldilocks: Don’t you worry about it. You won’t go alone. You will get help for your way. You'll have ground and air support. Birds, spiders and ants will help you. Rabbit: (appears from nowhere) And a rabbit, as well! Turtle: You agree to go with me? Rabbit: Well, of course, this is my forest too, you know! Turtle: I hope we’ll make it... What do you think, what are our chances? Rabbit: I don’t want to talk about success nowadays. Have you seen the decrease of the value of Euro and the state of the stock market? Turtle: Yeah, that’s true. And how about the loans in Swiss francs... And the global warming... Rabbit: And then the wars between countries, crisis and many other troubles... Turtle: But I don't want to talk about it! There are more important things to us. Like school, teachers, maths, sine and cosine, literature… Rabbit: Huh, I wish those were our biggest problems right now... From all of that talk, I’m not so sure we’re going to make it at all. Turtle: But it’s worth trying. It’s about our forest and our home.
  21. 21. 21 Storyteller: The very next day, the turtle and the rabbit with their little helpers hit the road. A lot of walking was ahead of them. They walked through the forest all day long, and in the evening, right next to the old oak, they found a girl playing the flute and was totally into what she was doing. She was so into it, that she noticed them only when they came right in front of her, then she stopped playing. Turtle: Hey there, girl. What’s your name? Zora: My name is Zora. And what are you doing here in this deadly nightshade? Turtle: We’re travelling in pursuit of a cave of magic stones. Do you by any chance know which way should we take from this crossroad? Zora: If you follow your heart, you will find the right way and accomplish your aim. Turtle: And why are you playing the flute here at night? It’s not like anyone’s listening… even though we like it. Zora: I’m playing for my beloved Greuceanu. Just to make my time go faster until dawn, because at dawn, he will be back. And I suggest you to stay here until dawn, then we can all go together. Storyteller: While the exhausted animals were sleeping and recovering their energy, Zora was tirelessly playing the flute when she heard a horse clumping (Tp!, tp!, tp!, tp!) and she noticed her beloved Greuceanu was coming towards her. When the sun set, they continued their journey. When they were passing the Plitvice lakes, a giant ogre came out of nowhere and stood
  22. 22. 22 right in front of them. The ogre smelled like stale cheese and sewer, he was wearing a torn vest of a brand Like, some old ripped pants and torn shoes. Ogre: Listen guys, I need lunch. Either you agree who is going to be my lunch or I will cook all of you together, and give the leftovers to my pets. Rabbit: Don’t do it, bro’. Look at me, I’m literally skin and bones. You wouldn’t fill your stomack eating me. Turtle: Me neither, I guess you’re not going to eat my shell in which I keep stuff like cigarettes, lighter, iPhone, chewing gums... Ogre: I don’t wanna hear it... I’ll cook you in sauerkraut after I have the crocodile’s tail for starter. Storyteller: After saying those words, the ogre turned upon two little helpless animals, but witty turtle hid under its own shell and hid the rabbit as well. When the ogre realized they had outwitted him, he turned to Greuceanu who defended them all. Ogre realized that he wouldn’t find his desired meal here and continued further through the forest. Greauceanu, Zora and the animals continued their way. Soon, they reached the shore coming to the Krk’s bridge. Greuceanu: Oh boy, this toll is so expensive! It's better we found another way. What do you think about that boat over there? (pointing his finger to the right side of the coast) Everyone, follow me. Storyteller: Down by the bridge, on the pebble beach Selce, the old fisherman Palunko
  23. 23. 23 was sitting and polishing his boat. They decided to ask the fisherman for help, to transport them on the other side of the coast. When they came to the fisherman, they noticed he was preparing a new nylon for his fishing rod. Greuceanu: Hey dude, do you have some time? Palunko: Well, I’m not quite sure... My buddies are coming for a game of Belot. Greuceanu: What are you talkin’ about? The destiny of the animals from one forest is on the line, and you would play belot? Well, I don’t think so! Palunko: Where do you want to go? Greuceanu: Just to the other side of the coast. Palunko: Huh, then we have a problem. My route doesn’t go your way. I only travel with my boat to the southern side of the Adriatic: Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik... Greuceanu