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Final core proposition powerpoint presentation


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Final core proposition powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Perceptive Of Appropriate Attitudes Regarding Education!<br />By: Lesia R. K. Alford<br />
  2. 2. Core Proposition 1Teachers are committed to students and their learning.<br />a.       You are dedicated to making knowledge accessible to all students. Evidence indicates that you believe all students can learn. <br />b.       You treat students equitably and recognize individual differences that distinguish one student from another. You take account for these differences in your practice. <br />c.       You understand how students develop and learn. <br />d.       You respect cultural and family differences students bring to the classroom. <br />e.       You are concerned with students “self concept” their motivation and the effects of learning on peer relationships. <br />f.        You are also concerned with the development of character and civic responsibility<br />
  3. 3. Artifacts:The values a teacher should carry.docxMulticultural Awareness Action Plan core proposition 1.docx Culture Artifact for core proposition 1.docxTen Teaching Strategies core proposition 1.docxValid and reliable proposition 1.docxComfortable Core proposition 1.docxConnecting the Real World to the Classroom proposition 1.docx<br />    As educators, we need to be open minded and use all the resources available; to help us educate ourselves and our students. Before we can teach our students we must first teach ourselves. This is natural as long as we are committed to our students and their learning. It is important as educators that we keep all students in mind and realize that students learn in different ways.    For this reason all my lesson plans include multiple intelligences (Proposition 1 lesson plan.docx).  It is essential that we as educators value diversity and respect differences. Using different techniques to educate our students is critical. Different techniques helps all individuals understand and retain the content of the lessons. Multiple Intelligences gives instructors and students a good foundation for understanding how to gain and retain information.    Multicultural Awareness is important so that educators can plan is to educate a diverse group of learners by using multiple intelligences, metacognition and technology. Education should incorporate all types of learners and help them understand how to gain more knowledge about the subject they are studying.Multicultural Awareness Action Plan core proposition 1.docx. As educators we need to recognize that our students have individual differences. But we still need to be able to hold all students to the same standards, while give leeway and understanding for extreme circumstances.<br />
  4. 4. It is important that educators take account and keep proper documentation for their decisions. With the proper documents instructors will be able to demonstrate why they made the decisions they choose. Instructors need to prove that the measurements they used are valid reliable results even if they are individualized for extreme circumstancesValid and reliable proposition 1.docx. Being accurate and fare to all students shows valid and reliable results the give accreditation to the instructor and the course.     All students develop, retain, learn and gain information in different ways. Students may also develop, retain, learn, and gain information in different subjects in different ways. Therefore it is very important to understand and uses different strategiesUnderstanding learning Core Proposition 1.docx. The more ways we give students to develop the superior chance there is for grand success.Ten Teaching Strategies core proposition 1.docx. There should be many different instructional and teaching strategies that are used to help educate students.    Learning in the classroom can be fun and a unique experience for all individuals. Culture values and diversity play a large role in the classroom and need to be understood respectedCulture Artifact for core proposition 1.docx . We as educators need to understand the diversity in different students and groups of students. As educators it is our responsibility to make sure all students gain and retain the information of the lessons. For students to gain and retain information with a proper and deep grasp of the knowledge they are receiving they need to feel comfortable within the environmentComfortable Core proposition 1.docx. Many factors play a role in how students gain and receive information but if students are comfortable and feel free to ask questions in the classroom environment the chances of learning and retaining the information will raise enormously.   <br />
  5. 5.  It is our responsibility as instructors to help develop character and civic duty in our students and ourselves. This development is important to be able to produce and apply the lessons being taught. Our ultimate goal as instructors is for our students to be able to apply what we have taught them to the real worldConnecting the Real World to the Classroom proposition 1.docx. For this reason we need to teach and be the example of character and civic duty.There is no question that as instructors it is our responsibility to set the examples for students. My goal is to set the best example I can; and to always encourage students to set goals that help them achieve their dreams. It is important to set an example that students hold in high esteem and feel comfortable with. It is my personal goal to educate and incorporate culture, values and diversity into all my lesson plans. This can be done by using Kagan cooperative learning strategy PIES Creating Community in the ClassroomPIES Powerpoint.pptx. There is no question that as instructors it is our responsibility to set the examples for students. My goal is to set the best example I can; and to always encourage students to set goals that help them achieve their dreams. It is important to set an example that students hold in high esteem and feel comfortable with. It is my personal goal to educate and incorporate culture, values and diversity into all my lesson plans. This can be done by using Kagan cooperative learning strategy PIES Creating Community in the ClassroomPIES Powerpoint.pptx.<br />
