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Trend Alert: Flared Jeans


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Flared jeans are the hottest new thing in denim. As seen by the 2015 fashion weeks, skinny jeans are out and the new thing is flared jeans.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Trend Alert: Flared Jeans

  1. 1. WhatsHotinSpring2016: FlaredJeans
  2. 2. Changingstyle Denim jeans are always a staple in the workplace, on the runways, and in everyday life. The style is constantly changing, from skinny to whiskering, to distressed, and everything in between. Now, in the Spring 2016 season, flared jeans from the 1960s and 1970s are back. Denim jeans are seasonless, but it works in cycles. Styles come and go but history always repeats itself.
  3. 3. What'sin:flares,whiteandpale bluewashes,denimdresses, denimskirts Whatsout:skinnies,especially low-riseskinnies,whiskering
  4. 4. ThePathto FlareJeans Boyfriend jeans, which became extremely popular in 2014 and 2015, were the natural next step right before the flared jean trend. The past few seasons the jean silhouette has moved away from the body towards a slimmer, looser fit. Boyfriend jeans have a slim straight leg, as opposed to the skin-tight legging fit of skinny jeans that was trending for many years.
  5. 5. TheFlareJeanin2015/16 Any type of flare, whether it be high-rise, mid-rise, or trousers, will be perfect to update your spring wardrobe. However, if you're looking to wear this new trend with different outfits, it would be best to have a few different inseam lengths to modernize the look. You can wear shorter inseams with sneakers and flats and longer inseams with heels.
  6. 6. ColorWhites and pale blues are huge this season. Instead of the whisking style, which is definitely out, it's now all about a more washed out and cleaner look.