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Final document

  1. 1. Public Relations Report July 2010 TO May 2011
  2. 2. INDEXSales Activities 1. Reports - July 2010 to May 2011 - Indaba 2011 Meetings & OverviewsMarketing Activities 1. E-banners 2. Press Releases (July 2010 – May 2011) 3. Media Synopsis (July 2010 – July 2011) 4. Clippings (July 2010 – July 2011)
  3. 3. REPORTS
  4. 4. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT May 2011 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 14 June 20111. Overview1.1 The Tourism Indaba took place between 7 and 10 May 2011 with both Mr Puri and Deyna attending the four day inbound travel show. Since the show is predominantly aimed at the inbound tourism market, there were a number of international tour operators, some of whom were already existing supporters of Shanti Maurice. A few new contacts were also made with SA operators.1.2 In addition to the trade appointments set up over the course of the show, media interviews were also arranged. These resulted in some good contacts for future features and potential media trips, as well as an article in Sake 24.1.3 Following previous meetings with British Airways, the promotion to the airline’s Executive Club database, is well on track. Holiday Tours will be the facilitator for this promotion. Exclusive packages are in place and have been priced based on their contract rates. All details and next stages of planning have been handed over to Deyna.1.4 There are six clippings for the months of May, June and July 2011.1.5 There were three bookings made during May: Two direct bookings and one from The Holiday Factory, totalling 33 room nights.1.6 In light of the expiry of LSC’s contract this month Laura has prepared and forwarded all day facto issues pertaining to local tour operators and agents to Deyna. A comprehensive marketing report has also been compiled and couriered to Mauritius.2. Market Intelligence2.1 The next peak travel season to Mauritius is August when the private schools are on holiday. According to operators, although many travellers will have already booked their holidays for this period, there is always a lot of last minute booking opportunities during this period as it is South Africa’s cold and winter season. The focus going forward should be yearend/December & January.
  5. 5. 2.2 World Leisure Holidays are offering the following special offers over the winter months: Le Touessrok at R17 584 per person sharing and Le Saint Geran at R14 801 person sharing. Both are for 7 nights on a HB basis.2.3 Europcar have partnered with Air Mauritius to add further value to packages on the Travel Smart campaign. Through this partnership they will be offering preferential car hire treatments.3. PR activities3.1 Food & Home Food & Home is a monthly magazine with a readership of 588 000, with the majority of their readership in LSM 7-10. The competition was signed off by all parties and appears in the July 2011 edition, set to tease readers about the November feature article (post both the Editor and Food Editor’s visit to Shanti Maurice). The competition is referred to on the front cover and then features on pages 6 and 7, which is a definite coup. Details are also on the magazine’s website, together with the reader’s offer. (See attached)3.2 Sake 24 Sake24 is the financial supplement appearing in the daily newspapers Beeld, Die Burger en Volksblad. It has a daily circulation of 218 000 newspapers and a readership of 779 000. 70% are in LSM 8-10. Inge Lamprecht interviewed Mr Puri at Indaba about market and booking trends, as well as his own portfolio of properties, and has subsequently published an article. (See attached)3.3 Business Day Wanted Wanted is a supplement to prestigious business newspaper Business Day (subscribers only) - they have an LSM 9-10, are highly educated, and have large amounts of disposable income. David Allardice is writing a special report on Luxury Travel over a four month period. David met with Deyna at Indaba, who gave him an overview of the resort and they discussed future editorial possibilities. Deyna to follow up with David on a potential visit to the resort.3.4 Jane Broughton Is a freelance journalist focusing on travel, food and lifestyle writing. She contributes to a number of SA’s glossy magazines including Horizons, Conde Nast House & Garden, G&W, Opulent Living and Conde Nast Traveller. Jane Broughton’s target market is definitely well suited to Shanti Maurice. Jane met with Puri at Indaba and will look into future editorial possibilities once she has thought of a good angle and suitable publications. Deyna to follow up on a potential visit to the resort.
  6. 6. 3.5 Responsible Traveller – Tessa Burhmann (editor) Quarterly B2B travel magazine, for companies who are committed to the environment and to community development. It showcases Southern Africa as a responsible tourism destination. Distributed freely to the travel industry and local & international business travellers, select rooms of Sun International and Southern Sun hotels. Tessa met with both Deyna and Puri at Indaba. She was very interested in the hotels greening policies and sustainability, particularly Grandma’s Kitchen. She is interested in running an article in the next issue and also discussed a potential visit to the resort.3.6 Out There Travel Guide Out There Travel is an upmarket publication, capturing the marketplace in the travel industry and equipping readers with all the necessary information to make an informed decision on travel destinations. Provided information on Grandma’s Kitchen, for inclusion in the magazine’s news pages in the July issue.3.6 Clippings Shanti Maurice featured in the following publications: - SA Conference, Exhibition and Events Guide, May 2011. Shanti’s Award Winning Spa. Total value: - R9 200.00 = €940.12 - Sake 24, 16 May 2011. Article based on Inge Lamprecht’s interview with Puri. Total value: - R26 868.75 = € 2745.64 - Food & Home, June 2011. Snippet in editorial about the upcoming competition in the July issue. Total value: - R750.00 = €76.64 - GQ South Africa, June 2011. Snippet on the resort. Total value: - R2167.00 = €221.44 - Horizons Magazine, June 2011. Special offers at Shanti Maurice. Total value: R3987.50 = €407.47 - Food & Home, July 2011. Win a stay at Shanti Maurice. Total value: R53 580 = € 5475.18 Total value = R48 448.43 = € 4950.004. Marketing4.1 British Airways joint promotion This joint promotion is scheduled to take place in July. An electronic flyer will be sent out to the Executive Club database (made up of very high income customers) with 3 exclusive packages: - Couples package - Family package - Pamper package This has been handed over to Deyna including an electronic introduction to Brand Manager Steven Parsley, who is responsible for managing the campaign. Holiday Tours will be handling the bookings