  6. 6. Core Proposition 2Teachers know the subject they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.<br />a. You have a mastery of the subject(s) you teach. There is a deep understanding of the history, structure and real world application of the subject. <br />b. You have skill and experience in teaching your subject matter, and you are very familiar with the skills gaps and perceptions students may bring to the subject.<br />c. You are able to use divers’ instruction strategies to teach for understanding.<br />
  7. 7. Artifacts:My PicturesPicture 009.jpg..My PicturesPicture 011.jpg..My PicturesPicture 015.jpg..My PicturesPicture 013.jpg..My PicturesPicture 001.jpg..My PicturesPicture 003.jpgCore Proposition 2 Powerpoint Lesson Plan.pptxCore Proposition 2 Powerpoint Lesson Plan.pptx..My PicturesPicture 007.jpg..Lesia's BookPoemsLost poet.doc<br />    As educators we need to be committed to our students. Helping them understand the importance of learning and the subjects they are learning. To appropriately teach students the instructor must have a mastery of the subject(s) they teach.Mastery to me is to know have or be able to gain comprehensive knowledge or skills and an expert understanding with the outstanding ability to achieve or accomplish total control over the knowledge and skill required.      Mastery of a subject and continuous learning, will give educators the ability to have a deep understanding of the history, structure and real world application of the subject. Learning should be considered a gift. Educators need to have proof that they have and are willing to gain the knowledge required for mastery of the subjects they teach.My picturespicture 011.Jpgmy picturespicture 015.Jpgmy picturespicture 013.Jpgmy picturespicture 001.Jpgmy picturespicture 003.Jpg I feel strongly that all educators should have a verity of skills and proof of those skills.    Anyone who has taught knows not everything goes as planned and educators need to be able to adapt. Having a verity of skills gives educators the ability to help students understand the history and real world application within the students multiple intelligence structure and metacognition area using technology if necessary. It is important that instructors can educate a diverse innovative group of students.<br />
  8. 8. As instructors in an innovative world with technology and inventions on the rise; we need to prepare our students for the real world application of the subject. Instructors will be most successful when the proper methods are used to design the lesson plans and lessons. Understanding the history of all aspects of the learning and learning environment; like the subject, students, economy, values and beliefs will help demonstrate mastery as an instructor.    Giving the proper structure to the class, lesson and subject matter can deepen the knowledge that is gainedCore Proposition 2 Powerpoint Lesson Plan.pptx. Structure allows for instructors to incorporate Kagan Cooperative Learning, Multiple Intelligences, and Metacognition, Technology and many other beneficial skills and knowledge. Many of my lesson plans that I am creating incorporate three or more of these structures to support a diverse group of learnersCore Proposition 2 lesson plan.docx.    It is pertinent that an instructor have sufficient skills and experience in teaching their subject matter. This is demonstrated through every aspect of educating students. The instructor also needs to understand the skills gaps and perceptions students may bring to the subject with them.I have verified my skills by obtaining a M.Ed in curriculum and design from Southwestern, a BA in English/Literature from Southwestern, an AA in Bio-Chemistry from Cowley County Community College, and a degree from Business Computer Training Institute (BCTI). I have made known that I am a dedicated hard worker that strives for mastery; no matter the obstacles that need to be overcome.  The few articles I wrote have been published in the newspaper My PicturesPicture 007.jpg. I have also won a Valentine’s Day poetry contest from KACY for my poem. The announcement of the winner was live on the air but they did lose the feed.Lesia's BookPoemsLost poet.doc.<br />
  9. 9. I have demonstrated my experience by homeschooling my son who has Asperger’s and by tottering any students the request or asks for help. I am always willing to help students. It is the responsibility of the whole community to make sure students learn and gain the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the classroom and the real world.     My son has been through many struggles on his way to success. Today his is fifteen and makes good grades and enjoys the special school he attends. All his work is at grade level or higher and his behavior is great almost all days. I feel if I had not strived for mastery we would not be describing this situation today.     With a child who has Asperger’s Syndrome the use of diverse instruction is very important.  Multiple Intelligences is a great value to the classroom. Using as many different ways to educate students as possible; helps assure that you can educate a diverse group of learners. I have written many different essays on Multiple Intelligences and design all lesson plans using Multiple Intelligences.    The many different artifacts I have supplied and will continue to supple that I demonstrate my mastery of the subject and a deep understanding of the history, structure, and real world experience, are proof that I have that I have the experience to teach. These are examples of my how deeply I value diverse instruction. This is important to educate students in writing. It takes many different skills that most people do not even think about to write.<br />
