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Consumer Choice Marketing Utility Flyer


Published on At Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM), we offer products and services that people use every single day habitually. Natural gas, electricity, home phone, TV, Internet, wireless, home alarm, VoIP, GoMobileCard, Expense Tracker, SMS Marketing, US Advantage Card, and many other services, all available through your Online Utility Store. So, there’s no convincing and no selling – just choice in products and services they already purchase month after month, and the potential to create a lifetime residual income for you!
Founded in 2008, CCM is 100% debt-free, solid, experienced, and committed to YOUR financial freedom. We’re an innovative company offering households the freedom to choose their energy carriers, options in telecommunications products and services and, at the same time, providing savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime. Over 300 million people in the U.S. use energy and utilities every single day. They're not about to stop.

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Consumer Choice Marketing Utility Flyer

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