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05 Pumped Storage Brochure Urs


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Services overview for URS Pumped Storage services
Format: 4-page bifold booklet, laser printed
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05 Pumped Storage Brochure Urs

  1. 1. Pumped Storage
  2. 2. Hydropower & Pumped Storage Development To support today’s rapidly evolving energy markets, URS offers special expertise in program management, project development, planning,environmentalservices,engineering,design,procurement, construction management, and construction for dams, reservoirs, conveyance systems and hydropower facilities, including pumped storage. We also specialize in the siting, planning, permitting, design, procurement, construction, modification and maintenance of power-generating facilities and the systems that transmit and distribute electricity. Top Photo: The Ludington Pumped Storage Project was recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineering with its Award for Outstanding Civil Engineering Project of 1973, the first such project to receive this prestigious award. Bottom Photo: The completed Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Project serves a group of 39 rural electric cooperatives, providing electricity to 71 percent of Georgia’s land area. It received the 1995 First Place Award, “Special” category, from the Georgia Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. Cover photo: One of the largest earthfill dam projects in the U.S., the Diamond Valley Lake project doubled the surface water storage available in Southern California and reduced the threat of water shortages in drought periods. URS Corporation’s heritage of water resources, power, and electric transmission design and construction experience spans more than a century of projects around the globe. From its earliest pioneering days over 100 years ago, the company has been at the forefront of hydroelectric developments. We have completed more than 150 hydroelectric projects with a cumulative installed capacity of 50,000 megawatts in 21 countries. Our experience includes conventional hydroelectric and pumped storage technologies, run-of-river and storage reservoirs (low to high head), small and world-class large, remote sites and those near city centers, and the unconventional (e.g., a prefabricated powerhouse floated to its final location). Our services encompass a full range of markets, including: Hydropower• Pumped storage• Water supply and storage• Flood control• Irrigation and drainage• Hydraulic structures• Environmental compliance• Safety analysis• We offer a full spectrum of services, from preliminary site selection and feasibility studies, to licensing, design, engineering procurement, and construction or construction management. We also provide financial advisory services, program management, cost estimating and economic analysis, start-up and testing, and operator training. Our specialized water resources services include: Design and construction of dams• Conveyance and pumping systems• Hydroelectric power plants• Water/wastewater treatment plants• Piers and docks• Dam safety inspection and analysis• Facility risk assessments• Maintenance, rehabilitation, and• upgrade of existing facilities Fish protection facility engineering• FERC licensing and relicensing• Hydrologic studies• Hydraulic studies and modeling• Geological investigations• Geotechnical engineering• Electric control systems engineering• Fire protection• Generation equipment selection• Environmental restoration•
  3. 3. Safety Commitment URS is committed to making safety our first priority in every task we undertake. Our projects have met significant safety milestones, including a project that twice achieved 7 million hours, and then 10 million hours without a lost time injury. Our proven safety performance has resulted in lost time incident and total recordable injury rates well below industry standard. The company has one of the safest workforces in the world. Our lost time incident rate has remained eight times better than industry average for more than a decade. Our clients benefit from this outstanding performance: workers compensation costs are lower, and project continuity is maintained through the reliability of our safe, motivated, and talented workforce. PUMPED STORAGE CAPABILITIES URS has furnished engineering services in the study, design, and construction of pumped storage hydroelectric projects in the United States and throughout the world. Since 1915, when the pumped storage concept was first utilized, URS has been a leader in this field. We have provided services for all stages of pumped storage development, including preliminary reconnaissance, project and system planning, technical and economic feasibility evaluations, operation analysis, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensing, environmental assessment and mitigation, preparation of conceptual and detailed designs, preparation of equipment and materials specification, purchasing and inspection, construction management and construction, and startup and testing. Pumped storage projects have been a key focus of URS for numerous clients since the 1950’s, and the total generating capability of our project experience is approximately 21,000 MW. URS has a strong history of diverse contributions to pumped storage projects. For example, on the Rocky Point pumped storage project, URS was a member of the developer team as well as the constructor. In the case of the Gregory County pumped storage project, URS served in a traditional consulting engineer role with responsibilities in conceptual design, economics, estimating, resource agency consultation, and power marketing. For the Mt. Hope and Summit pumped storage projects, we worked under contract to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in a review and evaluation role. Additionally, URS has participated in the design and construction of major water supply and multipurpose facilities involving large dams and reservoirs for Federal agencies, large municipalities, and for municipal water, irrigation, and flood control districts. To support today’s rapidly evolving markets, URS offers special expertise in program management; project development; planning; dam, reservoir, conveyance system, and hydropower facility design; procurement; construction management; self-performed construction including design-build services; and dam safety analysis, resource utilization studies, rehabilitation and upgrade of existing facilities, and fish facility engineering. Select Projects Arkansas River Mountain Pumped Storage Project California Diamond Valley Lake Project Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Project State Water Project Future Operations Review and Control System Requirements Colorado Phantom Canyon Project Reconnaissance and Feasibility Studies Georgia Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Project Michigan Ludington Pumped Storage Project New Jersey Yards Creek Pumped Storage Project South Dakota Gregory County Pumped Storage Project Virginia Smith Mountain Project Washington Columbia River Mainstem Appraisal Evaluation of Off-Channel Storage Alternatives Yakima River Storage Enhancement Initiative / Black Rock Reservoir Study West Virginia Davis Pumped Storage Project URS achieved the first ever alliance between an engineering and construction company and OSHA. URS received the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs Award in August 2008 for our work at the Olmsted Lock and Dam project.
  4. 4. Nothing in this document shall be construed as constituting a partnership, general agency, employer / employee, representative, or any other relationship between URS Corporation and the recipient. URS is a sustaining charter member of USSD. Our professionals actively participate in and chair technical committees of USSD and other national water resources and engineering professional societies. For innovative solutions to your most challenging projects, call on our expertise: 425.451.4500 or 303.843.2693 Yards Creek Pumped Storage Project, New Jersey About URS URS Corporation (NYSE: URS) is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies around the world. The Company offers a full range of program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure services. URS provides services for power, infrastructure, industrial and commercial, and federal projects and programs. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Company has more than 45,000 employees in a network of offices in more than 30 countries. URS is consistently ranked by Engineering News Record (ENR) among the nation’s top firms. Engineering News Record Current Rankings Water #5 Dams & Reservoirs #2 Power #2 Green Design #2 Top 500 Design Firms #3