I think habits of mind


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I think habits of mind

  1. 1. Have you ever consideredthat you may have bad“thinking habits”?The way we think can affecthow we learn.2
  2. 2. 3A man named Artd’Costa developed theHabits of Mind.These are 16 positivehabits that you might liketo try and develop tomake you a betterlearner.
  3. 3. 4
  4. 4. 5Try another wayStick to it!Keep trying!Hang in there…..You will always meet with failure onyour journey to success.
  5. 5. 6Be like a postage stamp—stick to onething until you get there.Margaret CartyI hated every minute of training, but Isaid, Dont quit. Suffer now and live therest of your life like a champion.Muhammad AliIf I had to select one quality, onepersonal characteristic that I regard asbeing most highly correlated withsuccess whatever the field, I wouldpick the trait of persistence.Determination. The will to endure tothe end, to get knocked down 70 timesand get up off the floor saying, Herecomes number 71!Richard M. Devos
  6. 6. 7Respecting what peoplehave to sayUnderstanding othersNot interruptingLooking people in the eye when youspeak to themUnderstanding how the other personmight be feeling
  7. 7. 8I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listeningcarefully Most people never listen.Ernest HemingwayIf you want to be listened to, youshould put in time listening.Marge PiercyIf there is any secret of success, it lies in theability to get the other person’s point of viewand see things from his angle as well as fromyour own.Henry Ford.
  8. 8. 9Be aware of your thoughtsUnderstand how your brain worksKnow your knowingKnow you can change your thoughtsTake responsibility for your thoughtsand feelings
  9. 9. 10I thank the Lord for the brain He put in my head.Occasionally, I love to just stand to one side and watch howit works.Richard BollesWhen the mind is thinking it is talking to itselfPlatoLearn to depend upon yourself by doingthings in accordance with your own way ofthinking.Grenville Kleiser
  10. 10. 11Have a planSTOP before you startDon’t rushThink before you actLook before you leap
  11. 11. 12Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes inexecution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!Brian Tracy, author and speakerI can give you a six word formula for success:Think things through - then follow through.Eddie RickenbackerTake time to deliberate; but when the time foraction arrives, stop thinking and go in.Andrew Jackson
  12. 12. 13Try thinking DIVERGENTLYConsider all optionsThink outside the squareThere is usually more than oneway to do thingsAsk…”Is this the only way”?
  13. 13. 14Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when itsthe only one youve got.Alain (Emile August Chartier)Its a mighty poor mind that canonly think of one way to spell aword.Andrew JacksonIf you never change your mind,why have one?Edward deBono
  14. 14. 15Have a questioning mindThe question is the answerAsk more than one questionWho? What? Where? When? Why?How? What if?Find problems to solve
  15. 15. 16Judge a man by his questions rather than byhis answers.VoltaireNothing shapes our journey through life so much asthe questions we ask.Greg LevoyThe wise man doesnt give the right answers, he poses the rightquestions.Claude Levi-Strauss, businessman
  16. 16. 17Add to your knowledgeUse what you already knowBuild on what you already knowTake your understanding to a new levelTransform what you already know intosomething new
  17. 17. 18You are today where yourthoughts have brought you,you will be tomorrowwhere your thoughts takeyou.James Allen, authorLearning is the ability to make sense out of something you observebased on your past experience and being able to take thatobservations and associate it with meaning.Ruth and Art Winter.I’ve never made a mistake. Ive only learned fromexperience.Thomas A. Edison
  18. 18. 19Check and check againSometimes near enough is NOT goodenoughAlways do your bestBe clear about where you are goingStart with the end in mind
  19. 19. 20Every day you miss playing or practicing is oneday longer it takes to be good.Ben Hogan, GolferMeasure a thousand times and cut once.Turkish ProverbIt is necessary to try to surpass oneselfalways; this occupation ought to last as longas life.Queen Christina, of Sweden
  20. 20. 21Make POWERFUL pointsBe CLEARStrive for accuracy in what yousay and writeConcentrate on one thing ata timeDon’t exaggerate or overgeneralize
