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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School


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These YouTube channels are excellent resources for visual, online learning!

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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School

  1. 1. Top Five YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School
  2. 2. is the premiere website for the homeschool high school community. We offer forums for both parents and students, easy-to-browse information about high school homeschooling and post-graduation preparation, and tons of free printables that you can download and use today. Stop by our main site to see all that we have to offer!
  3. 3. View our recommended YouTube channels
  4. 4. Khan Academy Khan Academy is absolutely fantastic for learning more about multiple subjects in a visual way. All you need is a free account, and you have nearly unlimited access to numerous topics. These lessons are taught through videos & practice problems. I’ve personally loved their science and math!
  5. 5. Socratica I have found Socratica very useful for learning about science and math, but they’ve also had fantastic videos on English grammar as well! Their videos are easy to follow, concise, and typically short. They have often cleared up a confusing topic for me!
  6. 6. Crash Course Crash Course is a channel by brothers John & Hank Green, complete with wit and knowledge. This channel is simply phenomenal for fun, extremely educational videos that pack a punch! They bring us numerous fast-paced topics, filled to the brim with information! While a few may be on the crude side, most are great and an excellent source for learning more about multiple topics in a fun, engaging way.
  7. 7. Bozeman Science Bozeman Science is a fantastic resource for learning about all kinds of topics within science! These extremely informational videos guide the viewer through a step-by-step process to understanding the topic at hand. They can be on the longer side, but are perfect for thoroughly understanding the concept.
  8. 8. National Geographic I have used National Geographic videos multiple times for learning about a hands-on case regarding a subject we are studying. It is fascinating to learn about about a real case of something related to a topic in school! National Geographic often presents these videos in an intriguing and informational format, which is excellent for practical application of a topic!
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