  7. 7. which are made up of these exclusive land packages together with BA flights. These have been priced based on Holiday Tours contract rates with Shanti Maurice. Dates of this very valuable joint promotion will run from 1 August - 31 October 2011.5. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of various other travel trade communications this month, excluding Indaba, whichrather than repeat again, please find the Indaba report herewith:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. Air Mauritius Deyna met with Carla and Fazeela at When the winner is Airline Indaba announced, this will be The joint competition in Food & Home handed over to Deyna to liaise with the magazine ran this month following a signed and Air Mauritius. agreement from LSC. Laura will initially advise Tickets are being issued for the the prize winner before Women’s Health competition. passing onto Deyna.2. Travkor The booking for Dr Venter is back in Deyna should follow up Tour operator the pipeline. Passed over details to with reservations as this is the reservations department. a repeat customer.3. Gateway Travel and Tours Have approached SM about inclusion Deyna to respond to Tour operator in the 2011/12 brochure. This will be a Charmien about whether part barter agreement. SM would like to be included.6. ConclusionRegretfully, despite discussions during Indaba, and a subsequent new proposal to target more directmarketing to the South African market, a decision was taken by Client not to renew LSC’s contract at thisstage, as the response in bookings has not proved as profitable as was originally anticipated. It goes withoutsaying that promotion of any new product in the SA market takes a while, however we believe that all theeffort of 12 months should culminate in the coming months to meet desired expectation. The number ofroom nights is on the increase (currently sitting at 121 nights); especially from preferred partners such asThe Holiday Factory and the number of direct bookings indicate that PR efforts have been effective. The BAjoint promotion can be seen as a final push by the LSC team to target the right clientele for Shanti Maurice inthis market. If it goes ahead smoothly as planned there is no doubt that it has the potential to be verysuccessful. The foundations have been laid in this country and if contact is kept with the trade, there is still agreat deal of potential for an increase in number of visitors to the resort.RegardsLesley & LauraENDS
  8. 8. REPORT PREPARED FOR SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT JULY 2010Submitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 12 August 20101. Market IntelligenceFollowing discussions with tour operators it is apparent that Shanti Maurice is well priced giventhe calibre of the resort. As far as other hotels that are of the same standard are concerned,Shanti Maurice is actually coming out cheaper once the 50% discount is applied.Competitor St. Geran is offering 2-for-1 holidays at the moment, which poses a competition.2. PR / Marketing2.1. Shanti Maurice Launch Ebanner We sent out an Ebanner to tour operators on our IOI database, as well as to those operators who Exclusive Serenity had been dealing with in the past. The Ebanner was a teaser to a follow up press release which indicated that Shanti Maurice had been reinvented.2.2 Shanti Maurice Launch Press Release Following the Ebanner we distributed a press release about the re-launch of Shanti Maurice as a Nira Resort. We distributed to this to the tour operators which were sent the ebanner as well as the media (travel trade and consumer media). This received interest from various media and tour operators, who enquired about photos and asked for more information. An article in South African Tourism Update and Hotel & Restaurant (online) followed soon afterwards. Other media showed interest in featuring the resort in upcoming publications.2.3 Business Travel Now – Sustainability article Motivated and sent through information and photos to Business Travel Now (a travel trade publication) about how Shanti Maurice is ‘reducing their carbon footprint’. The article is focussing on how different travel destinations are doing their bit for the environment and focussing on sustainable development. The article is due to feature in the September issue.2.4 Lowvelder – Women’s Month article Sent information through to journalist Melanie Reeder who works for the Lowvelder, which is a community based newspaper in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. In
  9. 9. this article she featured Shanti Maurice as a ‘spoil spot’ for women during women’s month. The article is due in mid-August.2.5 Opulent Living Magazine Negotiations were made on an on-going basis with publisher Barbara Lenhard about featuring Shanti Maurice in the next edition of Opulent Living. Negotiations were based on a part barter, part payment for the editorial.2.6 Social Media LR spent quite a bit of time updating Facebook and Twitter. Facebook involved changing info details. Adding links to website, changing name, logo, added LSC as new PR company, added a number of photos to the album. Also created a new fan page under Shanti Maurice. Twitter involved changing all the branding details and linking up to the Facebook page. When Facebook is updated, Twitter is automatically updated as well.3. Fam Trips3.1. Group Fam Trip There are no concrete fam trips in the pipeline for now. But there have been discussions about sending over the top tour operators for the official launch of Shanti Maurice – A Nira Resort, in September.4. Feedback & Discussions with TO/Corporate Clients/Incentive HousesHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade whetherit was telephonically or in person:Contact Activity Follow-Up 1. Pulse Africa  LS and LR met with Nicci LR. Lanferna (director), Bronwen Pearson (Product manager) and Natasha Springer (consultant) to give a presentation and training on the product. Provided brochures, photos and fact sheets, etc. 2. To Escape To  LR spoke with destination LR. specialist Jo-Anne Nicholson about rates for Shanti Maurice. Jo-Anne had a potential booking so wanted to know more about the resort. Sent over information and rates.6. Conclusion
  10. 10. During the month of August, LSC will be focusing on Puri’s visit to SA. We will be arrangingcocktail parties for the trade as well as media lunches for exclusive journalists. We will also bearranging one on one meetings with various tour operators. Potentially we will have a radiointerview on a talk radio station and we are also looking to do a one on one interview with ajournalist from the travel trade as well as a consumer mag.ENDS.
  11. 11. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT April 2011 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 5 May 20111. Overview1.1 As similar with all trade shows, preparation for exhibitors is extremely time consuming – scheduling appointments including contacts to meet with Puri and Deyna during Indaba (7-10 May). Story angles have also been submitted to the Indaba Daily Newspaper and information and pictures have been included in all correspondence to be given to the media during the show.1.2 Chef Willie and Deepak visited South Africa, namely Johannesburg and Cape Town, on a fact finding mission to source new contacts including suppliers of kitchen equipment, cheeses and wines. The intention was also to establish relationships with top chefs in the country and possibly look at an exchange programme between Shanti Maurice and a chosen SA hotel (either The Sandton Sun or The Michelangelo). LSC assisted with setting up appointments with various contacts, chefs from top restaurants and hotels, and a number of suppliers of both Johannesburg and Cape Town.1.3 Successful training at Holiday Tours cemented LSC’s belief that this should be a “preferred partner” – a dinner is being arranged with Jackie and Flora during Indaba.1.4 A few bookings were received this month, totalling 27 room nights. These included: The Holiday Factory, UAR Tours, Unusual Destinations as well as a direct booking (via Africology).2. Market Intelligence2.1 SAA increased its passenger capacity to Mauritius with the upgrade of its aircraft from a B737-800 to an A340-200 to accommodate Easter holiday passengers. Flight availability was initially very low at the beginning of the month but the increased number of seats attracted some last minute bookings.2.2 The official launch of MK’s Travel Smart programme will take place at Indaba. It is anticipated that this will give the destination further exposure and spread the word to operators and agents to make use of these special offers.2.3 World Leisure Holidays opened Long Beach Hotel in April, with opening specials of 7 nights on a half board basis at R13 065, valid from 2 – 28 April 2011. They are also offering a special agents rate until the end of October at R6875 for 7 nights on a half board basis, incl flights with MK.