  21. 21. 22If you cant write your idea onthe back of my calling card,you dont have a clear idea.David BelascoWise men talk because they have something to say; fools,because they have to say something.PlatoWatch your thoughts, they become words. Watch yourwords; they become actions. Watch your actions; theybecome habits. Watch your habits; they become character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.Frank Outlaw
  22. 22. 23Look at things from differentperspectivesLook! Listen! Touch! Taste! Smell!Know whether you are an auditory,visual or kinesthetic learnerDon’t always use your eyesTrust your other senses
  23. 23. 24If all meanings could be adequately expressed bywords, the arts of painting and music would notexist.John DeweyTell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember.Involve me, and I’ll understand.Native American ProverbStudents retain:10% of what they read20% of what they hear30% of what they see50% of what they see and hear70% of what they say90% of what they say and do.Sandra F. Rief How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children:
  24. 24. 25Collaborate to innovateTry a different way!Think outside the squareTake risks in your thinkingJuxtapose different ideas to createsomething new
  25. 25. 26To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.Joseph Chilton PearceLife isnt about finding yourself. Life is about creatingyourself.George Bernard ShawImagination is more important than knowledge.Albert Einstein
  26. 26. 27Look at the world with wonderBe adventuresomeDon’t do the same thing all the timeChallenge yourself to learn newthingsSee the world as full of amazingthings
  27. 27. 28Practice being excited.Bill FosterPeople do their best work when they are passionatelyengaged in what they are doing.Erie S. RaymondIf you are working on something exciting that youreally care about, you dont have to be pushed. Thevision pulls you.Steven Jobs
  28. 28. 29Venture out!Be adventuresomeTry new things constantlyLive on the edge of your competenceSee mistakes as necessary forlearning new skills
  29. 29. 30Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build yourwings on the way down.Kobi YamadaThe only man who never makes mistakes is the manwho never does anything.Eleanor RooseveltDo not go where the path may lead, go insteadwhere there is no path and leave a trail.Ralph Waldo Emerson
  30. 30. Copyright 2010 31Laugh a littleAlways look on the bright sideLaugh at yourselfSee the funny side of thingsFind fun in the unexpected
  31. 31. 32You can increase your brain power three to fivefoldsimply by laughing and having fun before working on aproblem.Doug HalYou can think best when youre happiest.Peter Thomson, Australian GolferThe most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed.Sebastien-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort
  32. 32. Copyright 2010 33Work togetherTwo heads are better than oneCollaboration is creative1 + 1 = 3Learn from others
  33. 33. 34Every person you meet - and everything you do inlife – is an opportunity to learn something.Tom Clancy, AuthorIt is good to rub and polish our brain againstthat of others.Michael De MontaigneIn helping others, we shall help ourselves, forwhat ever good we give out completes thecircle and comes back to us.Hora Edwards
  34. 34. 35There is always more to learnThe world is an open bookNo-one knows everythingLearning is a life long journeySeek and ye shall find
  35. 35. 36He that thinks himself the wisest is generally the leastso.C.C. ColtonThe education of a man is never complete until hedies.Robert E. LeeArriving at one goal is the starting point to another.John Dewey
  36. 36. Copyright 2010 37
  37. 37. If you want to use the Habits ofMind to change how you thinkthen you have to follow thefour steps here.1.Choose the Habit you want towork on.2.What does the Habit LOOK /SOUND / FEEL LIKE?3.Think of someBEHAVIOURS you can try thatwill reflect that Habit.4.DO IT!!Only when you take action canyou change your behavior. Thisgoes for your brain as well38
  38. 38. 39The SKY IS THELIMIT when youuse the Habits ofMind to helpunlock yourlearningpotential.
  39. 39. Copyright 2010 40Some useful websites to visitHabits of Mind InstituteHabits of Mind (Wikipedia)Why not join the StudyvibeCommunity and practice usingthe Habits of Mind everyday.We will help you keep ontrack. You will be amazed athow differently you will startseeing the world around you!!
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