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Comments from Consulting Clients


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Comments from Consulting Clients

  1. 1. ~ Comments from Consulting Clients ~ “Thank you so much for all your support to Sarah and the organization. You have really set out the model for the other 3 program areas. This work will improve the quality of our services and our appeal to donors / foundations… Delighted you are part of our community building group.” Ronnie Millar Executive Director, Irish International Immigrant Center “I’m pleased to report that the MACDC Board unanimously approved our recommendations so we have a green light to proceed with building the Mass Community Business Partnership. Thanks so much … for your great work on the process thus far. There is more to do so expect me to be in touch soon!” Joseph Kriesberg President, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations “On behalf of the board and membership of the CIIC I would like to personally thank you for all of the time, effort and hard work that you put into our recent AGM. Your commitment to our growth and development over the last number of years has been truly instrumental in shaping the future direction of the CIIC. We have you to thank for good board governance, increased cooperation between members, new evaluation methods and the sharing of best practices between individual centers…” Sioghan Dennehy Board President, Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers Brendan Magee Board Secretary, Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers “Thank you, Leslie, for so many things but for being there at a transition point of my life. Meeting you and learning from you changed everything… When you came you also brought your life experiences, spoken and unspoken, that shapes each other in ways we can’t understand sometimes.” Mahesh Upadhyaya, Solidarity Center, Gujarat, India “Thanks again for engaging our students in dialogues about their ethnicity and society; it added a valuable foundation to our 10-week project. They really began to open up; I wish it could have been more sessions. We definitely appreciate your time and welcome you back anytime.” Jesse Leavitt Teaching Fellow, 8th Grade Academy, Citizen Schools “I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work on the Strategic Planning. I think the whole process and finally the latest Chinatown retreat has helped energize the International Development Committee to think ahead and define better our ideas for where we are and where we want to go. Now, the ‘easy’ task of thinking more about what's feasible for the next three years. We'll keep it going and I thank you for lighting the fire.” Carl Kurz Founder/ International Development Programs Director, Bikes Not Bombs, Inc. “Thank you for the work that you did—you helped us to get to a good point where we were able to struggle together and really commit to being there. I know that good things came from the day and that we emerged with L E S L I E B E L A Y 43 PETER PARLEY ROAD • JAMAICA PLAIN/MA • 02130 PHONE: 617/522-5417 •CELL: 617/460-5417 E-MAIL: LESLIE.BELAY@GMAIL.COM
  2. 2. – 2 – March 7, 2016 some concrete plans. I’m excited to see where it goes and glad that we’re committing to the hard work of building across lines of age and connection.” Miriam Messinger Upham’s Corner Violence Prevention Partnership and Executive Director, The City School “Hey Leslie, I just wanted to say thank you. I felt we really got off to a great start, I am grateful for your knowledge, experience, and support in helping me and my kids put the program on solid ground for years to come.” Robert Lewis Founder, Hoopz Excellence “Thank you so very much for all you valuable help with this important new venture for VPI…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your work and I look forward to continuing in the future!” Leadership Team of Victory Programs, Inc. Urban Farm “This is to appreciate you for having agreed to come and visit our organization. We have learnt a lot from you. We promise that we will put into action whatever advice you have given us. We also thank you for the support, which you gave to our patients (HIV/AIDS) and the orphans. We are very grateful for everything. Always remember and pray for GASCO.” Kizito Grace Coordinator on behalf of the participants, Gomba AIDS Support and Counseling Organization (Uganda) “Please accept my deep personal appreciation for your delivery of timely and professional capacity building services to our faith-based and community-based clients. Not only did you provide all the services planned in the short timeframe required, but also you have provided quality, tailored assistance to clients with a unique set of challenges for growth…I also greatly appreciate the counsel you have given to the Tank - I have relied significantly on your input in making challenging decisions and considering policy recommendations for the Tank during this first year.” Ellen G. Bass Director, Boston Capacity Tank “Since her first year of working with the Small Business program in 2001, Dorchester Bay EDC has had the opportunity to rehire Leslie for two consecutive years as a consultant to the Small Business Program. During this period, she worked