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18 April 2016
To Whomit May Concern
I am writing on behalfofLeseli Makhudu,who has ask...
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Reference for Leseli


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Reference for Leseli

  1. 1. 18 April 2016 REFERENCE LETTER FOR LESELI MAKHUDU To Whomit May Concern I am writing on behalfofLeseli Makhudu,who has asked me to providehim with a personal reference in lieu ofvarious applications. My contact with Leseli was thefollowing over four years:  I knew Leseli as a student at Curro Aurora Private School from2010-2013.  I taught Leseli English in 2011 and in 2012  I was Leseli’s Grade Headfrom 2011-2013 The abovecontact was all in a schoolcontext, but from my experiences of and with Leseli, I have observed thefollowing: Leseli is a practical,level-headed young man, whose loyaltyhasnever wavered in terms of his schooland his personal beliefs. I am confident to say that Leseli is a trustworthy, honest individual with a strong set of values and morals. With regards to integrity,Leseli is very perceptive, sensitive and in tune with thepeoplearound him; he has a strong moral compass and is always well aware ofthe difference between what is right and what is wrong. In terms of time management, Leseli was always punctual and managed to keep up with the demands of a stressful Grade12 year; culminating in a commendable set of results at the end of Grade 12. He met all of hisdeadlines and managed to develop sound, strong relationshipswith his teachers at Curro Aurora Private School.Additionally,hehadexceptional relationshipswith his peers and was highlyrespected byall thestudents at theschool. Leseli also reflected the remarkable qualityof tolerance, always treating everyone equallyand with respect. Leseli’s enthusiasm for life and peoplewas palpable;hetruly has a remarkablyinfectious personality. Leseli was an obviouschoicewhen it came to positionsof leadership so it was no surprise when he was elected as a councillor in his Grade 12 year; his portfolio being HeadofCulture. His abilityto support and offer assistance wherever/whenever necessary was always evident and his lovefor everything cultural was significant, especiallydance. Leseli’s enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude helped himto participatein numerous schoolactivities involving dance and publicspeaking. A natural talent and gift being music and dance, clearly depicted inhis participationintheschool’s Minor Production in 2013. I thoroughlyenjoyed theyears that Igot to spend with Leseli within theclassroom and school environment. Heis one of thosestudents who will always remain very clear in my mind as his vibrant, caring nature impacted positivelyonso many people. My recommendation is that youconsider Leseli for the positionhewishes to fulfil in your company/institutionas he will be a valuable asset. Thank youfor your consideration. Kind regards ANN KRUGER- FET Phase Head- Curro Aurora Private School-082 578 4671