  12. 12. 2.4 Experiential travel is the new buzz in travel spheres and has hit SA’s tour operators whose requirements include an increased need for day tours that will improve client’s knowledge about the destination or improve their skills in a particular art or sport. It is important to offer more than simply a beautiful destination and different and exciting activities. (Source: Travel News Weekly)3. PR activities3.1 Food & Home Food & Home is a monthly magazine with a readership of 588 000, with the majority of their readership in LSM 7-10. The competition as a build-up/teaser to the Dec article is scheduled to appear over a DPS in the July issue. The prize was finalised, information was provided by Air Mauritius together with a reader’s offer from The Holiday Factory.3.2 Horizons Magazine Horizons is an in-flight magazine for BA with a focus on local, international and African destinations, travel news, leisure & entertainment. Readership 160 000, circulation of 16 000. Provided information on the 50% discount for the low season for a feature on special winter deals.3.3 Conde Nast House & Garden Conde Nast House & Garden is monthly magazine providing ideas and inspiration to its readers. LSM 8-10 with age group between 35 and 49 years. Focus includes food, travel and décor. Distributed monthly with a circulation of 40 932 The magazine requested information on the Nira Spa for an upcoming feature on top spas.3.4 Indaba Daily News The Indaba Daily News is the official newspaper for The Travel Indaba held in Durban. The publication is distributed to all exhibitor and delegates during the entire duration of the exhibition and includes all newsworthy stories from exhibitors at the show. Submitted stories on Plant a Tree and Grandma’s Kitchen. The editor has requested a pic to accompany the Plant a Tree story for possible inclusion.3.4 Grandma’s Kitchen Press release Distributed to travel trade media, travel magazines and food magazines. Also distributed to our tour operator database
  13. 13. 3.5 Conference Exhibition and Events Guide Provides the latest conference, exhibition, travel, accommodation and other related information to companies and organisations. Distributed via subscription. Following the submission of information on the Nira Spa for a Spa and wellness centres feature, the editor requested some images.3.6 SQ Magazine SQ Magazine targets the most affluent homes and potential homeowners. Over 10 000 copies of SQ Magazine are printed and distributed on a quarterly basis. The publication approached Deyna to include the resort in an upcoming issue on exclusive getaways. Lesley negotiated a four page advertorial in exchange for part cash, part barter. This was however declined by Puri.3.6 Clippings Travel Industry Review Southern Africa, April 2011. Snippet on activities available at Shanti Maurice. Total value: - R6465.00 = €659.634. Marketing4.1 E-banners The following e-banners were distributed to the South African travel trade this month. Copies attached: 2nd April 2011 Looking to book a last minute holiday over the Easter period? Take advantage of the Free Nights special on offer at Shanti Maurice ... hurry offer is valid until 30 April 2011.4.2 Indaba 20114.2.1 Appointment Electronic appointments were sent out to LSC’s database of travel trade request as well as to all delegates attending Indaba from South Africa, South America, North America, Russia, and a selection of European countries. Appointments have been plotted for tour operators – new and old to meet with Puri and Deyna
  14. 14. 4.2.2 Media Meetings have been scheduled with three journalists namely: - freelance journalist David Allardice – writing and article on luxury travel - Tessa Burhmann, editor of B2B publication Responsible Traveller - Jane Broughton, freelance journalist who writes for a number of glossy magazines featuring high end properties. 4.3 Pull up banners These are in the process of being designed – images and content have been submitted. They were initially intended for Indaba, but are still being designed for future shows, functions and training; especially the joint promotion with MK and the German Chamber of Commerce in August5. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. The Holiday Factory  Training with reservation staff from Tour Operator the Holiday Factory. This was a very interactive session with lots of questions being asked and a lot of interest in the product.  The team mentioned that they have been receiving more and more enquiries from travel agents for Shanti Maurice.  LSC will commence with training at various travel agencies, together with the National Sales Manager in mid- May.  A meeting has been scheduled for Indaba.2. British Airways Comair  Meeting scheduled for 13 May to put Special packages need to Airline plans into place for the joint direct be discussed and compiled sales promotion which will run from for presentation to BA at the meeting. July – September.3. Air Mauritius  Liaised with the marketing Airline department on content for the Food & Home competition which is being published in July.  The Women’s Health winner’s dates
  15. 15. are confirmed. Awaiting feedback from Air Mauritius on the availability of tickets.  A meeting has been scheduled with Carla for Indaba.4. UAR Tours  Following receipt of an ebanner, a Not at Indaba so must Tour operator booking of 11 room nights was made therefore arrange a for April/May. LSC coordinated the meeting when next in CT booking.  A lot of interest has been shown and therefore a good partner to have. The owner is however concerned about the turnaround time from Shanti reservations.5. Voila Travel  The product manager visited Shanti LR is in contact with the Travel Agent Maurice in April with an agent manager to see how they discount. The trip was highly can further promote the successful. They much prefer the product to clients. atmosphere to that of Shanti Ananda and thought the service was excellent and the food was outstanding. 6. Africa A-Z  Following the receipt of an ebanner, LR to follow up Tour operator two enquiries were made about trips in May and June. One was cancelled due to budget constraints, the other postponed until later in the year.7. Dream Escapes  This tour operator contacted the resort directly for STO rates. They specialize in Indian Ocean Islands, Honeymoon Destinations and Dream Vacations. A meeting has been scheduled to meet at Indaba.8. Thompsons Holidays  Tried to schedule an appointment Schedule a meeting with Tour operator with Joanne and Celeste during Celeste and Joanne when Indaba but they are unfortunately back from Indaba. fully booked throughout. They have agreed to schedule an appointment after the show.
  16. 16. 6. ConclusionA lot of research was done this month into new potential contacts who will be attending the Travel Indaba inDurban. There are a few promising operators and agents, especially noting New Frontiers Tours and InfinityHolidays (the Wholesaler for Flight Centre), who are very excited to meet with Puri and Deyna. The meetingwill hopefully result in strong new relationships being built.Bookings are on the increase and improving from last year. There have been a total of 88 room nightsbooked this year and far more enquiries about the resort, which means that interest is snowballing and theword is really starting to get out there in the SA market. Indaba will ideally motivate even furtherrelationships.RegardsLesley & LauraENDS
  17. 17. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT March 2011 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR), Michelle Whittemore (MW)Date: 5 April 20111. Overview1.1 Positive response to LSC’s e-banner campaign is showing increased interest in Shanti Maurice with more enquiries being received by our office.1.2 One booking was made this month by Voila travel, a small boutique retail agency dealing predominantly with the luxury market. This was a trade booking for the product manager who is visiting Mauritius with his family.1.3 Preparations for Indaba 2011, taking place in Durban in May, are well under way. Personal invitations to be sent to delegates who are attending the show are in the process of design and distribution. Preparations are also underway for an exclusive function to be held for top supporting operators, one evening during the four day travel show.1.4 After much negotiating with MK and Food & Home magazine to reach a final agreement and itinerary, the journalists finally left for Shanti Maurice on 28 March and stayed for five nights with a jam packed itinerary of both work and leisure activities.1.5 A number of story ideas based on unique activities at the resort among other USP’s, have been submitted to the various travel trade publications for upcoming relevant features.2. Market Intelligence2.1 March saw a name change from MK’s “Smart Season” to the “Travel Smart program”, which it will be known as and promoted as from now on.2.2 Air Mauritius has decided to expand the Travel Smart program to include travel agents. According to Travel News Weekly, from 1 April SA agents will have the opportunity to earn smart points for all bookings made on the carrier, which can be exchanged for travel prizes. Some of the prizes in the incentive include air tickets to Mauritius, accommodation in Mauritius, Ipods, cameras and gift hampers. It will be worthwhile seeing how Shanti Maurice can become also become more involved.
  18. 18. 2.3 While advertising of Mauritius properties in regional newspapers was very top heavy in February, March saw a massive drop in advertisements to the destination, with the exception of Beachcomber who continues to feature the packages to Mauritius in newspapers and travel trade publications. Analysis across a range of newspapers over the last couple of months indicates that the increase in advertising in February was to coincide with the launch of Travel Smart and the exceptional family and honeymoon deals offered in the month of February. One can predict an increase again to coincide with more family and honeymoon offers in May.3. PR activities3.1 Food & Home Food & Home is a monthly magazine with a readership of 588 000, with the majority of their readership in LSM 7-10. Editor and Food Editor travelled to Shanti Maurice from 28 March - 2 April 2011. Trip included site inspection, interviews with management and food photo shoot with Willie. A local photographer handled all photographic requirements for the shoot including a choice of marketing pics. Feedback from the editor is that it was an outstanding experience. They loved the resort, the food and Chef Willie. The preparation for the trip was exceptional– everything was ready and prepared for by the resort upon arrival;, they had all the support they needed and everything was smooth sailing. They are very much looking forward to the article coming out in December issue.3.2 Conference Exhibition and Events Guide Provides the latest conference, exhibition, travel, accommodation and other related information to companies and organisations. Distributed via subscription. Submitted information on the Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice for an upcoming feature on Spa and wellness centres.3.3 Travel Industry Review Influential and trusted monthly publication for SA travel trade media. Circulation: 5100 copies Submitted information on creative activities at Shanti Maurice (easels and paint, telescopes and cooking lessons), for an upcoming article on Kids and Family travel.3.4 Travel News Weekly Weekly travel trade publication aimed at travel managers, professional travel consultants and those engaged in the sale & promotion of every facet of travel in SA. Circulation of 6831 copies. Submitted information on the large range of activities on offer at Shanti Maurice, including the Easter activities for an upcoming feature on Mauritius.
