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This is a writing workshop I run with people to get them to be able to identify their writing styles and writing voice. It's a powerful entry into sharing and identifying alternative methods of storytelling - especially for entrepreneurs.

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Get some style

  1. 1. Get Some Style Presented by Leticia Mooney of Brutal Pixie (we <3 content strategy) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  2. 2. Get Some Style (this is really just a writing workshop) Presented by Leticia Mooney of Brutal Pixie (we <3 content strategy) Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  3. 3. Good Style is: Clear Concise Understandable Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  4. 4. Good Style is: As Clear of thi Concise sa sp os Understandable s mu ch ibl e Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  5. 5. Good Style is: Knowing how to tell a story. st Storytelling is the 21 century's new Top Skill. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  6. 6. Learn to spot: Poor use of modifiers ● Poor punctuation ● Ambiguity ● Poor use of pronoun references ● Redundancies ● Hedges ● Missteps ● Extenders ● Pomposity ● Cliches ● Passive voice ● … and fix tact, tone, attitude, sexism ● Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  7. 7. More examples! ● ● ● poor punctuation e.g. After hanging the man straightened the pictures Ambiguity e.g. Before mixing the nitroglycerin with the sodium, shake the vial for four seconds. pronoun references e.g. John told Nick that he had wrecked his car. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  8. 8. Learn to spot: ● Hedges also known as fumbling for ideas. e.g. kind of, probably, particularly, generally, basically. - Only use it when you use it on purpose Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  9. 9. Learn to spot: ● ● Missteps are things that hinder conciseness e.g. it might be said that, it is clear that... Extenders stretching verbs into nouns e.g. asked for confirmation of the details asked him to confirm the details Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  10. 10. Learn to spot: ● Passive voice HINT: passive voice loves extenders e.g. It is a misunderstanding to think that the antiestablishment movement of the 1960s will be perpetuated by the reopening of the Hendrix investigation. When you could just say: Reopening the Hendrix investigation will not perpetuate the 1960s' antiestablishment movement. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  11. 11. Learn to check for: ● modifiers Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  12. 12. Learn to check for: ● redundancy Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  13. 13. Learn to check for: ● redundancy Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  14. 14. Learn to check for: ● unnecessary complexity Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  15. 15. Learn to check for: ● Cliché Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  16. 16. Good Stories ● ● ● Good stories have a protagonist, preferably one that faces a problem. Persuasion requires ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion). Good stories show, don't tell. Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  17. 17. Find your style guide ● Use your architecture ● Get a style guide ● Define your dictionary ● Define YOUR OWN style sheet ● Use it, use it, use it, use it, use it, use it... Hashtag: #PixieSessions
  18. 18. Now, on to the words 1. Wise words by Annie Dillard, to inspire. 2. Now, we write! Hashtag: #PixieSessions