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  • E writ ewebinar-5_ways_to_write_great_chat_plus_plan_for_measuring_chat_socap_30jan14

    1. 1. Five Ways to Write Great Chat to Customers + A Plan for Measuring Chat Quality Leslie O’Flahavan, E-WRITE @LeslieO January 30, 2014
    2. 2. Thanks for the opportunity to present this webinar!
    3. 3. Why we are scared of chat Darwin S: Hello Rosanne. Welcome to RitzCamera.com. I will be glad to assist you. Rosanne: Hi - can I get my passport photo taken at your store in Silver Spring, MD? Darwin S: I suggest you to contact the RitzPix.com for further information regarding the prints. The agent is sending you to http://ritzpix.com/net/Help/. Darwin S: You can also contact Ritz Pix at (877) 999-7489 for more information. Rosanne: I am asking specifically about having a passport photo taken in the store. Is that a service Ritz offers? Darwin S: Please note that RitzCamera.com and Ritz Camera Stores are two different companies. Rosanne: OK ... Which company should I ask about services offered in Ritz Camera Stores? Darwin S: I am sorry; we do not have any information regarding stores. Darwin S: Please contact the local store regarding prints. Darwin S: Is there anything else that I may assist you with? Rosanne: No, there's nothing else. 4
    4. 4. Overview of today’s webinar • Part 1: The five bedrock writing skills chat agents must have to write great chat to customers • Part 2: Which writing mistakes harm chat quality the most • Part 3: How to help chat agents write well in difficult situations or with difficult customers • Part 4: A tool for measuring chat quality © E-WRITE 2014 5
    5. 5. Part 1: Five writing skills agents must have to write great chat © E-WRITE 2014 6
    6. 6. Five essential chat writing skills 1. Answer customers’ questions. Solve customers’ problems. 2. Mix templates and free text. 3. Ask probing questions. 4. Handle delays with grace. 5. Use a friendly, conversational tone. Show you care. © E-WRITE 2014 7
    7. 7. Answer customer’s questions. Solve customers’ problems. Thank you for choosing Crate and Barrel. A representative will be with you shortly. Susan: Welcome to Crate and Barrel. My name is Susan, how may I assist you today? Leslie: Hi - I would like to buy a bird bath or bird feeder. Do you sell either of these? Susan: Hi there! I'd be happy to help you today! Susan: I will check for you! Susan: We have carried them in the past but we don't have any at this time. I'm sorry! Leslie: Thanks anyway Susan: My pleasure! Susan: Is there anything else I can help you with today? Leslie: No thanks Susan: Enjoy your evening! Susan: Thank you for chatting with us. We value your feedback. Please click the “End Chat” button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today. © E-WRITE 2014 8
    8. 8. Mix templates and free text John: What’s the cost of your best plan for small business customers? Matt: Our Premium Unlimited Plan, available for small businesses, provides unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for business customers. Also, new for this plan is FREE calls to 5 select European countries for only $49.99 a month plus taxes/fees! You also get a free dedicated fax line with 20+ FREE advanced phone features. John: OK that's good. I am glad to learn about the fax line. But can i keep my existing fax number? Can the Vonage line work with my ancient Brother fax machine? Matt: It will be able to work with the fax machine. What you will do is place the order with me. Then you will call customer care to transfer the actual fax line number over. © E-WRITE 2014 9
    9. 9. Ask probing questions Customer: I’m shopping at Zappos bcuz I am looking for shoes that will allow me to walk comfortably. I have nerve damage in my foot. Annabelle: Okay, so you are looking for walking shoes? Customer: Yes, let's start with walking shoes. I will need to replace my dress shoes too. Annabelle: Okay no problem, one moment please... Annabelle: What size do you wear? Customer: I wear a size 7 or 7.5 Annabelle: What width are your feet? Customer: Average width Annabelle: Okay. What key things are you looking for in a shoe? Customer: Comfort, really. I have a lot of pain in the ball of my right foot. I can barely walk on it. © E-WRITE 2014 10
    10. 10. Handle delays with grace. Customer: What’s the status of my return for replacement on order number 12345678? Vanessa: Hello, Lisa. I'm happy to help you with that. Please give me one moment to check the status. Customer: Thank you! Vanessa: The return package for order #12345678 has arrived in our warehouse, and we’ve begun processing your request for replacement. Customer: Excellent! Are both items still in stock? Vanessa: Yes, both wheels are still available. Customer: Great! I appreciate your assistance! Will I get an email with tracking information when they ship? Vanessa: Yes, you will get an email. Please hold one moment, and I will see if I can get the shipping date for you. © E-WRITE 2014 11