and others (all together): Please, it’s really important. Palunko: Oh, okay then, if it’s about that... How much are you willing to pay? Rabbit: How about ten jars of corn? It was for my snack, and since you’re a fisherman, you could use it as a bait. Palunko: You see, I like that idea. Greuceanu: There you go, my friend, we have a deal! Storyteller: So the gang kept going their way. Palunko directed them to the olive, and when they passed it, they got on the Roman road toward the cave. On their way there, a lot of passer bys were surprised by their intention to visit the cave. They were wondering why animals would even go there. There were some scary stories about the cave. At the entrance to the cave, the turtle and the rabbit, Greuceanu and Zora could hear
  24. 24. 24 their own footsteps and heartbeats echoing. That sound suddenly became silent and a voice of furious ogres thundered. Ogre 1: Where do you think you are going? This is our property and my home. No one comes in and no one comes out. At least not alive (thunderous laughter) Ogre 2: You heard my brother. Leave our cave immediately! Greuceanu: Ooh no, you scared me to death! I am shaking!! We're not leaving out of here until we get the stone. The stone of patience. (At the Greuceanu’s comment, ogres start wondering who this fellow is, so brave to stand up and confront them to get the stone.) Ogre 1: Did that guy who calls himself king Jiřík send you here? If so, tell him I will give the stone only to a being that can defeat me, and still is smaller than me. Storyteller: While Greuceanu and the ogres were arguing, the slow and unnoticeable turtle passed by the ogres , took the stone and got out of the cave. After a few minutes Greuceanu’s cell phone rang. Riiiing!!! Turtle: Hey man, I’m here by the olive tree and I’ve got the stone here with me. Run away while you’re still alive. Okay now, I need to hang up. I need to top-up my cell phone. (Greuceanu, surprised by the news which he just got, puts his cell phone away and smiles to the ogres.) Greuceanu: Oh, actually, why do I need that stone of yours? Here, I just got the call, I won the jackpot! Storyteller: Greuceanu headed out, giving Zora and the rabbit a sign, though they
  25. 25. 25 couldn’t understand where that change of mind came from or what was going on. When they came to the old olive tree and saw the turtle, everything was perfectly clear. They knew it was time to return home to their forest. When they got to the coast, Zora took out her flute and with its melody she called the fisherman Palunko to return them to the other side of the shore. Palunko arrived soon and transported them by his boat. Zora: Thank you, my friend. You did a great deed for these animals. You helped them to save their home. Palunko: Anytime. Take care and have a pleasant journey. Storyteller: When they came to the old oak tree, the turtle and the rabbit continued their way to the castle. Goldilocks her father Jiřík met them at the gate expecting good news. Goldilocks: Welcome back, our dear travelers! I hope you have some good news. Have you brought the stone to us? Storyteller: The turtle replied with a smile, crawled into its shell and after a few seconds, it took out the stone of patience!... The turtle then handed it to Goldilocks, in whose hands it shone impeccably... The forest woke up at that moment, with leaves, blossoms, smells...And the birds sang their most beautiful aria... The little turtle, all beaming and happy, was watching the forest. Goldilocks: I remember... Zora said: If you follow your heart, you will accomplish your aim, you will be happy.
  26. 26. 26 OUR FUTURE LIBUŠE: Hi people! I'm Libuše. People often ask me: ''Are you Krok's little girl?'' And I answer: ''Yes, he's my old man.'' And I've got this amazing ability (points at laptop): I can see far in the past, and even further in the future. And when I see where this world is going, I feel like giving up on this power. Considering the things that are happenning nowadays, this future is approaching us fast. Have you heard what happened in the Czech Republic? Here come boys and girls to tell you about it themselves. 