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KoB is one of market research and consultant company in Vietnam. Kob has valuable information on investment policy and economic development. Members of the company are experts in the field of consulting, market research, event, multi-media, lawyers, etc.

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KoB’s Credential

  2. 2. Head Office:6B2th Floor, International Plaza Building343 Pham Ngu Lao St., Dist. 1, HCMCTel: (84.8) 62 917 493Fax: (84.8) 62 917 545Web: www.kitbrand.com.vnHanoi Office:154 Phuong Liet St. , Unit 505,Thanh Xuan Dist., HanoiTel: (84.4) 3 868 56 18Can Tho Office:127/8F /25 Mau Than St., An Hoa Ward,Ninh Kieu Dist., Can ThoTel: (0710) 6 55 64 87Da Nang Office:569/6 Hoang Dieu Str., Hai Chau Dist., Da NangTel: (0511) 3 631 778
  3. 3. WHO IS KOB?With increasingly diverse and challenging requirements in Vietnam, Kob capturesaccurate information to give advice and strategic direction which is critical to bothVietnamese and foreign enterprises.Kob has valuable information on investment policy and economic development.Members of the company are experts in the field of consulting, market research, event,multi-media, lawyers, etc.Goal of Kob is to become a reliable partner for domestic and foreign enterprises.
  4. 4. Kob’s area of investigation (1)Provides reliable data for enterprises to have enoughinformation and right directions to be differentiated withcompetitors. This information is different but relevant toeconomic conditions such as culture - social, as well aspolicies of Vietnam.Market segmentation: to understand different levels ofdemand and to suggest the best solutions for investors.Evaluation and product launching: identify strengths andweaknesses to advise strategic directions. Kob helps yourbusiness develop new market or maximize profit forbusiness.Consults promotion campaigns before and after thecampaign to ensure good performance and satisfyconsumer needs.
  5. 5. Kob’s area of investigation (1)Tracks effectiveness of marketing campaigns, media, andadvertising.Organizes media plans, press release and press conferences.Evaluates level of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty oridentifies un-met needs to have effective strategies whichhelp enterprises to maintain current users and gain morenew ones.Manages brand image and corporate.Evaluates logic and pro of a brand by measuring value ofthat brand and identifying weaknesses in market. Thanks tothis action, your business can improve your value in themarketExplores public ideas to help government/ organizationsknow feedback of people and develop appropriate strategiesin right time.
  6. 6. OUR EXPERTISE INCLUDES …Especially Kob focuses on new categories, as well as givesuggestion for developing new markets in different provinces. In fact, we are focusing on different fields as follows:
  7. 7. DataInformationContentAction1. High quality data forenterprises: Kob provideshigh quality data to help ourclients make decisionssuccessfully which isdifferentiated to competitorsbut still in line with economicconditions – culture, social, aswell as policies of Vietnamgovernment.
  8. 8. 2. Media/ Press: Kob can linkinformation from differentsources including press,television, updated policies fromgovernment, etc. to giveorientation and suggest strategicdirection to enterprises.
  9. 9. EVENTNewProductLaunchCustomerEventBreaking/OpeningEventTailoredEventSamplingBrandActivationRoadshow3. Event and Brand activation.4. Technical information: controldistribution, evaluateperformance of new products,impact of press/ media/advertising/ events, evaluatereasonability of a brand,customers’ satisfaction,customers’ loyalty to a brand.
  10. 10. 5. Market research: we can handlemany types of projects in bothqualitative and quantitative stagebecause we have good fieldworkteam who have experienced indiversified category such asFMCG, automotives, banking andfinance, real estate, hightechnology, health care, etc.
  11. 11. Market researchKOB have much experience in fieldwork for Qualitative Researchand Quantitative research:– Product Testing– Positioning Research– Segmentation Research– Consumer Usage & Attitude Research– Consumer Tracking Research– Consumer’s Life – style Research– Consumer Satisfaction Research– Concept/ Copy Pre – and Post –test– Outlet Census/ Retail Audit
  12. 12. OUR TEAMĐà nẳngLàoCampuchiaHà NộiHồ Chí MinhCần ThơKob has much experiences in Vietnam, as well asLaos and Cambodia. Hence, we are able toconduct different types of projects with largenumber of sample sizes.Our professional staff have been working forgovernment/ non-government organizations,finance, education, journalism, media, events,esp. market research such as TNS Vietnam,Nielsen Vietnam, FTA, etc.Kob has more than 150 employees in key citiesand provinces who are working in differentfields. They are good at communication andinterviewing.
  13. 13. OUR CLIENTS
  14. 14. Contact:HCM office:Floor 6B2, International Plaza343 Pham Ngu Lao street, District 1, HCMCTel: (84.8) 62 917 493Fax: (84.8) 62 917 545Website: www.kitbrand.com.vnContact:• Ms Luong The Anh: Managing Director• Tel: 0908 35 85 15E-mail: theanh.luong@kitbrand.com.vnHanoi Office:154 Phuong Liet, Unit 505,Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi CityTel: (84.4) 3 868 56 18Contact:Mr Le Hung Vuong: Branch ManagerTel: 0904 363 182E-mail: hungvuong.le@kitbrand.com.vn
  15. 15. PROJECT TEAM
  16. 16. Name: Luong The AnhManaging DirectorMobile phone: 0908.358.515Email: theanh.luong@kitbrand.com.vnHas graduated from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in HCMC, obtainedadditional degree in Regional Development from University of Life SciencesHas broad theoretical background in research and solid experiences of 12 years in marketresearch in Fieldwork of TNS Viet Nam with title Field ManagerSuccessfully manage and control FW for challenge projects which can be seen less feasibilityto conduct in actual. Have worked with professional clients as Diageo, VICEM, PMI, BAT,Unilever, THP Group, Nestle, UPI, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, …Especially : Nokia census with retail audit ( in 54 cities/ provinces) , Metro (Census project inQuang Ninh, Bình Dinh), Samsung retail audit in 63 provinces..Managed different types of projects including brand/ad tracking, concept /product testing,U&A, segmentation. Is experienced with TNS branded solutions (TRIM, NS, Conversion Model )
  17. 17. Name: Luu Van DuongFieldwork DirectorMobile phone: 0909094606Email: duong.luu@kitbrand.com.vnHaving more than 11 years in the field of data collection in TNS Viet Nam.He started his career in 2001 at the position of Quality Controller at TNS Viet Nam,being promoted to the positions of Fieldwork Supervisor, Fieldwork Leader afterwards. In2008, Duong was promoted to be Field Manager in charge Da Nang.Has solid experiences of 2 years in market research in Fieldwork of KOB Viet Nam withtitle Field DirectorHe had performed very good in both qualitative and quantitative projects throughmany type of projects from various clients.Managed different types of projects including brand/ad tracking, concept /producttesting, U&A, He also conducted successful all the projects that run in Central as CWDproject of UNICEF, KOTO project of Beeline, BECK project of Metro, FAO, Toyota, Honda..He always lead and support field team to pass difficulties status and solving problem infieldwork to complete projects that meet deadline and high quality
  18. 18. Huynh Chau Dac ThinhProject Manager+8490 8 820 848Thinh.Huynh@kitbrand.com.vnHaving more than 10 years in the field qualitative in TNS Viet NamManaged different types of projects sampling test, product testing, U&A and activationprogram ..He also handle almost project with the high/difficult target as DOCTOR, LUXURY CARUSER, PRIORITY BANK USER, SOCIAL ..Handle recruitment team to make sure process and all projects run smoothly.•