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  1. 1. QUIZHISTORY 1) Which of the following is the main right for all living beings? a.right of privacy b. right to live c.education right d. freedom of opinon 2) Which civilisation used the money for the first time? a. a.Lydians b. b.Urartus c. c.Hittites d. d.Egyptians 3) Which country is located in the route of “Silk Road”? a. a.Spain b.Egypt c.Turkey d.England 4) Which one is not one of the Greek philosophers? a. a.Aristotle b.Plato c.Socrates d.Mevlana(Rumi) 5) When was the right to vote given to the Turkish women? a.in 1934 b. in 1978 c. in 2001 d. in 1960SCIENCE 1. Which one is the physical change? a.burning of wood b.fading to black silver c.melting of wax d.mildewing of bread 2. Which of the following transmits the electricity? a.a copper knife b.a glass c. a plastic comp d.a woolen cloth 3. Whichone lays? a.dolphin b. penguin c.horse d.bat 4. What is the force unit ? a. m/h b.km/h c.newton d.kilogram 5. Which one is one of the metamorphic creature? a.silkworm b.snake c.lion d.starfish 6. What is the name of force that attracts all objects in the universe towards one another? a.gravitation b.weight c.explosive force d.drawing forceMATHS 1) Which one is not a set? a.the months beginning with letter “M” b. the numbers between 5 to 15 c. some of the English words d.girls in our classroom
  2. 2. 2) 10-3+6:2- (65: 13 + 12:6-4) what is the result? a.10 b.25 c.7 d.1 3) My mother bought 4 kilograms of apples, 3 kilograms of oranges and 2 kilograms of pears. A kilo of apple is £2. A kilo of oranges is £1.50 . My mother paid £20 and the shopkeeper gave her £4 as a change. How much is a kilo of pears? a. £1.75 b.£2 c.£ 1.50 d.£ 1.35 4) In a bus 24 people know English. 15 people know Spanish. 5 people know both English and Spanish. In this bus there aren’t any people know another language. How many people are there in this bus? a. 40 b. 43 c. 30 d. 34 5) Ayşe has got 2 red skirts, 3 blue skirts, and 4 brown skirts.Ayşe wants to wear one of them. How many alternatives has she got? a.9 b.24 c.3 d.10ENGLISH1- I …………pictures in art lessons. 4.What is Tom’s opinion? a) I can’t stand eating meata) draw always b) always draw b) I’m crazy about eating meat. c) I love meat. d) I enjoy eating meatc) always draws d) drawing always2-John eats fish …………………. 5. ANDY: …………………………………….? a) once a week. b) always TOM: I would like to eat chicken c) never d) tomorrow a) What would you like to drink?3- I would you like to drink………… b) Do you like eating chicken?a) a basket of waterb) a cup of waterc) a bottle of water c) What would you like to eat?d) a glass of water d) How many chicken are there? Send the answers to Furkan Nazlı