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Agile accessibility: Being digital by default (2013)


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Accessibility and the Gov.UK website, how accessibility works in an agile environment, and being digital (and accessible) by default.

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Agile accessibility: Being digital by default (2013)

  1. 1. Agile accessibility:Being digital by defaultLéonie Watson, Director of Accessibility Nomensa@LeonieWatson @we_are_Nomensa
  2. 2. Building accessibility into Gov.UK
  3. 3. Gov.UK alpha: Objectives To openly test a prototype of a UK Government website; To design and build it using open technologies and agile techniques; To shape it all with an obsession for meeting users needs.
  4. 4. Gov.UK alpha: Outcomes Within two months, 100,000 people visited the alpha; Nearly 1000 people left structured feedback, and 3000 more gave feedback via Twitter.
  5. 5. Gov.UK alpha : Accessibility Of the top ten problems reported, accessibility was fifth, and colour contrast was tenth.
  6. 6. Gov.UK beta: Goals To make the most easy to use, accessible Government website there has ever been; a box marked "accessible" isn’t enough. It has to be useful for everyone and usable by everyone.
  7. 7. Gov.UK beta: Design principles Accessible design is good design. We should build a product that’s as inclusive, legible and readable as possible. If we have to sacrifice elegance - so be it.
  8. 8. Gov.UK beta: Accessibility champions We created accessibility champions, and made inclusive design everyones responsibility.
  9. 9. Gov.UK beta: Accessibility Implemented accessibility settings, then discovered nobody was using them; Switched to a highly accessible font, and moved to a generous default text size; Simplified the language, and reduced the content to manageable chunks.
  10. 10. Transit typeface
  11. 11. Gov.UK live: Goals To add new features, test them quickly, and rapidly make changes based on feedback from users.
  12. 12. Gov.UK live: Accessibility policy BS8878 didnt fit the agile approach we wanted to take.
  13. 13. Gov.UK live: Accessibility statements No need to present an accessibility statement, because inclusive design is a core principle.
  14. 14. Making agileaccessibility work
  15. 15. Accessibility champions Bring people with accessibility knowledge and experience into your team.
  16. 16. Agile testing Build iterative accessibility checks into every sprint.
  17. 17. Conformance testing Carry out accessibility audits after milestone sprints.
  18. 18. Accessibility testing Carry out testing with older and disabled people after milestone sprints.
  19. 19. Maintenance testing Continue agile, conformance and accessibility testing throughout the lifetime of your service.
  20. 20. Meeting the digitalby default standard
  21. 21. Digital by default: Standards Your service should aim to meet Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as a starting point.
  22. 22. Digital by default: Testing Your service should be tested by disabled people, older people, and people who use assistive technologies; You should aim to do this at least twice as your service is developed.
  23. 23. Digital by default: Policies and statements The GDS team is not comfortable with a statement that draws a distinction between accessibility and any other aspect of best practice development.
  24. 24. Digital by default: Why we do it The services we provide are for the benefit of all citizens of the United Kingdom. As such, no user should be excluded on the basis of disability.
  25. 25. Digital by default: Legal To do so would breach the Equality Act 2010.
  26. 26. Building accessibility into SLC
  27. 27. SLC: Part of the team We work on site with the digital delivery team, and their development partners.
  28. 28. SLC: Sprinting ahead We prototype interactions, predict accessibility challenges and rapidly iterate solutions.
  29. 29. SLC: Knowledge sharing We educate designers and developers, leaving a legacy of skill.
  30. 30. SLC: Agile accessibility We provide fast accessibility checks during sprints; Comprehensive audits after milestone sprints; Regular testing with disabled young people.
  31. 31. Enjoying the benefits
  32. 32. Gov.UK: On time The Gov.UK alpha took 12 weeks to create; The Gov.UK beta took 15 months; Both launched on time.
  33. 33. SLC: Happy customers 70% of loan applicants were "extremely satisfied" with the process; Moving online increased daily applications from 30% to 70%; People who applied online were 218% more satisfied than those using paper..
  34. 34. Questions?Léonie Watson, Director of Accessibility Nomensa@LeonieWatson @we_are_NomensaT. +44 (0)117 929 7333W.