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Preventing Burnout for Your Homeschooled Teen


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Ideas for preventing your homeschooled turn from burning out after the holidays!

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Preventing Burnout for Your Homeschooled Teen

  1. 1. Preventing Burnout for your Homeschooled Teen 5 tips for those post-holiday months!
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  4. 4. Take a chill day. The day in, day out studying of multiple subjects for hours, filled with papers, calculations, and science equations, can be taxing on a high schooler. These teens are typically juggling school, electives, sports, music, a part-time job, and college prep. (Not to mention keeping up with friendships--wait, what’s that?) They are bound to burn out. To help avoid this, take a day to just have fun! Ice skating and coffee, a video game tournament, a movie marathon, binging Netflix with popcorn, maybe even a day at the skate park. Whatever it is, give them the day to take a break.
  5. 5. Study a topic of their choice. One thing that can help stave off burnout is to let teens study a topic of their choice. When they take special interest in a certain part of their day, it can turn the whole day around and keep them motivated. What are they interested in? Ballet? Sharks? Politics? The environment? Let them study that topic! Whether it’s completely on their own, through an online course, or with an elective, it’s bound to help reinvigorate their school day!
  6. 6. Switch up the schedule. It can be hard for a high schooler to relax their schedule when they need to finish the work for credits and college prep. However, a good alternative to this is to sit down with your teen and completely switch around the schedule. If English was first and Math last, flip them. If Science was after English and History was just before lunch, try mixing it up. Sometimes all it takes is a new schedule to help keep the burnout from hitting us. It’s more interesting to learn a new schedule than to do the same things in the same order over and over.
  7. 7. Tour a college! Sometimes a great way to help avoid that burnout is by planning a college visit with your teen! Most colleges and universities are open year-round for college/campus tours. Of course, you’ll want to make certain of this beforehand. Still, this is a great way to revive your homeschool and look forward to the future with excitement! This would be especially fun if the college is out of town, so it calls for a day trip! Add in a coffee stop, fast food for lunch, snacks, and a fun playlist for an extra exciting day.
  8. 8. Plan an unexpected surprise. While you may not be able to take an entire day to chill or have fun, you could plan something unexpected during the day! Such as: a Mario Kart race after lunch, a T.V. show episode during lunch, an ice cream stop after co-op, fresh baked cookies, an “early release” day, etc. Small things can oftentimes make the biggest differences!
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