Business Blogger's Manifesto


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21 actions to boldly blog where no one's blogged before!

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Business Blogger's Manifesto

  1. 1. 21 actions to boldly blogwhere no one’s blogged before!2013 ©Valérie Leroyer & Faith Attaguile
  2. 2. Your blog inspiresawe by showingexpertise andleadership inyour industry.
  3. 3. To write a blog that matters,you must remain trueto your business goals and ideals --and prove you care.
  4. 4. Blog from your heart.No fake. No copy.
  5. 5. Be sincere.Do not pretend.
  6. 6. You practice the businessblogger’s secret:engage … engage … engage
  7. 7. Engage and build youraudience, one reader ata time.
  8. 8. You believe in the saying,“No pain, no gain.”Because blogging … isn’t … easy! It takes timeand skills to find the right topic, then research… and finally write posts.
  9. 9. You care about the problems, desires, hopesand needs of your audience.You research and identify them.Then you writeabout them.
  10. 10. Your business blog builds a thrivingcommunity with shared interests.
  11. 11. You respectother bloggers.You respect yourcompetition.
  12. 12. You make it easy for yourreaders to connect with youand share your posts.
  13. 13. Build a strong presence on social media.Be mobile-friendly!
  14. 14. You search for and surround yourselfwith people who have great ideas.That’s how you write epic content!
  15. 15. You do not write fluff!
  16. 16. You increase your business blog trafficin an ethical manner.
  17. 17. You follow great bloggers you admire.You study every word they write.That’s how business blogs reach greatness!
  18. 18. You write and write … and write.This is why you’re a successful blogger!
  19. 19. The voice you use in your blog posts showsyour company’s heart to the world.
  20. 20. You don’t blog for the sake of blogging.You create. Imagine. Engage!
  21. 21. Blogging requires patience … assuccess doesn’t happen overnight.
  22. 22. Be respectful.Keep focused.Interact … andshare.
  23. 23. Photographs from Australia, North Americaand Hawaï, kindly provided by:Jacqueline Bonneau.Merci!
  24. 24. We wrote this Manifesto for you toshare with everyone.But please,don’t sell it orchange it!
  25. 25. About the authorsValérie Leroyer is a freelance blogger for the Great Outdoorsand Kayaking industries. She’s been trained in business blogging byCorbett Barr (Think Traffic), Michael Stelzner, founder of SocialMedia Examiner, and Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing.Follow her on Twitter,Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  26. 26. Faith Attaguile spends most of her time copywriting, blogging and providingempowerment marketing servicesfor eco-businesses working for agreener world.On some days, you may also findher over at with her on Twitter,Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  27. 27. What people are saying about the authors"Valérie has been writing for Exvana “Im always impressed by Faiths copy.for some months now, covering a She knows how to tap into the wants,variety of outdoor topics. Working needs, desires and problems that awith Val has been pleasure, as we are prospect is experiencing, then positionalways confident we will receive a well the product as the solution in a natural,written in-depth article ahead of easy-flowing manner.“ —Jay Whiteschedule. She provides us with all of AutoresponderApprenticethe titling, tags, content and picturesnecessary to post with no editingneeded." – Brian Wolf, Exvana Faith: “Youre now part of a very eliteCommunity Manager group of SEO copywriters who have spent the time to gain Certification and showcase their expertise. And now,"I really appreciate the way that youll be able to confidently go forth and create top-positioning content thatValérie takes the time to dig deep into converts like crazy for your clients….”her topic, develops a thorough —Heather Lloyd-Martin Owner,understanding of it all, and translates SuccessWorks Founder , SEOit into clear, direct and efficient Certification Programmessage for the right audience. Shes acapable writer and focused blogger whomeets deadlines and is easy to workwith." -Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing