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Presentación lorca


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Antología de Lorca en inglés para Traditional and tayry tales, de etwinning projets.

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Presentación lorca

  1. 1. • Federico García Lorca A Spanish Poet and Dramatist The eldest of four children, Federico was born in 1898 in the village of Fuente Vaqueros, near Granada. His parents were called Federico and Vicenta and they were wealthy landowners.• As a youth, it became obvious that he was a talented writer and pianist. His first published work was a collection of prose pieces called Impresiones y Paisajes (Impressions and Landscapes) in 1918 when he was just twenty years old.• Soon, Federico became well-known for his wonderful work, partly because he liked to recite (read out) his poems and writings to groups of listeners in cafés and houses.• In 1919 he went to study Law in Madrid where he became the friend of film director Luis Buñuel and painter Salvador Dalí.• In 1928, his first famous collection of poems was published. This work is called Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Ballads) and it is a collection of eighteen poems. Click HERE to read a piece from the collection.• Federico loved the theatre and he became director of a university theatre company of Madrid called La Barraca. They toured towns, taking drama to smaller towns where theatres did not exist.• His first great play was Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) in 1933. Over the next two years, he completed his other two most popular plays - Yerma and La Casa de Bernarda Alba.• In July 1936, Federico returned on holiday to his home area of Granada. A month later, for political reasons, he was arrested and executed without a trial. Nobody is sure where he is buried. It was at the time of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and Federico, as an intellect and an artistic person, was considered an unsuitable influence on the Spanish people. In fact, his plays and poems were banned until 1975 when the Spanish leader General Francisco Franco died. Above: Portrait of General Franco. He was also known as El Caudillo. General Francisco Franco became the leader of Spain (el caudillo) at the time of the Spanish Civil War. He remained leader until he died in 1975. After Francos death, the Spanish Royal Family returned. Today, Spains monarchy still exists, with the same King since Francos death in 1975 - Juan Carlos I.• In 1986, the Spanish Government decided to erect a statue of Federico García Lorca in Madrid - to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his death and to recognise his brilliance as a Spanish writer and poet. Below is a photo of the statue.•
  2. 2. Córdova.Far , and lonely.Black pony full moonAnd olives in my pocketAlthough I know the roadsI`ll never reach CordovaFor the plain, for the windBlack pony, red moonAnd death is watching for meBeside Cordoba `s towersAy! The long, long highwayAy! My valiant ponyAy, that death is waitingBefore I reach CordovaCordova, far and lonely
  3. 3. The Little Ballad of the ThreeRiversThe Guadalquivir’s riverruns past oranges and olives.The two rivers of Granada,fall, to wheatfields, out of snow.Ay, Love, that goes,and never returns!The Guadalquivir’s riverhas a beard of clear garnet.The two rivers of Granadaone of sorrow, one of blood.Ay, Love,vanished down the wind!
  4. 4. The lady with the fanThe lady of the fangoes over the bridge,over the cool river.The gentlemenin their waistcoatslook at the little bridgewithout railings.The lady of the fan,with skirts a-flying,is seeking a husband.The gentlemenare already marriedto tall blond ladiesof the white language.Crickets are singingin the west.(The ladywalks through the greenery.)Crickets are singingunder the flowers.(The gentlemengo towards the north.)
  5. 5. The Lizard is Crying!Mr. Lizard is crying.Mrs. Lizard is crying.Mr. and Mrs. Lizardin little white aprons.Have gone and losttheir wedding ring.Ah, their little leaden wedding ring,ah, their little ring of lead!A large sky without peoplecarries the birds in its balloon.The sun, rotund captain,wears a satin waistcoat.Look how old they are!How old the lizards are!Oh, how they cry and cry,Oh! Oh! How they go on crying
  6. 6. SnailThey have brought mea snail.Inside it singsa map-green ocean.My heartswells with water,with small fish,silvery, shadowy.They have brought mea snail.
  7. 7. Silly SongMum,I wish I were silver.Son,youd be very cold.Mum,I wish I were water.Son,youd be very cold.Mum,Embroider me on your pillow.That I will!Right away!
  8. 8. Two moons of evening1.For Laurita, friend of my sisterThe Moon is dying, dying:but will be born again in the spring.When on the brow of the poplarsis curled the wind from the south.When our hearts have giventheir harvest of sighing.When the rooftops are wearingtheir little hats of weeds.The moon is dying, dying:but will be reborn in the spring.
  9. 9. ButterflyButterfly on the airHow beautiful you are.Butterfly on the airGilded and greenLight of the lamp.Butterfly on the airStay there, there, there!...You don´t want to stopTo stop you don´t want .Butterfly on the airGilden and greenLight of the lamp.Butterfly on the airStay there, there, there!...Stay there!Butterfly, are you there?
  10. 10. Poema Anda jaleo - deFederico Garcia LorcaYo me subí a un pino verdepor ver si la divisaba,y sólo divisé el polvodel coche que la llevaba.Anda jaleo, jaleo;ya se acabó el alborotoy ahora empieza el tiroteo.En la calle de los murosmataron a una paloma.Yo cortaré con mis manoslas flores de su corona.Anda jaleo, jaleo;ya se acabó el alborotoy ahora empieza el tiroteo.