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How to supply your Clients with Html5 and App Digital Editions created from the Print PDF overview


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How to supply your Clients with HTML5 and App Digital Editions created from the Print PDF quickly, simply and
very cost-effectively.

An overview for Print and Graphic Design Companies and Brokers.

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How to supply your Clients with Html5 and App Digital Editions created from the Print PDF overview

  1. 1. How to Provide Digital Online Web and Tablet Editions to your Print Clients Quickly, Simply and Profitably
  2. 2. Les Csonge Cambridge, Massachusetts Digital Publishing Expert Co-Founder 12 Years Digital Publishing + 15 Years Print
  3. 3. Why ? Clients are looking to publish Digital and Tablet versions of their Print Editions they have to get them from somewhere - So why not from you ? Service is complimentary to Print and adds value, helps to retain existing clients and win new ones. Can generate additional revenue alongside Print and enables you to provide Cross-Media services Your clients already trust you to provide their Print and you already have the PDF – so why not ?
  4. 4. Who is YUDU ? Est 2002 Located in Boston, New York, London 13 Year Proven Track Record Partners in USA, EU, UK South Africa, Australia + SAAS Software as a Service Cloud Based and Supported 10 Million Pages per month 1000+ iOS and Android Apps already live
  5. 5. Some of the Print Companies and clients we already empower
  6. 6. Easy as 1, 2, 3 UPLOAD - ENHANCE - PUBLISH
  7. 7. Experienced Help and Support Instant Live Chat Telephone Email Videos Training Webinars for Sales Team and Production. Boston + New York + London + UK Support Offices
  8. 8. Provide your clients with - Free no cost or obligation Preview Editions created from Print PDF (unlimited no charge). Award winning enhanced Web Digital Editions HTML5 Cross-Platform viewing (no APP needed) Clients retain 100% of revenue iOS,Android,Windows Apps Newstand and Play Store Multi-Media Enhancements Analytics and Statistics
  9. 9. Any Questions? Tel: 617-444-8720 Mobile: 917-794-6900