Introduction to Content Strategy


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This slide presentation was used as part of Brutal Pixie's first Summer School at the Majoran Distillery in Adelaide. The exercises are extended versions of suggestions made by Margot Bloomstein in her fantastic book Content Strategy at Work.

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Introduction to Content Strategy

  1. 1. Introduction to Content Strategy Presented by Leticia Mooney of Brutal Pixie (we <3 content strategy) @brutalpixie Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  2. 2. What we're going to do   Learn what tonight's about Learn about who you are & why you're here  Smash through content strategy 101  Have some fun Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  3. 3. What tonight is about  Definitions  Strategy versus Tactics  The C.A.R.E. Factor  Content = $$$$$   What does a content strategist DO, anyway? Your turn (games time) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  4. 4. Introductions GO FIND SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW. This bit is touchy feely and makes you talk to each other. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  5. 5. Definitions There are HEAPS of definitions for what Content Strategy is. Let's look at some. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  6. 6. Definitions Kristina Halvorson, Goddess and Patron Saint (depending on your religion) of Content Strategy has several. 1. “Content strategy defines how you're going to use content to meet your business's goals and satisfy your user's needs.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  7. 7. Definitions 2. “Content strategy guides decisions about content throughout its lifecycle, from discovery to deletion.” 3. “Content strategy sets benchmarks against which to measure the success of your content.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  8. 8. Definitions 4. “Content strategy guides your plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content.” 5. “Content strategy can be purely editorial. It may also be purely strategic (at a business planning level).” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  9. 9. Definitions Havorson believes strategists exist under different umbrellas. “Whatever they do, just get it done.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  10. 10. Definitions … Halvorson's model Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  11. 11. Definitions Margot Bloomstein also has more than one definition. 1. “Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.” 2. “Content strategy asks why, how, when, by whom, and not just what.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  12. 12. Definitions Rachel Lovinger of Razorfish: “Content strategy is to copywriting what information architecture is to design.” (… in other words, a framework) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  13. 13. Definitions Pratek Sarkar, Director of Creative Services at The Walt Disney Company: “Content is story. And content strategy is storytelling.” (… in other words, a framework) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  14. 14. What do the definitions all mean? Bloomstein again: “Content strategy addresses planning. The strategy part targets planning, not just execution & implementation.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  15. 15. Strategy Versus Tactics Halvorson again: “Content strategy is NOT a series of articles, full-service knowledge base, blog post series, new tablet subscription service, social media accounts. These are Tactics.” Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  16. 16. Strategy Versus Tactics     By far most of a strategist's time is in planning and analysis. 6 minutes of thinking will save you 6 weeks of work You need a content process for a new website Project management... on steroids Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  17. 17. Strategy Versus Tactics  What happens after the planning – at design level?  And at implementation?  And maintenance?  Other applications – e.g. web apps Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  18. 18. Strategy Versus Tactics Content strategy is also about: Audience advocacy  Business strategy  Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  19. 19. Strategy Versus Tactics The what is tactical: blog series, guest bloggers, whitepapers, infographics, repurposing, social media interactions. The who, when, where, why, and how is strategic. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  20. 20. Strategy Versus Tactics  Battle plans versus battle tactics  Strategic planning's long-lost sister  Strategy and silos Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  21. 21. The C.A.R.E. Factor Comprehensive: Does a user have everything she needs to achieve her goal? Appropriate: properly labelled, defined, easy to find Relevant: to what the user is doing Efficiently produced: reviewed, approved, published, right tools, enough time Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  22. 22. Content = $$$$. But why?  The process is big  Creation has many parts  It's often not properly planned  It's often rushed  It can be wrong  It's not often internally curated Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  23. 23. What's a strategist DO, anyway?  Summarises the project  Content Inventory  Datascape  Missing content reporting  Message architecture  Audit & analysis of existing content  Competitive audits Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  24. 24. What's a strategist DO, anyway?  Readiness, editorial, process audits  Gap and risk analyses  Reports on project recommendations. … and that's just at analysis level. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  25. 25. What's a strategist DO, anyway? At design, implementation & maintenance levels, all of the following:   Produce & maintain a content matrix Document processes for approval, governance, translation  SEO Keyword research  Create content reviewer guides  Workshop post-launch detail  Create editorial calendars  Work through archival & removal processes Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  26. 26. Change Management     Content strategy is usually disruptive Content strategy involves change management Content strategy needs executive buy-in Culture of a business can influence implementation & methodology Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  27. 27. Tools used?  Mainly Excel and Word  Analytics incl heat mapping  SEO spiders  Card sorting (in person or online)  Workshops Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  28. 28. In summary... Strategists work with producers or agency project managers, information architects, designers, and programmers, to safeguard the user's experience and advocate on the audience's behalf. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  29. 29. Group Activity: Message Architecture You will: Learn what message architecture is  Learn the process  Identify its application to your world  Present to everyone else your outcomes and what you learned  Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  30. 30. Group Activity: Message Architecture  Brand Values  Emotional offerings  Audience Needs  Identify overlaps, odd pairs, question it  Focus and prioritise  Implications for your strategy (voice, tone, style, visuals, etc) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  31. 31. Group Activity: Message Architecture  Start with the card sorting exercise  Proceed to a Venn diagram exercise Brand values  Related terms Audience needs End with an assessment of outcomes Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  32. 32. Group Activity: The Dinner Party You will: Learn about Pre-Mortems  Create a content strategy for a dinner party  Note key take-aways (pun intended)  Present to the group  Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  33. 33. Group Activity: The Dinner Party What do you have? Quantitative audit, datascape, matrixes Is it still good? Message architecture, qualitative audit, expiration details & life-cycle assessment. Do you even need it? Message architecture, lifecycle, process & workflow experience mapping Do people even like it? User research, analytics Are you making enough? What do you need the content to do? How are you doing it? Workflow, process mapping Hashtag: #PixieSessions