1st SCENE (the Czech Republic) (3 boys and 3 girls walk onto the stage) BOY No1: What's up babe? What's that duckface image on your profile picture? ŠARKA: My profile picture is better than your girlfriend's. Oh, wait, you don't have a girlfriend. (giggling) VLASTA: Anyway, who would want him lookin' like that? (laughs mockingly) BOY No2: What are you talkin' about? He can have any girl he wants. And how many guys have you had? (asks while looking at Šarka) ŠARKA: That's none of your business. BOY No3: So, none. (boys are laughing, Šarka is embarrassed and bows her head) GIRL No3: Why are you listening to him at all? We all know he's just a… VLASTA: (interrupts the girl) …fool. (knocks the BOY No1 on the head) ŠARKA: But I like that fool. (flicks her fingers) BOY No1: Sorry babe, I was just kidding. You're okay. (touches her shoulder and winks) ŠARKA: Hahaha, I can't believe you fell for that. (claps several times) (boys and girls are leaving, but only BOY No1 and ŠARKA stay) BOY No1: So, maybe we could grab a coffee once? ŠARKA: Are you asking me out? BOY No1: Not like a date, just hanging out, you know. ŠARKA: Oh, too bad, I thought you like me. (bows her head) BOY No1: (speaks like he wants to apologize) It's not that I don't like you, it's just…
  27. 27. 27 ŠARKA: (interrupts him) Oh please, you're acting like a girl, I'm just kidding you. Let's grab a coffee, I'm buyin'. (leaving the stage) LIBUŠE: (sitting on a chair with a laptop in her lap) I'm just reading news from Croatia. The Croatians are celebrating the Independence day, the day they became a free, independent nation. Can you imagine how valuable it is to a person?! 2nd SCENE (Croatia) (2 veterans meet on the stage, Ilija and Jože. Ilija is dragging his leg because he got shot in the leg during war. The scene takes place on a square in one Croatian city. Not far from them is a cafe called BALTAZAR) JOŽE: Ilija, is that you? ILIJA: Am I seeing who I think am seeing? Are my eyes deceiving me? JOŽE: Ilija, my good old friend. I haven't seen you in years! (they hug) ILIJA: Where are you going wearing those army clothes? JOŽE: I was at church, there was a mass to celebrate the Independence Day. Where have you been? ILIJA: At the Independence Day ceremony. Do you have some time? Let's go to that cafe and have something to drink. JOŽE: I'm not really in for coffee, I'll have some good wine. ILIJA: Oh Jože! You haven't changed a bit. You can’t go without some wine. (they enter BALTAZAR cafe, sit at the table, order drinks and coffee and get served) ILIJA: How's life been treating you? How are your wife and children? JOŽE: I'm getting old, my friend…My wife is fine and the kids are growing up…asking for more and more. I can't pay for everything they need with one pension. ILIJA: We shouldn't be unsatisfied despite the crisis. My pension feeds me and my wife. JOŽE: It might be better if I had no problem with this leg. ILIJA: You should be glad that you're alive. Do you remember what it was like when you got wounded in the war? How I dragged you to the car…and then through the woods…to the hospital… You were lucky. JOŽE: Yes, yes… I remember everything like it was yesterday. We were ready to give our lives for freedom.
  28. 28. 28 ILIJA: Well, it's all behind us now. It's nice to be alive and free. It's good that I ran into you. Are you farming that land and those vineyards of yours? JOŽE: No, my friend. Everything is covered in weeds. The two of us could redo it and then we would have wine to drink and to sell. That's a great idea. (Ilija's phone rings, he answers it) ILIJA: Hello! Oh, it’s you? …I'm not at the doctor's, but at BALTAZAR’s. Guess who I ran into, you won’t believe this – Jože… Yeah, yeah… Okay, okay… (speaks to Jože) Listen, my wife invited you over to have lunch with us. She has just finished cooking. (Jože hesitates, but accepts) Then, let's go. We can discuss the vineyards in peace, then ask for subvention and roll up our sleeves… (they pay for their drinks and leave the stage talking) LIBUŠE: (browsing the net) And now let me see the latest news. What a scandal in Turkey! (reads) Imagine! One twenty-year-old man named Delu Dumrul was earning money by charging the visitors admission to enter the old town. But "What goes around, comes around" is not said in vain - the newspaper said. After discovering the fraud, an unidentified group of young men beat him up. 3rd SCENE (TURKEY) on stage: Delu Dumrul, Azrail, the Dumrul’s father, mother and a girlfriend (the walls of the old town can be seen in the background) DELU DUMRUL: (looks at the bruise on his eye in the mirror) Oh mirror, mirror, my eye is blue-purplish color. AZRAIL: Well, my friend, I told you not to do that. You are paid too well for greeting two or three tourists who come to see the remains of the old city. DELU DUMRUL: When they come on a tour of the old town, then there are two or three of them. Yesterday when they came to beat me up, there were six of them. AZRAIL: You were lucky. But how will you go to work with that black eye? DELOS DUMRUL: Don't ask. Don't know. (Delu Dumrul walks to his father) DELU DUMRUL: Hey paps, I need a favor.