  19. 19. 3.5 Business Travel Now Monthly travel publication aimed at SA travel procurement decision-makers in varying types of companies. Circulation: 3829 Readership: 20 000 copies. Submitted information on luxury accommodation and service for an upcoming feature on luxury travel.4. Marketing4.1 E-banners The following e-banners were distributed to the South African travel trade this month. Copies attached: 9TH Mar 2011 Be sure to take advantage of this massive 50% discount, offered by “Shanti Maurice” - the boutique lifestyle resort, with 61 suites and villas situated in the southern part of Mauritius. Valid 01 May - 31 October 2011 23 Mar 2011 With Easter around the corner family holidays are top of mind, and where better to spend a family vacation than at Shanti Maurice – A Nira Resort … where kids stay absolutely free. Valid 10 January - 31 October 2011 inclusive. Thank you E post cards following any meetings or training sessions have been implemented this month.4.2 Indaba 20114.2.1 Appointment LSC has designed a suitable electronic appointment notification, whereby request interested tour operators can book their Indaba appointments with Puri /Deyna on line on a real time calendar.4.2.2 Post Indaba Possibility of inviting a select group of t/ops to consider visiting Shanti fam trip Maurice upon their return to Europe etc. Would also include invites to SA t/ops plus one journalist.4.2.3 Pull up banners These are being designed for Indaba and are to include a few eye catching signature pics, the logo, and contact details.5. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. Thompsons Holidays  Training took place on 23 March with Meeting with the chief
  20. 20. Tour operator a group of 12 staff members from the operating officer and IOI res department. Full presentation Product and contract exec and discussion of specials. Mauritius cancelled until later in April.  Provided staff with brochures, fact sheets, special offers and overviews of the resort.  Comments / feedback were received re the Sept University.2. The Holiday Factory  Four staff members from the Holiday Tour Operator Factory visited Shanti Maurice on 3 April for lunch and a site inspection. A mixology lesson was included as a surprise.  Feedback was incredibly positive and the consensus is that it is a vast improvement from Shanti Ananda. The sales manager is certain that there is definitely a market for the product.  Training of HF reservations staff to Awaiting feedback from take place in April. HF to see whether to tie in with a function.  On the road training with travel LSC to visit res teams with HF sales manager. agents to take place in May.3. British Airways Comair  Following a meeting where thoughts Airline were put into place surrounding a proposed campaign for BA Executive Club members, LSC drew up a formal proposal and action plan for the BA’s consideration.  Management are very pleased with LS to send final formal the ideas, however have proposed proposal to Puri. that the 3 month campaign be launched in July instead of the original plan for May.  Meeting scheduled for May to put Discuss packages with final plans into place. Duarte for final sign off at meeting4. Air Mauritius  LSC managed to negotiate the final Airline agreement on 4 tickets for Food & Home and have built the relationship for future media trips and
  21. 21. competitions. LSC has signed a formal contract with MK in this regard.  Women’s Health competition winner Need to confirm dates for winner this month. confirmed and in discussions with MK for tickets for requested dates.5. Traveller’s Choice  Feedback from the Sales Manager LR to arrange training with Tour operator indicated that despite a couple of staff of Traveller’s Choice. minor delays on check in, the fam trip on 2 March was a massive success. The agents loved the property and believe they have clients who would be interested in Shanti Maurice.  Following receipt of an e-banner, the MD requested more information on the specials for a potential booking to the property.6. UAR Tours  Received an enquiry for 5 April 2011 LS to set up a meeting Tour operator but the client decided to book during Cape Town visit or elsewhere due to budget constraints arrange a meeting during Indaba.7. Voila Travel  MD enquired about possibility to LR to follow up with utilise the 50% discount during April product manager on for her product manager. LR return. negotiated the agent discount with Duarte as the guest is a member of staff.6. ConclusionFollowing the e-banners campaign, we believe that the impact has been extremely positive and an increasein enquiries has resulted. The obvious conclusion is that it is important to convert these enquiries intobookings. Shorter turnaround time is necessary, especially if possible within 24 hours. Feedback from a fewtour operators recently has suggested that they look elsewhere, and are able to get a response from otherresorts sooner. It is important to continue with regular contact and a ‘top of mind strategy’.The coming month is set to be a busy one as LSC as the SA inbound Travel Industry start preparation forIndaba. Invitations have been sent to the trade requesting appointments and after thorough investigation ofthe list of delegates and exhibitors; LSC has identified other potential contacts. Those not attending Indaba,will be encouraged to set up a meeting or training at another stage.Regards
  22. 22. Lesley & LauraENDS
  23. 23. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT February 2011 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 4 March 20111. Overview1.1 The Smart Season was launched between Air Mauritius and a select group of tour operators. The airline have agreed on special airfares which include up to two children flying free; and the bride saving up to 20% on her airfare during February and May 2011. Tour operators are packaging holidays accordingly.1.2 A meeting with Air Mauritius has resulted in a number of partnership opportunities that should hopefully see a bigger increase in business through this channel.1.3 In February LSC introduced bimonthly ebanners to be sent to the trade database. These were designed in house with the objective of sending a different offer or announcement every second week.1.4 Distribution of ebanners has kept the resort top of mind for operators and a number of new enquiries have subsequently been received. One booking was made by The Holiday Factory this month.1.5 Build up to the forthcoming Indaba has started – lots to consider.1.6 Further to discussions between Mr van Frank, Anna and Karl Braunecker in Mauritius about possible participation in Connections newly established ‘MAURITIUS INCENTIVE CONNECTION’ Lesley has been in frequent contact together with Karl to assist with his planning around placement of advertisements and design of logos for this exciting campaign to promote ‘other exciting’ incentive options on the island of Mauritius. Karl’s intention is to promote 10 different hotels similar to a campaign he and Lesley managed together previously. We believe this is going to be a very worthy opportunity to promote Shanti Maurice to the incentive houses within South Africa, as well as to the corporate market.1.7 Supplied Duarte with a full database of partner tour operators, with updated details who currently hold contracts with hotel.2. Market Intelligence2.1 With the launch of the “Smart Season” there has been an increase of Mauritius holiday packages Mauritius in the press. Most of these have been lead in prices, but some packages to note are:
  24. 24. - Paradis – ZAR19 360 pp (€2006) for 5 nights. Valid 7 February to 23 March 2011 - Dinarobin – ZAR21 790 (€2258) for 5 nights. Valid 7 February to 23 March 2011 - Le Touessrok – pay 6 stay 7 in a deluxe room from ZAR24 249 (€2513). Valid 1 February – 10 April 20112.2 In order to create a greater interest from families it might be useful to promote family packages – advertising one total cost for the whole family. This would be especially appealing to families given the fact that children under 12 stay free.2.3 During a discussion with MK, they have advised their objective to promote their routes beyond Mauritius e.g. Shanghai. Part of LSC meeting this month included a special “Stop over” rate req for passengers spending a few days in Mauritius enroute. MK has also requested a special rate for their corporate clients to stay at Shanti Maurice.3. PR activities3.1 Food & Home Food & Home is a monthly magazine with a readership of 588 000, with the majority of their readership in LSM 7-10. Two journalists are travelling from 28 Mar – 02 Apr 2011. Itinerary to be drawn up for journalists – to include a food shoot together with chef Willie. Food editor Anna Montali will commence direct contact with chef Willie, week commencing 07/03 LSC has negotiated four free tickets from MK for this joint promotion: - these will be for the media trip for the editor and food editor (Dec issue); as well as for the competition (July issue). The Holiday Factory is to include a reader’s offer on both competition and editorial.3.2 Southern African Tourism Update Southern African Tourism Update is the region’s only independent locally-published and produced tourism publication which seeks to inform readers on developments and products on offer in the region. Tourism Update is a monthly magazine with several bumper issues (including Indaba). Submitted information about “Plant a Tree” to include as a story in the April / May issue of SATU which will be available over the Travel Indaba held in Durban, South Africa.3.3 Clippings Shanti Maurice featured in the following publication: - Your Wedding Day, 2011 – part of a larger article on Mauritius, promoting Shanti Maurice as a wedding and honeymoon destination. Total value: - R15 000 = €1554.40
  25. 25. 4. Marketing activities4.1 E-banners The following e-banners have been distributed to the South African travel trade. Copies attached (these were sent in the body of the email as opposed to an attachment): 7th Feb 2011 Shanti Maurice introduces a series of special offers valid 7 Feb – 31 Oct 2011 9th Feb 2011 As February marks the month of romance, there’s no time like the present to start planning the perfect honeymoon to Mauritius. Shanti Maurice are pleased to present an unbeatable Honeymoon offers. 21st Feb 2011 This Easter “Shanti Maurice” are not only offering fantastic deals but are Sure to keep the whole family entertained with a host of activities!4. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade whethertelephonically or in person:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. Thompsons Holidays  Training has been booked for their Objective to maintain Tour operator team of 15 res staff for 16 March. relationship, regardless  A meeting with the chief operating they declined inclusion of SM in their IOI brochure. office and Product and contract exec Mauritius, has been scheduled for the same day.2. The Holiday Factory  Booking made for 2 adults, 21-28 Tour operator February 2011.  LR met with HF to discuss Smart season and other promotional activities – as mentioned in January, a Smart season value add package has been implemented.  Will actively start promoting SM during low season as this is when prices become more competitive – this will include advertising, e-shots and flyers.  LR to visit luxury travel agents LR to start drawing up a together with HF sales rep to do schedule for visits training  Discussed possibility of LSC hosting a LR to set up a date – function for all staff – funded by SM possibly second week in and to include training and possible April prize giveaways
  26. 26.  Proposed that Puri host a function for LS to discuss with Puri VIP travel agents during his August visit.  Requested a special agents fare for LR to initiate low season.3. British Airways Comair  Second meeting to discuss SM’s Follow up with Comair to Airline exclusive BA Executive Club find out flight situation promotion.  Campaign to promote different packages with business class flights and special packages and value adds at SM.  Have suggested three different packages: - Couple package - Family package - Pamper package  Marketing channels to include special LR to draw up a suitable email, possible hand delivery, BA action plan and propose website, big screens in Slow Lounges, packages, to enable LS to discuss with Puri. advertising in inflight magazine. Deadline: Tues 8th March  Also suggested cocktails in Slow Lounges and on board in business class with tags promoting the package.  Shanti Maurice brochures to be made available in the slow lounges.  Once packages are booked – deliver beautifully wrapped brochures to clients.4. Air Mauritius  LSC met with country manager and Airline marketing manager  Negotiating a special rate at SM for LS in contact with the MK staff, walk in business, MK resort Suppliers & Special Contacts and an STPC rate.  Joint prize giveaway for the German To become a stand-alone Chamber of Commerce approved promotion.  Have agreed to sponsor four air tickets for Food & Home promo in Jul and Dec issues. Discussed expectations for all future media trips.
  27. 27. 5. Blue Moon Travel  Included the Honeymoon offer in a Copy of newsletter to be Retail Agent newsletter that went out to their sent to client. database. This special is also being promoted on the website.6. DMAfrica  An inbound tour operator – dealing Need to keep them up to Tour operator mainly with high end clients from date with all changes so as Russia, China, South America and to inform their sales reps. LSC to meet together with France. sales reps for further  Met to discuss changes at SM and training. how to promote this to their clientele.  Very keen to promote SM as it is exactly the sort of exclusive product their clients look for.7. Traveller’s Choice  Accommodation at SM arranged as Follow up upon their Tour operator part of an agent educational - 2 Mar return to the office on 2011 for 8 travel agents and 2 Monday 7 Mar 2011. Traveller’s Choice staff members.8. UAR Tours  Requested a contract following LS to set up a meeting Tour operator receipt of special offers. This has been during Cape Town visit. issued.9. African Horizons  Honeymoon enquiry following receipt Client is still deciding. Tour operator of special offers.6. ConclusionAn overall comment relative to this month passed is that there have been some very positive responses fromthe trade, especially Air Mauritius, to a forward on-going relationship with Shanti Maurice. The fact that wehave two special offers out in the retail trade via two different operators, namely Holiday Tours and TheHoliday Factory is also positive. They obviously need to be monitored, but likewise encouraged to see howwe can turn these special deals into actual bookings. We have also identified some independent agents tosee what opportunities lie within their luxury travel business bookings. This month has also seen theintroduction of a much increased flow of communication to our Shanti Maurice database of operators andagents – the objective being to be ‘in their faces’. We have received quite a lot of compliments in return(), but let’s hope it pushes the button that they think of SM over and above the competition! We havealso started analyzing package offers in the same league as SM advertised in the weekend press, although aswe know, the trend in the SA market is more to target that 3* & 4* market. Regardless it is contributingtowards some interesting market intelligence should Mr. Puri or Paul van Frank require.Working through channels such as BA’s Executive Club will we believe also contribute hugely to an improvedawareness campaign for the Shanti Maurice brand, so I am excited about the opportunities this will present.Likewise the presentation to the South African chapter of the German Chamber of Commerce in August, viathe joint prize sponsored together with Air Mauritius. Both of these opportunities will assist with our overallbrand awareness objective to that exclusive luxury end of the market.
