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Word morphology FCA


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Words with affixes and compound words (nouns). Illustrations of mosaics as metaphor for how words are made.

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Word morphology FCA

  1. 1. wordmorphology
  2. 2. nation nation alinter nation al
  3. 3. marketmarket ermarket ing
  4. 4. employemploy eremploy eeemploy ment
  5. 5. investinvest orinvest inginvest ment
  6. 6. power power ful power lessem power
  7. 7. see fore see fore see ableun fore see able
  8. 8. networknationwidesometimeswarehouse
  9. 9. Survey-takersDepartment storeFeedback loopsSocial network postings
  10. 10. Words arelike mosaics
  11. 11. NOUNS
  12. 12. • A noun is any word that names a NOUNS person, place, thing, quality or idea.• There are many different kinds of nouns: proper, concrete, countable, collective.• Usually takes one of two roles in a sentence, either that of the subject or an object of the sentence.• They tend to come in only two forms, singular and plural.• Nouns make up the basic building blocks of sentences
  13. 13. Small piecesCoulored glassDecorative artInterior decorationMosaic illustrations
  14. 14. better customer experiencesa widespread scalean ever-larger number of customersboth internal and external efforts
  15. 15. A matter of trainingIts corporate cultureon the production lineSocial media advertising
  16. 16. Word of mouth marketingOne-off customer experiencePoor-performing outletsSuggestions for improvement
  17. 17. in the warehousein the shipping departmentMy definition of internalbrandingpart of the companys DNA
  18. 18. InspirationalMosaicIllustrations
  19. 19. • HBJ Language 7 EXERCISES• Windows to Culture I• Grammar for Reading Comprehension