on organizational development issues, capital fundraising, grant proposal writing, marketing needs assessment, 10th Anniversary celebration, SBA Microloan application, and many other project too numerous to mention… her efforts were always first-rate, she provided keen insight and knowledge of programming, and sensitivity to political issues. In addition, Leslie’s writing and analytical skills were proven an ideal match to her dedication and diligence.” Cristo R. Banda Director of Small Business, Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation “Thank you Leslie - your support and encouragement were greatly appreciated. You were right. Completing the assignments has given me a true sense of accomplishment… Due to your encouragement I have learned to listen to my classmates. I have been listening more and talking less. I learned a great deal in your class, and I plan to put it to good use.” Gary Roach Graduate student, Springfield College, class in Design of Community Based Ventures “…Leslie became a lifeline during what became a strenuous transitional period of dramatic personnel changes. During our transition Leslie not only helped the organization stay afloat, but presented the challenge as an opportunity for organizational growth. Under her guidance, the Old Colony Tenants Association now
  3. 3. – 3 – March 7, 2016 benefits from a more confident and empowered board that is prepared to guide the organization through the remainder of its transition.” John Hiester Community Organizer, Old Colony Tenants Association “It was terrific working with you, and you were truly a lifesaver in terms of all the work you did recruiting and sorting. Your advice on wording the job descriptions to get the candidates we wanted and your input on interview questions saved us a ton of heart and headache. I hope to work with you again in the future.” Meizhu Lui Executive Director, United for a Fair Economy “Your role in leading our youth organizing team through a strategic planning process was the critical factor in its success…. Your thorough knowledge of community organizing and strategic planning, and your skills in group facilitation were great assets. The strategic planning document that was produced will serve us well in the future, as the teens, the staff and the board all are clear in our direction and feel that they had a voice in determining that direction.” Claudio Martinez Executive Director, Hyde Square Task Force “We contracted with Ms. Belay at a time that our organization was in crisis. We were having trouble with board leadership, staff turnover, diversity, and organizational structure. She took her time to understand our history, goals, and issues. She was patient with the board members and firm when it was required… She was able to tackle our diversity issue, the most difficult obstacle in our organization. She was sensitive about the situation and was able to get all of our board members to talk comfortably and honestly about the diversity problem. We feel that Ms. Belay was a perfect choice for our organization. We increased our board diversity, leadership, and team building.” Gloribell Mota Executive Director, Mary Ellen McCormack Tenant Task Force “Ms Belay's professional skills are extraordinary. She works with efficiency, follow through and focus. She understands personalities and how to channel them in positive ways to enhance teamwork and forward motion. She knows just how hard to “push” and when to step back… Ms. Belay quickly assessed our existing organizational assets and challenges and identified remedies to build on our strengths. She helped us to “repackage” our program with more focus and structure. As a result of her consultancy, CMM's board and committees are empowered and committed to grow the organization and to add staff.” Claire Kashuck Executive Director, Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries “… It has been a privilege working with Ms. Belay. She proved to be a thorough, conscientious consultant and was able to move the project along at a comfortable pace yet still meet milestones in a timely manner. We felt comfortable working with Ms. Belay and are excited about starting the fund she helped put together. We would strongly recommend Ms. Belay for any future consulting work.” Natasha Dunker Executive Director, Egleston Square Mainstreets “The Franklin Park Coalition is now nearing the end of its second consulting contract with Leslie. We initially hired her to advise us on how to proceed negotiating funding with an important FPC funder. The Board was so impressed with Leslie’s analysis of our situation and her advice on the steps we needed to take in order to re- energize ourselves that we hired her again.” Martha Karchere, M.D., M.P.H. President, Franklin Park Coalition
  4. 4. – 4 – March 7, 2016 “Leslie has not only delivered in recruitment of congregations to the One Family Campaign but has provided the project with valuable insight into the culture and practices of faith based organizations. Her commitment to, and enthusiasm for the Campaign has served as a jolt of energy and has yielded numerous new connections with congregations as well as key individuals who can provide further connections.” Jeannine Pinto Thomas Organizing Director, One Family Campaign