  10. 10. Core Proposition 3Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.<br />a.               You teach effectively. You are able to move fluently through a range of instructional techniques, keeping student motivated, engaged and focused. <br />b.               You know how to engage students to ensure a disciplined learning environment, and how to organize instruction to meet instructional goals. <br />c.                You know how to assess the progress of individual students as well as the class as a whole. <br />d.               You use multiple methods for measuring student’s growth and understanding, and you can clearly explain student’s performance to parents/guardians.<br />
  11. 11. Artifacts:Core Proposition 3 Educating in a heterogeneous environment.docxGraphic Organizers Core proposition 3.docxCore Proposition 3 Meta-cognitive activites.docxPerformance task Core proposititon 3.docxTechnology Practices in Education Core Proposition 3.docx..Creating Community in the Classroomfinal project.docx.EDUC 549 Race, Class and Power in SchoolsWeek 7 assignment.docx<br /> It is pertinent that instructors are effective at their jobs. Instructors need to move through a range of instructional techniques so that students stay motivated, engaged, and focused on the lessons they are learning. Using many different instructional techniques like multiple intelligences, metacognition, technology, Kagan cooperative learning techniques and a verity of others allow for all students individual or groups to gain the knowledge of the lessons.Core proposition 3 educating in a heterogeneous environment.Docx    My goal as an instructor is to use multiple methods to help student grow and understand the lessons more in-depth.Graphic organizers core proposition 3.Docx just repeating is not learning; it is important that all students can apply and use the information from the lessons, in the classroom and real life.Core proposition 3 meta-cognitive activites.Docx all students have the right to learn and as instructors it is our job to educate them. Using multiple methods gives all types of learners’ equal opportunities.Performance task core proposititon 3.Docxtechnology practices in education core proposition 3.Docx    At the college level students need to understand their performance and how it affects their future.  This takes clear guidelines and in-depth explanations of those guidelines for students to understand why and what they are learning is important, how it can be used in the classroom and real life, and what is expected for quality work. It is important that students all have the same guidelines to follow. It is important at the college level to have a syllabus.<br />
  12. 12. A clear curriculum can help the students and instructors motivate and encourage positive results.Creating Community in the Classroomfinal project.docx The proper program can help individual and group learners with multiple learning styles gain and retain the knowledge of the lessons. Having the proper program and lessons in place helps the instructors assess the progress of individuals and the class as a whole.    Being able to assess the individuals and the class as a whole properly; also gives the instructors incite on how to improve the curriculum and learning environment. As instructors we should always be improving and creating new innovative techniques that support multiple learning styles giving a diverse group of learners the optional opportunity to gain the knowledge being presented to them...EDUC 549 Race, Class and Power in SchoolsWeek 7 assignment.docx    The use of multiple intelligences for educating and assessing what students learn will help a diverse group of learners as individuals and in groups. With the proper planning of the lessons we give all students the ability to use what they learn in the classroom and the real world.  It is up to educators to use effective methods that work for all students creating equal opportunity for each and every individual to learn and grow.<br />
  13. 13. Core Proposition 4Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.<br />a.     You model what it means to be an educated person you read, question, create and are willing to try new things. <br />b.     You are familiar with learning theories and instructional strategies and stay abreast of current issues in American education. <br />c.       You critically examine your practice on a regular basis to deepen knowledge, expand your repertoire of skills, and incorporate new findings into your practice.<br />
  14. 14. Artifacts: Curriculum Development EDUC 530Assignment 1week 2.docx.Curriculum Development EDUC 530Assignment 3 Final.docx.Instructional DesignFinal Exam.docx.Creating Community in the ClassroomPIES Powerpoint.pptx.Instruction and English Language StudentsSUMMARY OF REALIA STRATEGIES.docx<br /> As instructors it is important that we value education and contentiously keep learning reaching and achieving new goals. My goals for the future are to obtain my doctorate while educating students at the college level. I would also like to set up workshops to help instructors understand how to better educate students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and asperger’s.    My goal for the workshops stems from my own struggles and my son’s struggles on our journey through the learning process. I have dyslexia and dysgraphia and my son has asperger’s. It was through my experiences in life that I ended up choosing my career path. As I watched my son struggle through the education process; I decided to help him and children like him, by properly educating myself so that I could help them. Life is a journey and through our experiences we make choices the shape and mold us into who we are to become.    On my journey and through my experiences I have changed my major more than once. Therefore I have a BCTI (business computer training institute) degree, an AS in bio-chemistry, a BA in english/literature and an M.Ed in curriculum and instruction. The many different degrees make me a wonderful candidate for a college instructor.<br />