  29. 29. 29 FATHER: I don't have any money. DELU DUMRUL: It's not about that. Tomorrow someone needs to give a tour of the old town, and I, with this bruise, am not the prettiest sight. FATHER: And you think that I can do your work and mine? DELU DUMRUL: Don't blame me for asking. FATHER: I am not, but ask someone else. (Delu Dumrul goes to his mother) MOTHER: (gets scared by Delu Dumrul) Dear Allah, you scare me every time I see you. (takes a closer look at the bruise) DELU DUMRUL: Yap, yap, my eye will change all the rainbow colours till it's gone. I wanted to ask you something. MOTHER: I don't have any money. DELU DUMRUL: It's not about that. Tomorrow someone has to welcome the tourists and give them a tour of the old town, and I can't go with this bruise, I'll scare them off. MOTHER: You realize that I have to go to work tomorrow? DELU DUMRUL: Interesting. Whenever I want some privacy, you're home, and when I need a favor, you're not. MOTHER: You have a girlfriend, right? (Delu Dumrul goes to his girlfriend) DELU DUMRUL: Babe, you're my last hope. If tomorrow someone doesn't replace me, I'll lose my job. GIRLFRIEND: Oh my love, you should've thought about that sooner. DELU DUMRUL: So, you won't help me. GIRLFRIEND: Oh okay, I will. But if I get beaten too, it'll be your fault. DELU DUMRUL: Yeeeey! I have the best girl ever! (they hug) GIRLFRIEND: (towards the audience) And what should I do with him? (leaves the stage) DELU DUMRUL: (towards the audience) However, when this bruise is gone, I should find a real job. (leaves the stage)
  30. 30. 30 LIBUŠE: (drinks some juice and browses the net again) What do we have here? In Bacau in Romania, the traditional festival is to begin to celebrate the Day of the city. Although it has been famous for a long while, this year will be specially marked with a wide selection of drinks and food. Mayor Dracula will open the celebration. So let's see what it's going to be like. 4th SCENE (Romania) (takes place on the main square, on the stage there are: Dracula, a girl, a young man, 2 thieves, 2 police officers and a few citizens) (on the opening Dracula first gives a toast) DRACULA: Listen, folks! I have arranged free food and drinks for this festival again this year because our city is rich and you deserve it. Let's all make a toast to this important day! Cheers! (everyone raises their glasses and the party continues) (There comes a young man with a bicycle and parks it on the side. He approaches one girl and they visit the stalls. After that, they come forward on the stage, closer to the audience) YOUNG MAN: Have you ever been on those wine, cheese and dried food products tastings? I end up with my stomack full every year. GIRL: You mean you walk from a stall to stall and eat everything that they offer? (laughs) YOUNG MAN: Let me take a picture of you! (tries to take a photo of her) GIRL: No, my hair's a mess! (While they're talking, a thief comes along and steals the bike. Two citizens notice that and point at the thief, whispering something. The young man also notices that his bike is gone.) YOUNG MAN: Where's my bicycle? Who took it? GIRL: Let's report this to Dracula. (they complain about the theft to Dracula) DRACULA: Citizens, listen to me! There's been a theft, someone stole this young man's bicycle! Whoever saw anything, may come here and report it! (two citizens approach Dracula and tell what they had seen) DRACULA: (addresses the officers) Now bring me that geek who dares to steal before my very eyes. (police officers leave and soon come back with two thieves)
  31. 31. 31 THIEF: I didn't want to steal it. He put me up to it. He had promised to give me a cell-phone if I stole that bike and took it to him. DRACULA: ''The thief is also the one holding the ladder.'' – the proverb says. Take them both to jail! (police officers take them to jail and others are leaving) LIBUŠE: (sitting and browsing the net) I’ve got a mail, I’ve got a message from a friend. So let's see what it says. "This is a story about the wisdom of the Greek gods, the skill and confidence needed to achieve each goal. Send this email to 20 friends, but do not interrupt the chain. Send me back If you like me. " 5th SCENE (Greece) (coming to the stage: Zeus carries his throne – the chair and sets it in the middle, Mars, Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon and some other gods...) ZEUS: People, at the today's session of Parliament we will finally name that village. MARS: Well, it's about time. APHRODITE: And how will we choose the name? GODS: (talking to each other) We have no idea! ZEUS: Well, here's the idea. Two Gods will draw on their desks. The one who makes a better drawing will name the village. GODS: Good idea. Who's going to draw? ZEUS: Let it be Athena and Poseidon. They draw the best, it'll be interesting to watch them. (Gods prepar chart paper on two desks. As they draw, other gods walk and observe. Poseidon shows a drawing of a horse.) GODS: (shouting) Squirrel! Dragon! Polar bear! POSEIDON: (rolls his eyes offended) (then Athens shows her drawing) GODS: Plum! Nut! Cherry! proverb GODS: Olive Oil! ATHENS: (nods and circles the tree) GODS: Olive tree! ATHENS: (smiles and puts both hands in the air) Victoooory!
  32. 32. 32 ZEUS: Well done kid, you chose well. Olive tree will be a symbol of wisdom and victory of life. Therefore, the village will be named after you. We will call it Athens! (the villagers enter the stage celebrating and singing a song about life and love) 6th LIBUŠE: All these stories carry their messages. We no longer have to bother with the past events. The future has already begun, and as for the past ... we're not heading in that direction anyway. (all actors come to the stage to greet the audience)