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e-Books? All you know is Wrong


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To sell ebooks, you must get out from the cage that has built the paper-publishing industry. We at eBrooks are discovering a new value-creation process. Stay tuned!
(This presentation has been discussed first at Scuola Internazionale dei Comics [] on April 5, 2013, in Rome

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e-Books? All you know is Wrong

  1. 1. eBooks? All U know is Wrong Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  2. 2. The digital world is meant to large (200M+) and largest (1B+) audiences Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  3. 3. Introduction Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  4. 4. People tend to adapt old models instead of developing new ones Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  5. 5. -exploit Vs. replicable success stories; -highlander-like monopolies. Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  6. 6. The case for Italy; the subcase for books; the advent of the digital paradigm. Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  7. 7. The digital paradigm: atoms and bits; cheap intermediation; social communication. Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  8. 8. Old book value chain (novel, essay, manual...) text, publisher, distributor, shop, reader Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  9. 9. Old book value chain Publisher= scouting, quality ctl, cover+, legals, promotion, $$ Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  10. 10. Old book value chain The publisher starts making $ 6-12 months after the investments Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  11. 11. Old book value chain the author starts making $ 18+ months after the publishing Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  12. 12. Old book value chain the author has NO control over the value chain Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  13. 13. Old book value chain (novel, essay, manual...) reader = > buyer (it’s irrelevant if she does not read it) NO reader-author feedback strictly needed
  14. 14. New book value chain (book, chapter, post, tweet, likes...) Author cheap intermediation Reader Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  15. 15. The book value chain thru Social comms: -the author communicates BEFORE writing the full book; -the audience READS and REACTS, increasing un/direct engagement; The reader-author feedback is essential even before writing the book
  16. 16. What is eBrooks? Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  17. 17. eBrooks is a new way to leverage any kind of content in the digital world Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  18. 18. eBrooks operates on two main processes: 1) the extended eBrook value chain; 2) unlocking the Great Web Swindle Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  19. 19. eBrook’s Extended value chain Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  20. 20. Book costs: scouting (pub), authoring (aut), editing (pub), cover/video (pub), printing (pub), promotion (pub) distribution (dis)... Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  21. 21. eBrook incomes: scouting, authoring, editing, cover, video, promotion, sales (NOT asking the author for money!) Printing and distributing are now low-cost, low risk, sales-related services
  22. 22. Case #1: video -normal booktrailer -social reputation -BrookTrailer Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  23. 23. Booktrailer = cost -The publisher asks a videomaker; -the vm sells the video and its rights; -the publisher adds the video to the book promotions; -the vm participates in contests. The process is confused; the social context is underevaluated and makes no money
  24. 24. Brooktrailer=revenue -The pub crowdfunds a contest; -The vm gives video + his social links; -BOTH vm + pub make money; -the vm retains the rights while the pub gets limited use permission. The social context is at the center and makes money
  25. 25. Other Case Stories -covers -translations -editing -...I won't tell you for free B-) Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  26. 26. Stopping the Great Web Swindle Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  27. 27. The Web Economy spells democracy ... while it's 1) oligo- to mono-poly 2) for large audiences only Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  28. 28. The Web Economy 1) simplifies or eliminates intermediation 2) exasperates competition (*) 3) proposes false miths 4) stars exploiters, not repeatables Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  29. 29. The Web Economy tells you that many can succeed everywhere they are but it's not true Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  30. 30. In the Web Economy very few ones succeed living in a world crowded with 1B-, highly connected, people Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  31. 31. The Web Economy Proposes false myths - the long tail - the freemium model I don't agree with most analysts on these two points. They are not viable to me
  32. 32. The Web Economy is only intended for: - 1B people *mature* markets (english, mandarin, arab); - 200M+ people *emerging* markets (russian, portuguese, indonesian, swahili; french, spanish, japanese) Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  33. 33. On-Web competition drives to: 1) global competition, oligopoly to monopoly 2) local competition your own, direct social presence Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  34. 34. Global competition needs money, competences, time You as an author have no success chances Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  35. 35. Local competition needs friends, likes, tweets You as an author have (limited but) real succes chances Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  36. 36. eBrooks operates with the Local Competition Model mostly on the italian market Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  37. 37. A Mature market has: - 1B people audience (i.e. 14x Italian audience); - a high number of fully structured social interactions; Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  38. 38. An Emerging market - 200M+ people audience (i.e. 3x Italian audience); - a good number of half-structured social interactions; Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  39. 39. eBrooks A Summary Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  40. 40. eBrooks's model is 6x: The emerging market We need social interaction # as if: 1) the Italians were 200M+ (3x); 2) our social messeges were many AND half-structured (let's say 2x). Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  41. 41. eBrooks is a way to leverage content sales in an Emerging Market through a Local Competition Biz Model Leo Sorge, owner (2013)
  42. 42. Leo Sorge Linkedin Slideshare Youtube Blog Website Twitter @leosorge ... plus No, we’re NOT on Facebook!