iDO - Targeting your success


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How to set short and long-term goals to achieve your desired study outcomes.

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iDO - Targeting your success

  1. 1. Targeting your successHow to make your goals a reality
  2. 2. How do you set realistic goals?Goal setting is an important skill that will help you effectively plan foryour academic success.It does require effort, persistence , and determination to make surethe goals you set are achieved.Use the following slides to give you some useful strategies.
  3. 3. Principles of Goal SettingClearly Work out your Work out thedefine your “plan of BLOCKERS togoals . Know attack ” – how you achievingexactly what are you going your goals andyou want to to achieve plan to deal withachieve. them? them.
  4. 4. Principles of Goal Setting cont. Think of Have a Create alternative timeframe in CHECKPOINT paths to which you want S along the way achieving your to achieve your so you can goals. goals. gauge how you are going.
  5. 5. Principles of Goal Setting cont. Start NOW Always know that Reward and build on you can change yourself the direction at any along the way momentum…… time if things for your The starting is aren’t working out achievements. the hardest the way you part. planned.
  6. 6. Short-term and long term goals Short-term goals Long term goalsYour short-term goals should Set these first so you know thesupport your long-term goals. general direction you are heading.They will be the smaller steps on They will not be as specific as yourthe path to your final destination. short-term goals….but they willThey may change as you go....just give focus to the more specifickeep the end in mind. actions you will take as short-term goals.
  7. 7. Long Term GoalsPutting long term goals in place tellsyour mind, body and spirit that this iswhat you want to achieve. You will beamazed at how all of these thingsconspire then to make your goals areality. THE TRICK IS TO BELIEVETHAT THEY CAN BE ACHIEVED
  8. 8. Short Term Goals These are the smaller steps you take on the way to achieving the BIG PRIZE at the end.Success in a short term Not achieving a shortgoal lets you know that term goal only meansyou are on the right you need to rethink yourtrack. It also gives you strategies. Do not see itthe motivation and drive as a “bad’ thing. Youto keep going. just need to refocus and possibly change the direction you are going.
  9. 9. Study goals should be SMART Don’t make goals too big….this makes it more Specific difficult to achieve them. The only way you will know if you have achieved yourMeasurable goals is if you can measure them. Make sure, within your ability level and the timeAchievable frame you have, that your goals are achievable . Aim for simple steps in the right direction. Don’t aim for an Realistic ‘A’ if you are getting a ‘D’ at the moment. You need to be realistic in what you think you can achieve Knowing the end point allows you to make sure youTime Bound leave enough time to achieve your goal.
  10. 10. Some short-term goals might be….. Getting to class Always having Reducing the on time the equipment amount of time you need you watch TV or use Facebook
  11. 11. Some short-term goals might be….. Learning how Practising your Improving your to take effective essay writing grade from a C+ notes in class skills to a B
  12. 12. Making a To-Do ListA To-Do List gives you a quick focusfor action.It will help you achieve short-termgoals.Making these goals visible andticking them off as you go gives you asense of accomplishment.NOTE: Remember it should NOT beabout how many things you get done,but whether you have taken care ofthe IMPORTANT things.
  13. 13. Choose friends who are going to help you achieve your goals
  14. 14. Act as if you have alreadyachieved your goal
  15. 15. Goal setting worksheets Why not try out these Goal setting Worksheets to help you get on track
  16. 16. Where to from here?These ideas are justthat. You will notachieve your goalsjust by readingthem.You actually have totake action.
  17. 17. Are you on target?