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Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) Business Opportunity Card Presentation


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Consumer Choice Marketing's (CCM's) offer the best, most lucrative business opportunity in America today. The Energy Deregulation business segment is "exploding" and CCM is at the forefront of that incredible growth. The six-year old, debt free company is poised to not just lead, but to dominate the energy deregulation market, as it expands its operation across the country. If one is looking for a direct marketing opportunity in which to build a solid business in the energy market, CCM is the only viable choice. Contact mike Evans today for more information.

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Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) Business Opportunity Card Presentation

  1. 1. Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) offers the best, most lucrative opportunity in the Energy Deregulation market space. While other Energy Deregulation companies only concern themselves with the residential market (13%), CCM is also big in the commercial energy market (87%). Consumer Choice Marketing: • Operates in 100% of the energy market • Residential (13%) • Commercial (87%) • Operates in all 50 states and DC • Provides a broker with the option of building a team or working alone and still make a full-time residual income • Anyone who wants to build a business (with a team or alone) can join for only $99.00 • The Customer Assistance Program CAP) Team does all the work on commercial accounts, not the broker. • The Online Utility Store (OUS) does the work on the residential side.