    11. 11. Use a friendly, conversational tone Rebecca H: Hello MARISSA, my name is Rebecca, and welcome to Nordstrom! MARISSA: are you there? I want to know if I can return items to you by mail that I bought in a store. Rebecca H: You may absolutely return your store-purchased items to us by mail. Rebecca H: You can print a return label directly from our website via the Returns & Exchanges page. May I send you a link to this page? MARISSA: yes thank you Sending: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/return-policy?origin=freturns200exchanges Rebecca H: You will want to click the section that says "Print Form & Label". MARISSA: OK, so do I include my receipts for these items? Rebecca H: You only need to include a copy of your receipt and keep the original for your records. MARISSA: Ok that's good. Thanks for your help. Rebecca H: You're very welcome. Hope you have a great day. MARISSA: Can you send me a transcript of this chat? Rebecca H: Certainly! Could I please get your e-mail address? MARISSA: Yes. It is Marissa@aabbcc.com Rebecca H: Thank you! I will e-mail you our chat session. MARISSA: Ok - thanks for your help. Rebecca H: You're very welcome! © E-WRITE 2014 12
    12. 12. Part 2: Which writing mistakes harm chat quality most © E-WRITE 2014 13
    13. 13. Failing to answer the question Mike Peterson of ABC Airlines has entered the session. Lawrence: I am flying on ABC Airlines to ATL. I can leave from BWI, IAD, or DCA. Which airport gives me the most options? Mike Peterson: Lawrence, all the lowest fares are published online. We have the same fares online, via chat and over the phone. I suggest you click on the following link to check the lowest fare and book your reservation: https://www.ABC Airlines.com/booking/searchFlights.do Lawrence: That's not what I am asking. Does ABC Airlines offer MORE flights to ATL from BWI, IAD, or DCA? Mike Peterson: You need to check it online. Lawrence: Wow. So are you saying ABC Airlines has an equal number of flights from each of those DCarea airports? Mike Peterson: You can check it online by entering the departure and the destination city one by one. Lawrence: OK. I can see this is going nowhere. Mike Peterson: I apologize for the problem you faced on our website today. Mike Peterson: Please refresh your page and try again. Mike Peterson: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? Lawrence: No, there is not. Mike Peterson: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for choosing ABC Airlines, you have a great day. Mike Peterson has exited the session. Thank you for contacting ABC Airlines. © E-WRITE 2014 14
    14. 14. Failing to connect with the customer Customer: Do you sell estate jewelry? Geena: We do not sell estate jewelry at this time. Customer: Oh well. Do you sell rings in an antique style, then? I might buy a new ring if it has an "old" look. Geena: Our “Extraordinary Collection” can have an antique-look: http://www.ABCjewelry.com/jewelry/gifts/extraordinary-gifts/rings Customer: Ok I will take a look at that. Geena: Are there any other questions I can help with today? Customer: Yes, I would like a matching antique-looking ring for a man, too. Geena: All of our men's rings would be here: http://www.ABCjewelry.com/wedding-rings/mens-weddingrings. Geena: I am not too sure if there are any look antique-looking but I would suggest looking through. We may also be able to do a custom or special order for you if you can't find what you are looking for. Special orders take about a week to get an accurate quote. The design, building, and shipping time is then usually between 4 to 10 weeks. Due to this very individualized process, the special order may become a final sale, no longer qualifying for the 30-day return period. It may be the same price, but it could also be approximately 20% to 40% more. We do not currently take orders or special order quote requests over our live chat system, therefore, if you would like to proceed with this request, please call us at your convenience 24 hours a day at xxx.xxx.xxxx. Customer: Wow, that's kind of overwhelming. I had wanted to buy an estate ring, but I am open to buying a new ring for me and one for my husband if it's antique looking. Geena: I understand. Customer: Um, thanks. 15 Geena: You are very welcome! I hope you have a great rest of your night!