  28. 28. Plans for Indaba are under discussion internally within LSC at the moment, and upon approval of Shanti’sposition on the MTPA stand, we need to start working with immediacy on a suitable meeting schedule, aswell as a possible dinner for select operators and media partners.RegardsLesley & LauraENDS
  29. 29. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT December / January 2011 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 4 February 20111. Overview1.1 December and January are quiet months in the trade in South Africa because many companies close for a few weeks over the festive season. However LSC managed to spend some time contacting the trade and looking for potential opportunities to get 2011 off to a good start.1.2 January saw four bookings being made, one of which was unfortunately cancelled due to a change of destination choice. However, one was a direct booking of 30 room nights.1.3 Special offers have been negotiated with the two top supporting tour operators, Holiday Tours and The Holiday Factory. Coincidentally they support Air Mauritius special “Smart Season” promo, whereby Air Mauritius will offer reduced rates in return for reduced rates at hotel partners and the relevant exposure. Both operators will actively promote the offers on their websites as well as advertise in the local press. Press releases have also been distributed promoting the campaign.1.4 A media trip and a competition have been motivated and accepted for one of South Africa’s top glossy magazines, Food & Home Entertaining.1.5 Lesley participated in the GSA meeting held mid-December in Ascot. The meeting was extremely successful. Many new systems into managing room night targets were implemented and strategies have subsequently been introduced.2. Market Intelligence2.1 A focus during the month of January was the unfortunate murder which took place at Legends Hotel. While this created a slight concern among travellers, a number of tour operators have been quoted in the media, ensuring the public that it was an isolated incident and that Mauritius is still extremely safe.2.2 An article on luxury travel in Travel Industry Review (TIR) (December 2010) has indicated that luxury travellers are not travelling less but have changed the way they are travelling. They are limiting their trips outside of the country to one a year. Furthermore for beach holidays such as Mauritius, they are looking for early booking offers and added value in packages. A subsequent meeting between LSC and Holiday Tours indicated that the luxury market has been the least affected by the recession. Travellers are obviously always very interested in special offers, but value adds are not important.
  30. 30. 2.3 An article in TIR (January 2011) indicated that there has been an increase in demand for cheaper accommodation and packages in the 3* categories. This means that while the market for Mauritius might have increased, there is not necessarily a greater demand for 5* plus accommodation. The article also indicated that customers are booking holidays to the IOI for a shorter time and at the last minute.2.4 World Leisure Holidays’ 5* Long Beach Resort is due to open in April providing further competition and offering another appealing option to the SA market.2.5 Another article in TIR (January 2011) has indicated that spas have become a must-have for luxury travellers. Something to note when promoting what Shanti Maurice has to offer.2.6 Please find attached an interesting document on “lesser-known travel trends for 2011”. These trends are not specific to the SA market but rather broad trends, applicable worldwide.3. PR / Marketing3.1 Holiday Tours press release Press release detailing the Honeymoon offer designed exclusively for Holiday Tours was distributed to Wedding publications, travel editors and travel trade media.3.2 Special offers with extension of Kids special offer The special offers detailing the extension of the kids stay free offer, was distributd to members of the trade.3.3 Food & Home Food & Home is a monthly magazine with a readership of 588 000, with the majority of their readership in LSM 7-10. LSC met with editor Rosanne Buchanan and a media trip as well as a competition is being negotiated. SM is to sponsor a prize in return for a double page spread, while the media trip will result in a 6 page article on cuisine at the resort, including photographs of surroundings plus one dedicated page to the resort. Awaiting response from airline re sponsorship of flights.3.4 Woman & Home Readers are mostly women aged 35+. It is the best-selling English womens glossy in the country, selling 96 000 magazines a month. Their estimated readership is 300 000 a month. Woman & Home included a short piece on Shanti Maurice in an article on 38 travel treats for 2011. (see attached)
  31. 31. 3.5 Women’s Health Magazine Women’s Health is the sister brand to Men’s Health. It is in its first year of circulation and has a circulation of 65 000. Shanti Maurice and Air Mauritius sponsored a superb competition to celebrate their first year in the November issue. Final stats from the magazine’s marketing department showed that they had a total of 7441 entries for the competition. The winner is Marieke Marcus and partner from Johannesburg.3.6 Clippings Shanti Maurice featured in the following publications: - Opulent Living, November 2010 – 5 page article based on a barter agreement to the value of R60 000 plus one additional page highlighting the launch function held on 8 September 2010. Total value: - R85 000 = €8551.31 - Private Edition, December 2010 – 2 page article on Mr Puri and Nira Hotels and Resorts. Total Value. Total value: - R65 000 = €6539.24 - Woman & Home, January 2011 – Shanti Maurice featured as one of 38 travel treats for 2011. Total value: - R14 426 = €1451.314. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade whethertelephonically or in person:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. Holiday Tours  The special Honeymoon package Monitor status of Tour operator (exclusive to Holiday Tours) was bookings. approved by Puri and Paul. Look at different  LSC met with res and sales team for promotional opportunities training and promotion of the special for the offer every couple offers. of months.  LSC also met with Directors to discuss the state of luxury travel in South Africa  LSC distributed press release to help promote the awareness of the package.2. Thompsons Holidays  Training has been booked for their Objective to maintain Tour operator team of 15 res staff for 9 March. relationship, regardless  A meeting with Joanne Adolphe (GM they declined inclusion of SM in their IOI brochure. product and contracts) and Celeste Keller (Product and contract exc Mauritius) has been scheduled for the same day.
  32. 32. 3. The Holiday Factory  HF have been included in Air Tour operator Mauritius’ “Smart Season” campaign and will include SM in their special promotions  Free private transfers, as well as LR to look at press release complimentary golf has been distribution. approved. Additional promotional opportunities pending.  Discussions pending re Puri’s visit. LR to follow up in upcoming meeting4. British Airways Comair  Following proposal for the Executive Airline Club campaign, targeting April 2011.  Meeting in mid-February to start putting plans into motion.  LSC awaiting confirmation of budget LR to draw up a suitable on annual plan. action plan, following meeting5. Air Mauritius  Meeting pending to discuss more Airline opportunities with “Smart Season”.6. Blue Moon Travel  LR met with this travel agent for Retail Agent training  Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town - has specialized in tailor-made packages for the last 10 years  Interested in promoting the LR to follow up to ensure honeymoon offer in next newsletter. included in newsletter  Also discussed the possibility of media trips (with the CT office)7. Rhino Africa  Confirmed a booking, for a single LS to consider the future Tour operator traveller for 13 nights – 19 Feb – 4 role-play of barters Mar 2011.  Subsequently “paid” for using Opulent Living’s bed nights from their barter agreement.8. Mars Travel  Retail agent Meet for training and to Retail Agent  Booking made for 19 – 26 February discuss further 2011 - three Junior Suites Beachfront. promotional opportunities.9. DMAfrica  Issued STO contract for a booking in Discuss further Tour operator March 2011. opportunities.  Meeting pending in February for training.