  15. 15. I have been through calculus and I have a degree in English/Literature. I feel that it is important for all instructors to have a math and English background. These are the two subjects that all other subjects are based on. Gaining the basics and having a good foundation in education, helps in all subject areas. It is important that as educators we set the examples for our students. I feel for me personally it is important to set the proper example for my students. I can only require of them what I have completed myself. Be the example for an ever changing multicultural multi-structural technologically advanced environment.    My personal belief is that education plays the largest and most important role in society as we know it. Without education, where would we be? How can we place a value on knowledge? Knowledge is what helps us understand who we are, and helps us grow into who we are to become as individuals and as a society. Education prepares students for a brighter future that is full of ground-breaking ideas and creations.     To have or gain knowledge a person must experience or be experiencing an education that is reliable. Without a justified reliable education, what a person experiences are hardships and struggles that are otherwise avoidable and preventable. With the justification of a proper education that is reliable; an individual experiences will enhance. Students will create a reliable future that enhances the world as we know it.    Education is knowledge; and knowledge is something no one can take from you.  What you learn, the knowledge you gain, and wisdom you earn; cannot be taken. All students have the ability to learn, it is our job as instructors; to give them the opportunity to gain the information. It is important to creating a learning environment that supports diversity and respects the development of the individual and the group. <br />
  16. 16. How we educate our students can mean a great difference in how much knowledge they gain and retain...Curriculum Development EDUC 530Assignment 1week 2.docx It is very important to consider that not all students learn in the same way. Incorporating different learning styles can help individual students and cooperative learning groups. It is up to us as educators to help all students gain the knowledge they need to be successful in and out of the classroom. It is up to us as educators to set the proper example for our students.    Below I have designed multi-structural lessons for the undergraduate college student. These lessons are for a poetry course and incorporate techniques that will help an individual and group be successful...Instructional DesignFinal Exam.docx As instructors it is our responsibility to give all students a chance to be successful in and out of the classroom. Creating the proper lessons can benefit and support the needs of all individuals in the course. It is important to consider different types of learners before the class starts or any lesson plan is put into place.     According to Kagan the fundamental formulas for multi-structural lessons are Structure + Content = Activity or Activity + Activity+ Activity = Lesson. These types of lessons help instructors create lessons that incorporate multiple intelligences and develop a sequence that supports all types of learners. Creating Activities helps reinforce different types of learning and helps the knowledge be digested and retained by all types of learners. All instructors need to consider that there are many different ways of acquiring knowledge. It is important to be open minded and incorporate new ideas changing lessons as needed and developing new activities.    It is also imperative to make sure that all lesson plans can be used easily by yourself and others. Keeping the lessons readable for others will help in a case that a substitute educator is required. Using these aptitudes to educate students can help students develop, a more in-depth understanding of the lessons; creating a greater chance for the students to be successful in and out of the classroom.<br />
  17. 17. Multiple intelligences helps students benefit and gain the information need for a successful education. “The brain operates in "modular" fashion, with autonomous systems devoted to different mental acts”. (Traub, 1998) Multiple intelligences allow many different parts of the brain to function; helping students and educators’; understand, learn and improved, within the classroom. Using multiple intelligences helps the students benefit; by educating them about how they best learn.Multiple intelligences are more effective in the classroom giving all individuals the opportunity to develop and learn.      