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Startup Financing Introduction - Australia 2014 General Assembly


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Startup Financing introduction for a Product Management course at General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia. A high level snapshot of the startup ecosystem, some lessons learned and a snapshot of the startup financing options available as at October 2014. I cover Startup Stages, Funding Models & Books to get you started.

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Startup Financing Introduction - Australia 2014 General Assembly

  1. 1. Startup Financing Introduction Guest Talk, Product Management Course, @lesliecbarry Melbourne, Australia 30 September 2014 Leslie Barry @lesliecbarry
  2. 2.  About  Startup Stages  Funding Models  Books  QA @lesliecbarry
  3. 3. @lesliecbarry Advisor/Mentor Worked with 2000 Founders 2 Startups Sold In 32 countries Hackathons My Entrepreneurial Experience
  4. 4. Startup Ecosystem @lesliecbarry Communities Coworking Knowledge Methodologies Investors Advisors Accelerators Incubators Hackathons Events @lesliecbarry
  5. 5. The journey of an idea @lesliecbarry Minimum Viable Product Traction Woooohoooooo! Confusion, Chaos [Time & Money] Validation YAY!
  6. 6. @lesliecbarry Prototype The myth Funding Success Great Idea! Myth Traction Process, Guidance Network, Team, Mentor Reality
  7. 7. @lesliecbarry Funding Options (Australia) Bootstrap Day 0 0% Grants Government $10k - $1M 0% CrowdFunding Seed <$1M 0% Incubators Pre-seed Network + 20k for ~10% Convertible Note Series A Debt for Equity R & D Tax Government Rebate <$xM 0% FFF Seed Round < $200k <30% Angels Seed Round <250K 15% VC Series A <$1M ~20 – 30% (Valuation?) Accelerators Pre-seed Network + 20k for ~10%
  8. 8. Cashflow is king (burn-rate, runway) @lesliecbarry
  9. 9. Four Steps to the Epiphany, Steve Blank The Lean Startup, Eric Ries Running Lean, Ash Muarya Pirate Metrics Slideshare, Dave McClure Venture Deals, Brad Feld @lesliecbarry
  10. 10. Questions? Contact me here @lesliecbarry @lesliecbarry