  33. 33. 10. Traveller’s Choice  Requested a date for training the res Tour operator team in February.  LR has invited director of the co. to do Status of visit still pending – LR to follow up. a site inspection during his upcoming visit to Mauritius at the end of February.11. Gateway Travel  Product Manager Charmien van der Pending further Tour operator Merwe reported that her stay at discussions when LSC Shanti Maurice at the end of travels to CT on sales calls. November was superb and could not fault the resort. She did report however that additional costs were expensive and therefore has requested that FB special offers be considered.12. Voila Travel  Request received for a competition at Assess the proposal and Retail Agent Johannesburg entertainment venue sum up the benefits. “Monte Casino”.13. Quintessentially  Contact made with PR, Marketing and LR to keep in regular Concierge Service events manager about opportunities comms in case an to sponsor a prize. Regretfully no opportunity arises. opportunities at the moment.14. Go2Africa  Loaded SM special offers onto the Follow up on response Tour operator website. from offers on the site.15. Perfect Africa  Very interested in SM special offers. Build relationship further Tour operator6. ConclusionPlans are well under way for opportunities in 2011. Meetings have been scheduled for February which willsee a lot of promotional ideas being put into practice.The room night target which has been set for the South African market means that a lot of hard work has tobe done to really cement Shanti Maurice’s presence in the current market. This challenge has been eagerlyaccepted by LSC. Ideas behind possible incentives for bookings are being discussed which could see a majorincrease in bookings if implemented.The Southern Africa Travel Organisers Association (SATOA) has reported that the current economic upturnwill be an important driving force in 2011 and will also have a lasting and positive influence on European
  34. 34. travel behaviour. This will impact the SA market through inbound tour operators who will ideally look toMauritius as an add-on to their itineraries. It is important to use this information by targeting inboundoperators as well as realising the potential that 2011 brings, as we look to increase bookings out of SouthAfrica quite substantially.RegardsLesley & LauraENDS
  35. 35. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT November 2010 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 6 December 20101. Overview It was a productive month in terms of touching base with tour operators (telephonically) and visiting various members of the trade. However, operators are into their busy season already and are not able to work on new promotional activities or have staff training before the end of the year. Discussions are well underway for exciting 2011 opportunities. Feedback from tour operators has shown plenty of last minute Christmas / New Year enquiries, however flights to and from Mauritius are minimal for this period so their Mauritius bookings have been low for the last couple of months. A great deal of time was spent working on the presentation for the December strategy meeting in Ascot. This included researching markets, finding statistics on the South African travelling and included feedback from tour operators about 5* competitors they are promoting.2. Market Intelligence2.1 The Mauritius government has imposed a new airport departure tax, applicable from 1 November 2010.The Terminal Expansion Fee is priced as follows: - €11 for adults and €6 for children under 12 for long haul departures - €3,10 for adults and €1,60 for children for regional departures (Reunion, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros, Kenya and SA). According to trade publication Travel News Weekly, while the tax has annoyed UK tour operators, SA operators don’t seem worried. The cost is low and they are building the cost into their quotes on packages.2.2 Discussions with tour operators over the last month have indicated that South Africans are predominantly looking for all inclusive 4* properties offering hassle free holidays. An estimated 10% of the market is currently staying in 5* properties as those who normally stay in these have had to downgrade due to the economic recession. Tour operators are expecting an increase in 5* bookings in 2011.2.3 The Residence are offering a Honeymoon package at a cost of R11 990 (€1309) for 7 nights, based on half board, return flights, private transfers and value adds including: champagne, fruit bowl, beach
  36. 36. bag, pareo, T-shirt, set of postcards plus a full day catamaran cruise including lunch and soft drinks. The groom pays the normal contract rate while the bride is FOC.2.4 Constance Prince Maurice is offering a 30% discount this festive season (23 December 2010 – 6 January 2011). This is on a half board basis and no minimum stay is required.3. PR / Marketing3.1 Your Wedding Day Magazine Your Wedding Day is South Africa’s first annual special interest magazine celebrating real-life weddings. From sharing other brides’ anecdotes and inspired and treasured moments to those vital details and how-to’s that effectively promote the industry’s most important bridal suppliers. Following Your Wedding Day’s attendance at a media lunch in Cape Town during Puri’s visit in August, Shanti Maurice will be included in the 2011 issue as part of a larger Mauritius feature (along with two other properties). A quarter page advertisement was also placed. LR provided publication with copy and details, who in turn designed the advert.3.3 Women’s Health Magazine Women’s Health is the sister brand to Men’s Health. It is in its first year of circulation and has a circulation of 65 000. The competition was a great success and saw many entries (awaiting final stats from the magazine). The special offer which was partnered with Holiday Factory was loaded onto the Women’s Health website and has subsequently received a few enquiries as well as greater interest in the product.3.6 Clippings Shanti Maurice featured in the following publications: - Afropolitan, October 2010, a guide by Quintessentially Travel; featuring Shanti Maurice.4. Feedback & Discussions with the tradeHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade whethertelephonically or in person:Contact Activity Follow-Up1. Holiday Tours  A special honeymoon package has Assist marketing been negotiated. This is a more department with competitive rate than was previously electronic mailshots they offered, when comparing to their send out. other 5* properties.  LSC to meet with Margaret Park in early January for staff training and to discuss further promotional activities. It has been a slow couple of months
  37. 37. for them in terms of Mauritius packages due to lack of flights.2. Thompsons Holidays  Negotiations pending regarding inclusion in the next Specialist Collection, since they were not included in the current one. Discussions to resume in the New Year.  Training was booked for November but had to be rescheduled for early January due to end of year work commitments.3. The Holiday Factory  Last minute changes were made to the brochure page, which has now been signed off and is ready to go to print  Following last month’s decision to not refund the Mullers, the clients objected. As a gesture, they have been offered a 5 night refund while the remaining funds are to be held for a future booking by Holiday Factory.  A few enquiries have been received Get a final breakdown of following the Women’s Health bookings and enquiries readers offer.4. British Airways Comair  LR and LS met with marketing manager of Comair, Heidi Brauer, following her visit to Shanti Maurice in early November, as well as Shaun Pozyn who is responsible for the loyalty programme.  Heidi was very impressed with the resort and sees great potential in their loyalty clubs.  They feel that it is worth putting together a very special package to market to their VIP clients, as this is the type of clientele we should be targeting.  LS has received a proposal from Shaun to discuss further with Puri in London.5. Air Mauritius  LR met with sales executives Samantha Marshall and Mario Baccani to discuss the South African market as
  38. 38. well as joint marketing opportunities with the airline.  Keen to look at cosponsoring potential media trips in 2011.  Discussed package opportunities for clients flying via Mauritius. It might be worthwhile using Shanti Maurice as a stopover.  Discussed opportunities for special travel agent packages to offer the trade in the low season (November).6. Voila Travel  LR met with GM Maria Jacobs. Awaiting a formal Discussed promotional opportunities. proposal. LR to follow up  Maria would like to involve Shanti with Maria. Maurice in a competition to be held at local entertainment venue “Monte Casino”. Exposure will include flyers, billboards, adverts on the big screens in the casino and inclusion in the in house magazine (available to the casino’s tenants as well as all guests at the three onsite hotels).7. Traveller’s Choice  LR met with GM Louis Venter to discuss how we can promote the resort to their clients better. Mauritius is their second biggest seller so there are good opportunities.  New collateral has been provided and staff training has been arranged for early January.  Louis would like visit the resort (even if it’s a day visit) during his Mauritius trip in February.  Louis would also like to look at Fam trip opportunities in the new year.8. Unusual Destinations  They have done a rerun of 2000 copies of their current brochure. Once again Shanti Maurice has been included but with new name, information and photos.9. Pulse Africa  Nicci Lanferna’s corporate booking of 26 people fell through because the group decided to travel locally instead
  39. 39.  The IOI product manager is currently on maternity leave, but upon her LR to follow up in the new return in March they are interested in year doing a mail shot so as to increase their business to Mauritius.10. Quintessentially  Shelley Jordan has advised they will not be using ZAR rates for now and will keep their contract through the UK office.11. One Stop Africa  Advised that they are going to be LR to follow up in the new sending out an electronic mailshot in year. early 2011 and would very much like to include Shanti Maurice.12. Unusual Destinations  Discussions pending regarding the 2011 brochure.13. Travkor Africa  Enquiry received for 6 adults and 1 child to travel over New Year. LR liaised with Duarte and advised agent of availability and costs. Enquiry still pending.14. Perfect Africa  An enquiry was received for a booking in early April next year. LR passed on rates and advised that the clients could have the honeymoon offer on a 5 night only stay, as was agreed by Duarte (exceptionally). The enquiry is still pending but they hoping for an answer over the next week.15. World Wide Island Tours  Website was updated this month with special offers including Shanti Maurice’s 2011 offers. The offers are being featured on their golf, honeymoon and main websites.6. ConclusionWhile it was clearly a productive month in terms of discussions with tour operators and other partners, it is abusy time of the year with last minute bookings, meaning training or marketing opportunities are on holduntil the beginning of the next year.Appointments have been scheduled for January to get 2011 off to a good start.Discussions with tour operators and airlines have made it clear that given the exclusivity of the product, itmight be worth considering channelling marketing efforts through alternative methods, focussing on veryexclusive clients such as members of Comair’s Executive Clubs.