When using Multiple Intelligencesall students; no matter their learning style, have the chance to be successful.Multiple Intelligencesinvolves all parts of the body and brain giving the students many different ways of retaining the information. This strategy; allows for the flow of new innovative ideas, that create a fun memorable classroom environment.When multiple intelligences are combined with the proper understanding of metacognition and technology all students’ are more productive. Educating students with different learning styles and the eight intelligences can help many different types of learners. The list is as follows; Verbal/ Linguistic; means letting the students learn through there cognitive skills, reading, writing and oral or written reports are good sources to use. Logical/Mathematical; means letting the students learn through a logical process, math, mind games, and logic puzzles are good sources to use. Visual/Spatial; means letting the students learn using their eyes, charts or drawings are a good source to use. Body/Kinesthetic; means letting the students learn by encouraging motions and movements, role-playing, inventing physical games to document learning are good sources to use. Musical/ Rhythmic; means letting the student learn using their hearing, music, rhyme, rap, and poetry are good sources to use. Interpersonal; means letting the students learn; using groups, group reports and activates are good sources to use. Intrapersonal; means letting the students learn independently, individual reports, computer work; self-made projects are good sources to use. Naturalist/; means letting the students learn using nature, taxonomies, patters, order, classifications, connections to real life and science are good sources to use.<br />
  18. 18. It is very important as educators that we help students gain a positive self concept. Positive self concepts help students understand and respect cultural and family diversity. PIES are a Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures.  PIES help students learn positive interdependence, individual accountability, equal participation, and simultaneous interaction. Giving students positive ways of being accountable for their actions is very important. It will help all students function individually and in a group. In the acronym PIES the P = Positive Interdependence; means that all students work together, striving for quality and helping each other achieve the team goals. I = Individual Accountability; means that each student is responsible for themselves as well as for the group project. E = Equal Participation; means that each student will participate in the group project equally and with enthusiasm. S = Simultaneous Interaction; means that all students will be working at the same time, together and separate to achieve the highest quality project possible meeting or exceeding the goals set...Creating Community in the ClassroomPIES Powerpoint.pptx   From the dawn of time people have been teaching each other and passing down information from generation to another generation. This started through stories and myths; most likely, from a parent teaching a child.  Knowledge leads to wisdom and wisdom lead to enlightenment. Without education none of this would be possible. From the first time a parent taught a child; we as the human race have been developing the education system. Education and learning, teacher and student these are the reasons for the advancement of the human race and the development of memory. Without a memory there would be no way of recalling information.    Because we have memories, teachers, and students, the human race has advanced to the level we are at today. The purpose of education has changed throughout time, and differs from individual to individual. Although the reasons individuals get an education are different, the main outcome is the same; an increase in knowledge and memory, or knowing how to reference what you need to remember.    Some of the most valuable reasons for education are pleasure and enjoyment. Without education, memories, teachers, and students there would be no pleasure in life. We would all live a primal life with nothing but our instants’. Our ability to learn and retain mass amounts of information is what makes us unique in comparison to the rest of life. With education we learn to love the idea of gaining wisdom. Without reading, writing, and math this computer would not be here. The computer is used as a tool for learning and also a pleasure that entertains us.<br />
  19. 19. The pleasure and enjoyment of the educational experience can make a person remember and retain knowledge. The natural use of multiple intelligences can be a great benefit especially when instructors also use realia in combination to introduce abstract concepts...Instruction and English Language StudentsSUMMARY OF REALIA STRATEGIES.docx When introducing abstract concepts it is always wise to make sure metacognition is understood. This will help the students open up their minds and dig deeper. Meta-cognitive activities will improve a classrooms dynamics and students’ personal performance; by enhancing the understanding instructors’ and the students’, have about how learning occurs. “Metacognition has been empirically demonstrated to be associated with reading (Taraban et al. 2004; Mokhtari and Reichard 2002), memory (Finn and Metcalfe 2007), studying (Metcalfe and Kornell 2005), learning (Hacker et al. 2000), critical thinking (Sharma and Hannafin 2004), problem solving (Berardi-Coletta et al. 1995), decision making (Puncochar and Fox 2004), and ethical choices (Krettenauer and Eichler 2006), all of which are essential to a successful academic experience and indeed to a successful accounting career”. (Schleifer, 2009)    By gaining a perceptive on the mental process that take place when learning; we as educators, can tailor our instruction to incorporate the needs of students. Understanding cognitive learning will also give us the ability to assess and gain more in-depth knowledge about how students learn. If an instructor wants to improve their classroom dynamics and students’ performance they need to understand meta-cognitive activities. Many of these activates can be performed using technology.<br />
