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Twiceborn - Cannes Film Festival 2015


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Electronic Press Kit - Twiceborn by Robert Riley - Cannes Film Festival 2015

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Twiceborn - Cannes Film Festival 2015

  1. 1. SynopsisCaught in a war between humans and vampires, Special Officer Michael Phoenix uncovers a conspiracy that forces him to question on which side should he fight. Duration: 13 Minutes SYNOPSIS
  2. 2. Director of Photography Christopher Gearhart is a very experienced cinematographer based in Chicago Illinois. A native from New Jersey, he has been working on films, tv shows, and commercials for years. He loved filming from an early age, and has degrees in Computer Science, English Literature, and Ancient Texts and Languages. He is a student of story-telling in cultures ancient and modern, until eventually his two passions merged into visual story-telling through film and digital cinema. Chris is the owner of Lakeview Productions in Chicago.
  3. 3. DIRECTOR Matthew Byori Mann is an award-winning film and commercial director based out of Chicago. He was born in Urbana Illinois and took a strong interest in film and filmmaking at an early age, making short movies with a hi-8 camcorder with his friends and family. He attended Purdue University where he received a BA in Film & Video Studies. In 2011, Matt was hired as the Vice President of the Chicago-based Lakeview Productions where he teamed up with renowned cinematographer Chris Gearhart. During his time at Lakeview Productions Matt has directed dozens of narrative and commercial projects.
  4. 4. CAST / CREW Directed by Matthew Byori Mann Director of Photography Christopher Gearhart Starring: Blaise Nally Mark Ulrich Nate Santana Marilyn Bass Brian Barber Donterrio Johnson Eric Staves Writing Credits Screenplay Chris Gearhart Script Consultant Emmanuel Carter Co-writer Chris Gearheart Script Consultant Damion Green Co-writer Matthew Byori Mann Creator and Story Robert Riley Produced by Robert Riley Becca Stahl Cinematography by Christopher Gearhart Editing Matthew Byori Mann Art Direction Katerina Papadatos Art Department Margaret Hazlett Mackup Department Khaki Pixley Lindsay Prerost Sound Department Chris M. Parker Camera & Electrical Patrick Bauer Daniel Skubal
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