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Unit 4 perspectives


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Unit 4 curriculum outcomes - or learning goals - in 'plain English'

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Unit 4 perspectives

  1. 1. UNIT 4: PERSPECTIVES Presentation adapted from:
  2. 2. • different interpretations and perspectives… to further develop your knowledge and analysis of purpose, language, form and style. In Unit 4, you will examine:
  3. 3. • and develop and test your own interpretations (perspectives) though debate, discussion and argument In Unit 4, you will examine:
  4. 4. In Unit 4, you will examine: • and challenge perspectives, values and attitudes in literary and non-literary texts.
  5. 5. • Through the close study of individual texts, you will explore relationships between: • content and structure, • voice and perspective, and… • the text and its context. In Unit 4…
  6. 6. • You are given the opportunity to extend your experience of language and of texts… and, • explore your ideas through your own reading and viewing. In Unit 4…
  7. 7. • You will demonstrate your analysis and understanding of your texts - through your creation of imaginative, interpretive and analytical responses. In Unit 4…