  20. 20. As instructors’ the main goal for our students is, for them to be successful. For this to be achieved we need to utilize formal and informal interviews and conferences. But it is not a good idea to use them as an assessment tool, interviews and conferences should be used as a means of helping the student understand, retain, and gain information and knowledge; so they can reach a higher level in their education. During these interviews; questions to the students should be asked about how the students feel they learn the best, and what lessons worked the best for them. Then the educator/researcher needs to log them in the journal and entered into the excel database.    If a student does not feel safe at some point during the course an instructor may not ever truly know what the problem is. There should come a point at any level of education where a student feels free to ask questions and not be judged or assessed on the questions. This can be challenging especially for shy students; therefore a mark should be made on the role sheet each time a student speaks up or asks questions, so that the instructor can call on the students who do not speak up. The marks can be made by using symbols for a question asked the instructor would use a question mark for a question answered the instructor would use a period. This will let the instructor know how many times the students responded or asked questions. The role sheet is a good tool for quickly analyzing what is going on in the classroom. If a student never asks questions or answers questions; the instructor should set up a conference, especially if the students’ grades are not at a high level. Interviews and conferences should be a safe place for the students to address any questions or issues they have.    The affective filter is; the effect that emotions have on learning. When a student is placed in a stressful situation, learning becomes more difficult, if not impossible. So an instructor must always try to make a student feel safe and encourage positive self thoughts.  It is always a good idea for an instructor to have good strategies; to emphasize a lesson plain, so that a student can be successful. Predictable routines and signals help students reduce anxiety in the classroom, so that students can focus on learning. It is difficult for anyone, to learn anything, if they do not feel comfortable and that they are in a safe environment. Although the teacher, should always be willing and able to adjust the structure as needed; if it is noticed through observation; that the vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and written languages are not being processed properly. <br />
  21. 21. Technology is something that I will use in my classroom. It has the potential of educating and entertaining this will help all types of diverse learners. Education is more successful when it is fun for the students. Technology allows an instructor to accommodate to all eight attributes of multiple intelligences and use cognitive skill in the classroom. An educator should always keep up with technology and add activates that require the use of technology. The activates preformed in the classroom can change the way a student views thinking and allow them to develop a higher more comprehensive way of thinking. Technology drives many of the changes we are encountering. Hence, it begs the question: why have all of the technological advances that we have enjoyed as a society remained far removed from the classroom setting? And why, as we look at the necessary skills students need to remain competitive in this global economy, do we ignore the research and continue to conduct business as usual? (Roe 2010)We are living in an advancing technology age. And as educators it is our responsibility to keep up with technology. This will allow instructors to educate students so that they are successful in the classroom and in real life.“Technology allows for many different types of learning. With increasing demands on American students to perform, Wagner identified seven major competencies that students must have to compete globally:1. Critical thinking and problem solving;2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence;3. Agility and adaptability;4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism;5. Effective oral and written communication;6. Accessing and analyzing information; and7. Curiosity and imagination.Examining the above competencies next to the requirements of NCLB leads to strategic tension for educators on the front line. The critical question must be asked and examined: How do we take what we know will equip our students and the traditional core and merge the two? The answer is clear: we must begin to remove the teaching function away from the teacher and shift it (dramatically) to the learner. The mechanism is also clear, yet not comfortable: we must use technology to our advantage.” (Roe, 2010) Technology allows educators and students to use more advanced techniques and incorporate multiple intelligences and metacognition.<br />
  22. 22. Graphic organizers can be helpful in the classroom; they can help the instructor understand the concepts students get and the ones they do not retain. KWL charts give an instructor the opportunity to understand what the students do not know, what they need to know, and what they want to know. Taking into consideration what the students want to know and what they need to know will help; because the students can get the facts they want, while also getting the facts they need.    When planning the lessons and the activities that go with the lesson, an instructor can take this information into consideration. Planning a proper multiple intelligence lessons can help all students benefit and gain the information need. It also helps an educator; understand what the student learned and what could be improved, within the lesson.    The instructor should give a short introduction to what the lesson was about. Then pass the KWL chart out and ask the students to fill out the first two columns and pass the chart back. And at the end of the lesson, hand the KWL charts back to the students and ask them to fill out the last column.     As instructors the relevance of the course objectives and materials is very important. We should choose thinking tools and procedures that are based on what is appropriate for our students, content, curriculum, purpose, and procedure.Curriculum Development EDUC 530Assignment 3 Final.docx Metacognition and Multiple intelligences can help instructors understand their students and make, proper content and activity choice for the course. There are many different ways of educating students. The choices can be located in many different areas books, internet, and other professors and yes, even students.<br />
