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The Next Generation of Contact Centers [Infographic]


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Over five years of working with customer service leaders and executives, we’ve seen firsthand that the best-enabled customer service reps deliver the most exceptional experiences. In a world where customers want to be heard, understood, and appreciated, reps need to be trained, inspired, and empowered to do so. That’s why we were captivated by Deloitte’s 2017 Global Contact Center Survey. Businesses must prioritize and invest in customer service capabilities in order to adapt to and deliver on customer needs and preferences. The infographic below offers a glimpse into how your company can factor a superior customer experience into future business decisions. Learn more at

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The Next Generation of Contact Centers [Infographic]

  1. 1. Contact center leaders plan to invest in talent with: For consumers, great customer service begins with: By 2019, companies will interact with customers through: 1 2 3 Friendly interactions Easy access to the contact center Accurate & high-quality information Customers Want a Better Experience Feedback will be: Contact centers will capture feedback through: 43% 73%Customer Experience Business Growth Better Service 88% 64% 39%Customer surveys & focus groups Call & contact monitoring Employee surveys & focus groups 77% 45%Social media listening 63% 40%Analytics to improve team alignment Training programs Employee retention strategies 73% 53%Flexible work arrangements Customer Experience Rises to the Top This is notably different from 2015, when the primary driver was business growth. The main drivers of contact center revenue growth are: Core to decisions and shared company-wide 54% Gathered and shared as needed 5% Important, but won’t be shared company-wide 13%Important for specific business areas 28% Email 16% Chat or web 16% Other (social media, text, mail) 21% Voice or phone 47% Customer Feedback is Crucial Leaders are Raising the Bar on Talent THE NEXT GENERATION Deloitte surveyed 450 contact centers leaders across the globe about how their industry is changing. Here’s what they found: OF CONTACT CENTERS Insights from Deloitte