How To Use Youtube To Market Your Business


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Youtube is the number 2 search engine in the world. That's something that a lot of people say. However, how do we actually go about using this to grow our blogs, businesses and brands?

This is a talk I did at Digital Colab in San Diego, where I showed in detail how I built my Biology blog and business using youtube. I provide the exact strategies I used so that you can use similar strategies to take your business to the next level.

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How To Use Youtube To Market Your Business

  1. 1. How To Use Youtube To Market Your Business @LeslieSamuel
  2. 2. How blood flows through the heart
  3. 3. How blood flows through the heart
  4. 4. Do You Have A Message To Share?
  5. 5. We Are ALL Visual Learners
  6. 6. The Benefits #2 Search Engine
  7. 7. Your Ideal Target Person
  8. 8. What Problem? How will you help? Be CLEAR and then 
 make videos
  9. 9. Your Unique Value Proposition
  10. 10. Sweet Spot: 3 - 5 minutes
  11. 11. How Much To Cover
  12. 12. Should You Type A Script?
  13. 13. General Outline Tell them what you’re going to tell them Tell it to them Tell them what you told them
  14. 14. Your Email List
  15. 15. Screencasts vs. On-Camera
  16. 16. Software/Equipment for Screencasts Presentation Software Keynote (Mac) Powerpoint (Mac/PC) OpenOffice (Mac/PC)
  17. 17. Software/Equipment for Screencasts Looking Good Nice pictures Take pictures Not a lot of text
  18. 18. Software/Equipment for Screencasts Wacom Pen & Tablet Writing on screen Screen Recoding Software Screenflow (Mac) Camtasia (Mac/PC) Camstudio (PC only - FREE)
  19. 19. Equipment for On-Camera Decent Camera Smartphone DSLR Camcorder Webcam IMPORTANT: Mic input
  20. 20. Equipment for On-Camera
  21. 21. Miscellaneous Equipment Audio Lapel/Lavalier mic - on camera Audio-Technica ATR-3350 ($19.49) Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A ($629.95) USB mic - screencasts
  22. 22. Software for Editing Screenflow (Mac) iMovie (Mac) Camtasia (PC/Mac) Sony Vegas (PC)
  23. 23. 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety - NIMH 2013
  24. 24. The Normal Factor
  25. 25. Tips For Being Awesome
  26. 26. Relax Before Recording Your Videos
  27. 27. Create ANOTHER Video
  28. 28. Don’t Worry About Who’s Watching
  29. 29. Look DIRECTLY Into Camera
  30. 30. Watch And Learn
  31. 31. Our Friend Google CAN’T READ VIDEO Search Engine Optimization
  32. 32. Bad Example
  33. 33. Good Example
  34. 34. Keywords Important for relevance Important for suggested videos I.e. Action potential, nerve impulse, 
 depolarization, repolarization, 
 Interactive Biology
  35. 35. What You Need To Know About The Big G. Google can’t read video Focuses on TEXT Google has the power to send you LOTS of TRAFFIC
  36. 36. How To Leverage Your Videos
  37. 37. Q&A @LeslieSamuel