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White Sharks And Sandtiger Sharks Susanna


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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White Sharks And Sandtiger Sharks Susanna

  1. 1. White sharks and Sandtiger sharks Suanna Thibault 6a
  2. 2. White sharks The white shark has unprovoked attacks on humans than any other shark.
  3. 3. White Shark The white sharks length is up to 24feet. The weigh Is over 3 tons, and the depth is from 0-4,300 ft.
  4. 4. White Shark The white shark well bit anything that provoks it. They eat propoises,seals, sealions,gannets,and penguins.
  5. 5. white shark The white shark or great white, is one of the most powerful predators in the ocean.Some people refferto the White shark as the killing machine.
  6. 6. Sandtiger Shark The sandtiger shark is know as the ragged tooth.The sandtiger is fearsome to look at.
  7. 7. Sandtiger Shark The sandtiger shark is a light blue with speckled dark spots.
  8. 8. Sandtiger Shark The Sandtiger Shark spends most of it`s time at the ocean floor.
  9. 9. Sandtiger Shark The Sandtiger shark is heavily built and has protruding teeth.