Top 3 mistakes homeowners make when selling their home


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Learn what mistakes to avoid when selling your #westernma home. Shared by Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty in Westfield, MA.

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Top 3 mistakes homeowners make when selling their home

  1. 1. The Top Three Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trying to Sell Their Home…in Western MA and beyond! /the-top-three-mistakes-homeowners-make-when-trying-to-sell-their-home-inwestern-ma-and-beyond/ If your West ern MA home is current ly on t he market or you are considering selling your home in West ern MA t hen you may want t o know about t he biggest home seller mist akes.
  2. 2. Data provided by #1- Overpricing their home This is the all time worst thing you can do in the marketing of your home. Home prices should be dictated by recent comparable sales, not pipedreams. You must be realistic or else you will not accomplish your goal of making a move. Home buyers are very well educated on fair market value and if a home is priced beyond the point of reason, they will reject it without even viewing it. Find a reputable Western MA REALTOR that will work hard on researching current home
  3. 3. values and work in conjunction with that real estate agent to properly price your Western MA home. #2- Showing availablity Selling your home is not about your convenience, it is about the buyer’s availability and schedule. When I am showing homes to buyers, often we are viewing a series of 8 or more homes and have a limited schedule. If you can’t accomodate the buyer’s time constraints, it is likely that the buyer will never view your home and will buy one of the others. Be prepared to find a way to let buyers see your home when they request to see it. #3- Cluttered space Staging your Western MA home is a major factor in getting a buyer to submit an offer. When a buyer tours the house they want to be able to assess the space and the structure of the home, not your personal items. Think of your home as a retail space and dress it out like a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel and you will come out on top. #4- Unpleasant odors #5- Seller being unwilling to negotiate #6- Seller being unwilling to make repairs If you are considering selling your West ern MA home and want some advice on st aging, proper pricing or any ot her real est at e quest ion, please call or t ext anyt ime: Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty 413-575-3611 Re la t e d a rt icle s Make Your Western MA Home for Sale Stand Out From the Competition! What Keeps Me Motivated – Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty Were you told you didn’t qualify for a mortgage? Don’t give up, yet! Related posts: 1. Don’t Sell Your Home Blindfolded! Common Mistakes by Sellers 2. Why NOW is the right time to sell your Western MA Home 3. Western MA: We Need Homes to Sell! 4. Did Your Western MA Home Fail To Sell? Expired Listing Checklist 5. Sell Your Western MA Home for MORE!