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HTML5 Accessibility Support (CSUN 2013)


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Talk from CSUN 2013 with Steve Faulkner. Understanding the web accessibility stack, and the current state of HTML5 accessibility support in browsers and screen readers.

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HTML5 Accessibility Support (CSUN 2013)

  1. 1. HTML5 Accessibility Wheres it at?Leonie WatsonNomensaSteve Faulknerthe paciello group
  2. 2. You laugh now, wait till you join the HTML working group
  3. 3. all the excitement
  4. 4. all the work
  5. 5. HTML is BIG
  6. 6. web technology stacked
  7. 7. MathMLHTML5 makes using stuff easierSVG new semantic structures new UI controls ARIA audio video
  8. 8. new New UI controls = potential UI controls accessibility improvementsDate and Time inputLocal Date and Time inputE-mail inputMonth inputNumber inputRange inputdatalistdetailsmenumeterprogress
  9. 9. new New UI controls = potential UI controls accessibility improvements1. browsers need to implement the new controls2. browsers need to implement accessibility support for the new controlsand really the 2 should not be separate, but they are...
  10. 10. Accessibility APIs MSAA Iaccessible2 roles UI automation states AXpropertiesinteraction STK + input device support
  11. 11. Accessibility API Input device: press touch clickbrowser role=button state=focusedvalue=submit query form controls demo action=press
  12. 12. new UIcontrols browser implementation Accessibility support implementation is a further subset
  13. 13. ?When will browserswhen will browsers ?implement HTML5 UI features in a way thatimplement HTML5 UIexpose HTML5 featuresdevelopers will want to use them?features?via accessibility APIs or more to the point ?When will the CSS hooks be implemented toallow flexible, atomic styling of control andtheir sub elements? ? ?
  14. 14. audio video captioning
  15. 15. accessibility information
  16. 16. new structural elements in HTML5Using WAI -ARIA Landmark Roles | Screen reader support for HTML5 sections
  17. 17. matching features to semantics <figure> alt="The castle lies in ruins, the original tower all that remains in one piece."<figcaption>Film photograph. <span lang="fr">Séraphin Médéric Mieusement </span>, 1936.</figcaption> </figure> • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: the figure and figcaption elements • HTML5 Accessibility Chops: using nested figure elements
  18. 18. figure Accessibility API mappingHTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide
  19. 19. figcaption Accessibility API mappingHTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Accessibility testing tool aViewer
  23. 23. thank you