    15. 15. Part 3: How to help chat agents write well in difficult situations or with difficult customers © E-WRITE 2014 16
    16. 16. Help chat agents write well in difficult situations or with difficult customers • Reduce the number of simultaneous chats. • Give the agent more authority during the chat. • Allow agents to invite customers to switch to phone or email. • Encourage agents to free-text. (And don’t freak out of they make the occasional spelling or grammar mistake.) • Train agents to ask more questions when the chat is difficult. © E-WRITE 2014 17
    17. 17. Part 4: A tool for measuring chat quality © E-WRITE 2014 18
    18. 18. Chat Quality Monitoring Form Customer Service Essentials Yes No Needs Work Yes No Needs Work Yes No Needs Work 1. Answer the customer’s question correctly. 2. Solve the customer’s problem. 3. Validate customer information. Chat Handling Skills 1. Complete the chat in a reasonable amount of time. 2. Ask probing questions. 3. Manage delays with grace. 4. Push helpful content. 5. Personalize the chat. 6. Use templates correctly. Chat Writing Skills 1. Free text when necessary or customize templates. 2. Use a friendly tone to build rapport. 3. Write in your brand’s voice. 4. Match the customer’s level of technical sophistication. 5. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. © E-WRITE 2014 19
    19. 19. Chat Quality Monitoring Form Customer Service Essentials 1. Answer the customer’s questions correctly. Explanation 2. Solve the customer’s problem. Solving the problem means anticipating and answering the questions the customer didn’t know to ask. 3. Validate customer information. Confirm account number, name, order, offer, product number, etc. as needed to provide excellent service. Chat Handling Skills 1. Complete the chat in a reasonable amount of time. Explanation Customer Care managers establish what a “reasonable” time is. Handle time variables include the nature of the customer’s question, whether the chat is transactional or informational, etc. 2. Ask probing questions. Ask questions that help the customer clarify the problem or request. Ask questions to confirm you’ve understood the issue or need correctly. Ask lots of questions at the beginning of the chat. 3. Manage delays with grace. Cue the customer when you have to step out of the chat to do research, etc., Estimate how much time you need. Likewise, cue the customer that you’ll wait when he needs to step out of the chat to retrieve required info, etc. 4. Push helpful content. Push hyperlinks, images, screenshots, etc. Before doing so, let the customer know what you’re going to push. 5. Personalize the chat. Use the customer’s name. Refer to purchase history, account history, any other information the customer’s shared. 6. Use templates correctly. Use the correct template. Use the correct template at the right time. Choose the template that answers the customer’s question. Chat Writing Skills 1. Free text when necessary or customize templates. Explanation Avoid using templates that don’t answer the customer’s question. Free text instead or revise the template. 2. Use a friendly tone to build rapport. Use a warm greeting and closing. Write in an upbeat, positive style. Show empathy. Convey caring. Apologize if necessary. 3. Write in your brand’s voice. Use a writing style that’s consistent with the voice your company uses in other communication channels including marketing. 4. Match the customer’s level of technical sophistication. Avoid jargon, acronyms, or instructions the customer may not understand. 5. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. While less formal, chat shouldn’t include errors. Avoid text speak. It may be OK to use single word or incomplete sentences when responding to a question. This is the basis of all high-quality service. Nothing else matters if the chat agent answers questions incorrectly. © E-WRITE 2014 20
    20. 20. Resources for writing great chat to customers • • • • • Articles Blog posts Whitepaper Presentation Quality form http://ewriteonline.com/writingmatters/2014/01/resources-for-writing-greatchat-to-customers/ © E-WRITE 2014 21
    21. 21. Questions? Comments? © E-WRITE 2014 22
    22. 22. Contact me Leslie O’Flahavan, E-WRITE Principal Leslie@ewriteonline.com 301-989-9583 www.ewriteonline.com @LeslieO © E-WRITE 2014 23