  23. 23. Our main goal; as instructors is for our students to be successful in the classroom and later in the real world. For students to be successful we must use successful educational methodology for teaching. We need to prepare our students for society as we know it now. What was successful ten years ago or even two years ago is not successful in an innovative changing society. Every day in society, we are learning and discovering the new.    The Structures I have chosen for educating my students will enhance the lesson plans. Creating a theme for the lesson can help tie many different lessons together and give a stronger more in-depth structure, which allows for the formation of new innovative techniques and ideas. Educators are the key to bridging and developing the past with the future; helping to develop a positive interdependent cooperative classroom environment and exceptional opportunities.<br />
  24. 24. Core Proposition 5Teachers are members of learning communities.<br />a.              You collaborate with others in the school to improve student learning. <br />b.              You are a leader and actively know how to seek and build partner ships with community groups and business. <br />c.              You work with other professionals on instructional policy, curriculum development and staff development. <br />d.             You can evaluate student progress and the allocation of resources in order to meet state and local objectives. <br />e.              You know how to work collaboratively with parent/guardians to engage them productively in the work of the school.<br />
  25. 25.     It is very important that as educators we are contentiously learning and improving ourselves and others. Instructors need to set and be positive examples that demonstrate contentious improvements.EDUC 518 Educational Practice and Innovationsweek two assignment.docx Setting the proper example for students, parents/guardians, and other professionals can help increase productivity in all areas of the educational environment.    Collaborating with others can help instructional policy, curriculum development, and improve overall student learning. It is essential that instructors collaborate and progress so that all standards are met and exceeded. For students to be successful in and out of the classroom professionals need to set and evaluate using high standards that are innovative and appealing. Motivating students Analsys of issues and trendsAssignment for week 1.docx can encourage learning and success in and out of the classroom.    Students learn best when they are excited about learning..EDUC 512 Action Research MethodologyProject D.docx  Incorporating all five senses can engage students, parents and other professionals. Opening our minds to many different strategies and communicating with others can open the minds of all. EDUC 518 Educational Practice and InnovationsWeek 3 assignment.docx It is important that instructors communicate effectively and efficiently for appropriate perceptive for all individuals involved.    As instructors it is our duty to engage, encourage and improve ourselves and all individuals around us. An educator’s obligation to themselves and other never ends. It is our responsibility to help all individualsEDUC 518 Educational Practice and Innovations100 point final.docx in any environment. It is an educator’s conscientiousness to help each and every individual understand and gain the knowledge they need.<br />
  26. 26. Planning and communicating can help an individual’s performance.EDUC 518 Educational Practice and InnovationsFinal Project.docx  Implementing and evaluatingEDUC 549 Race, Class and Power in SchoolsWeek 12 assignment.docx using the proper methods can be the difference between success or failure.    It is our responsibility as instructors to lead by example. As instructors we need to actively be involved. Our achievement and the accomplishment of our students rely profoundly on our perseverance and abilities. Guide by example and people will model, representing success in and out of the classroom.    The choices you make today; create your future, and tell others who you are and what you stand for. So choose wisely; and treat others with respect and dignity, for you never know when, where, or if you will see them again. Through life we all grow; the knowledge you receive, helps you to perceive. The knowledge you offer; helps individuals determine, what they recognize. To gain we must receive; to grow we must recognize. Knowledge is a gift if you can distinguish its character and recognize the beam; you can perceive and receive the individuals’/individual’s dreams. <br />
  27. 27. Who I am today will change tomorrow.As I learn;I grow and develop what I know.With an expansion of the mind;Intelligence enters over time.Then knowledge becomes wisdom.With intellectual insight;A rational academic thinker emerges from my brainCausing me to mature;As I mature I transform,Therefore who I am today,Will change me tomorrow. By: Lesia R. K. Alford<br />
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