  40. 40. There are many exciting opportunities and plans which have been discussed and which will ideally be putinto practice over the next couple of months.RegardsLesley & LauraENDS
  41. 41. SHANTI MAURICE – A NIRA RESORT October 2010 Monthly overviewSubmitted by: Lesley Simpson (LS), Laura Rodrigues (LR)Date: 5 November 20101. Overview It is a quiet time of the year for bookings in the South African market as most Christmas and summer holidays have been booked up in advance. However there is still potential to target the late market and LSC will be working with top tour operators in November to promote the late offers through promotional activities such as mail shots. Following Thompson Holiday’s withdrawal of Shanti Maurice’s inclusion in the Mauritius Hotel Specialist Collection, efforts have been turned to The Holiday Factory as a top supporting tour operator in the building of a strategic relationship. The brochure page has been finalised and a special reader’s offer has been put into place with Women’s Health; encouraging reader’s to book a package to Shanti Maurice with Holiday Factory. LSC advised tour operator database of the 50% discount extension, in an effort to increase bookings for the last couple of months of the year. Following Duarte’s request for feedback on the special Ladies Package, LSC gave recommendations on how to promote the special in the South African market. Feedback from Duarte pending. LSC is currently combining all tour operators who have contracts into one common list, as per a request from Duarte for contact details.2. Market Intelligence2.1 An article in Travel Industry Review (SA) weighs up the pros and cons of half board verses all- inclusive in Mauritius. An interview was conducted between General Managers of Beachcomber Shandrani (Jean-Louis Pismont) and Four Seasons Resort (Andrew Harrison) to argue the pros and cons of each: - While both have their strengths the general consensus was that guests are looking for hassle free holidays with a few extra expenses as possible. - Therefore, while Four Seasons still believe that Half Board is a more attractive option, they have also introduced Food and Beverage credit offers, which is on a Bed & Breakfast basis with a €250 credit per villa for a four-night stay and €500 for a seven-night stay. They believe this gives the client the freedom to spend the credit as the please at bars and restaurants in the resort. - Andrew Harrison believes that South African’s still prefer half board as it is in line with what most other resorts offer and is an established offering that works well in this market.
  42. 42. 2.2 Beachcomber’s Trou aux Biches is set to reopen in November and after a R1-billion refurbishment has been bumped up from a four to a five star resort. - Although perhaps a different market to Shanti Maurice, mention should be made of the special opening offer of less 20 percent, which expires in March 2011. - According to Nadine Morley product manager for Bestbeach Travel, this property has been one of the most popular for South African travellers, with high levels of repeat business.3. PR / Marketing3.1 Opulent Living Magazine Opulent Living is a high end coffee table magazine published twice a year, and distributed at selected prestige hotels, lodges and lifestyle estates as well as on board various international and national airlines and in airline lounges. It has a minimum of 180,000-240,000 readers per issue. Following Florian and Barbara’s visit to Shanti Maurice in September, a six page article has been written by journalist Michelle Snaddon for inclusion in the magazine. LS and LR assisted in signing off the article.3.3 Women’s Health Magazine Women’s Health is the sister brand to Men’s Health. It is in its first year of circulation and has a circulation of 65 000. As part of the birthday month competition, LR managed to secure a reader’s offer with Holiday Factory. This will be exclusive to Women’s Health readers. The reader’s offer will be featured on the website and will be accompanied by photos, Holiday Factory and Shanti Maurice logos and contact details for Holiday Factory. The print edition, which includes the competition page, hit the streets this month.3.4 Private Edition Private Edition is a quarterly publication, edited by the award-winning Les Aupiais. It offers a window into the world of the understated wealthy. Its highly targeted distribution includes personalised mailing by MTN Business, Investec Private Bank and the Pam Golding Property Group to their most valued clients. It is also available at exclusive invitation-only events where each guest receives a copy. Editor Les Aupiais met Puri at the media lunch in Cape Town during his visit to SA. She will be running an article in December’s issue (one of this month’s clippings mention this). LR assisted by sending through photos to include in the article.3.5 TNW Travel News Weekly (TNW) is a weekly travel trade publication for travel managers, professional travel consultants and those engaged in the sale and promotion of every facet of travel in Southern Africa. It reaches 4 000 retail travel consultants and managers.
  43. 43. Following Puri’s interview with editor Natalia Thomson during his visit, an article was published in TNW about Shanti Maurice. LR assisted Natalia by providing photos.3.6 Clippings Shanti Maurice was featured in the following publications: - Women’s Health Magazine; November 2010 – Competition Double Page Spread - Travel Industry Review; October 2010 – added to the Leading Hotels of the World collection. - Travel News Weekly; 20 October 2010 – an overview of the property following Puri’s visit. - Private Edition; September 2010 – Les Aupiais makes reference to Puri and Shanti Maurice in her editor’s letter. There will be a full feature in the December issue. - Ons Kontrei (Afrikaans newspaper); 29 October 2010 – Makes reference to Shanti Maurice as the sponsor of Finesse Magazine’s “New You” Competition.5. Feedback & Discussions with Tour OperatorsHerewith an overview of meetings and discussions with different members of the trade whethertelephonically or in person:Contact Activity Follow-Up 1. Holiday Tours  Following Comair SA acquiring a majority shareholding in Holiday Tours, all contracting for both brands has been taken over by Margaret at Holiday Tours.  As a result, all contact and contracting details had to be changed over for Comair to be under the control of Holiday Factory  The next Holiday Tours brochure is due for distribution in April. This will be a worldwide brochure as opposed to specifically Mauritius. Discussions pending regarding Shanti Maurice’s inclusion. 2. Thompsons’ Holidays  Various discussions have resulted, following General Manager Joanne Adolphe’s decision for Shanti Maurice to not be included in the Mauritius Hotel Specialist Collection. 3. The Holiday Factory  Shanti Maurice has been included on one full page of the brochure. Assisted with images and copy. This has been signed off. Follow up with Women’s  As part of the Women’s Health Health before offer is