Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) Non-Profit Application Process


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Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) Non-Profit Application Process

  1. 1. p1 NPC-20131003 For More Information Visit or Phone Mike Evans at (720) 670-6982 The CCM Ultimate Fundraiser Regardless of the organization, all non-profits share one critical challenge…the constant need for new funding. Consumer Choice Marketing, the leader in creating savings for everyday essential services, has created an innovative solution to the never-ending necessity. Our new ultimate fundraiser can provide a fresh and consistent stream of funding for virtually any non-profit corporation. A Perpetual Funding Solution We live in a world where almost everything gets more expensive each year, month, week or even each day. This includes essential services such as energy, cellular phones, wireless Internet access, satellite television, plus many other recurring monthly expenses. Two things can happen by using this perpetual funding solution: 1) you can help reduce these recurring expenses for the non-profit organization, and 2) the non-profit can reap the commissions of others who desire to reduce their monthly recurring expenses of essential home services. The Program Consumer Choice Marketing wishes to help each non-profit in as many ways as possible. The following scenarios offer ways to take advantage of the ultimate fundraiser: 1. Offer non-profits the opportunity to save on their utility bills.”non-profit name” 2. Offer non-profits a way to earn true residual income every month.”non-profit name” -The non-profit can become an energy broker with CCM and earn Commissions. -The $329.99 business entry fee is waived for non-profit corporations. -The non-profit will be charged the $39.95 monthly licensing fee for the Online Utility Store As a broker with CCM, the non-profit can offer people and businesses the opportunity to save on services they already use at home and at their places of business. These services include, but are not limited to: gas, electricity, phone, VOIP and satellite/cable TV. CCM and its supplier partners can offer lower prices because of the reduced advertising costs to the supplier with CCM’s network marketing program of direct sales. Who wouldn’t like to save on monthly bills while at the same time helping an organization they already support? The compensation and support plans are the best in the industry and can work for a Non-profit corporation. It is true residual income each month that doesn’t require staffing or a fund-raising drive, and it can help fill the budget gaps. Examine us and then join us. CCM and its brokers do not give legal or tax accounting advice. Non-profits should consult their legal and tax experts. For More Information Visit or Phone Mike Evans at (720) 670-6982
  2. 2. p2 NPC-20131003 For More Information Visit or Phone Mike Evans at (720) 670-6982 How to apply as a non-profit corporation with CCM 1. Email non-profit documentation to or Fax to 419-794-7742. 2. Once required non-profit paperwork is received and verified by CCM Support, you will receive a Coupon Code that will allow you to sign up online at the website. 3. Once in possession of the Coupon Code, log in through the prospective sponsor’s CCM website. 4. Click the “Join Now” button. 5. Confirm “Referring Sponsor” and click continue. 6. Enter the coupon code into the Coupon Code fields along with other information and only be charged $39.95 for enrollment. The Details  As a non-profit organization you have the potential to earn monthly residuals and earn weekly income on sponsored organizations.  At the initial enrollment of a non-profit, coded fast start bonuses are not generated or a customer acquisition bonus cannot be obtained by the non-profit.  The non-profit organization can qualify for the CAB – 10. If the organization acquires 10 accepted customers in the first 30 days, the organization will receive $100.00.  If the non-profit sponsors a new Broker that enrolls by purchasing either the CCM Power Pack or an OUS, the non-profit is entitled to the coded fast start bonus generated by the new Broker.  Once the non-profit becomes customer qualified with 3 customer points, they are entitled to the full benefits of the CCM Compensation Plan.  At any time a non-profit can cancel their affiliation with CCM by simply emailing or contacting Broker Support. For More Information Visit or Phone Mike Evans at (720) 670-6982