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Perspectives - texts


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historical and cultural beliefs that influence PERSPECTIVES

Published in: Education
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Perspectives - texts

  1. 1. PERSPECTIVES How do texts reveal: • “facts”? • Truth? • reality? • Cultural beliefs? • Social attitudes history and time? • Concepts? Through the close study of individual texts, you will explore relationships between: content and structure, voice and perspective, and… the text and its context.
  2. 2. Mercator Projection Map of the World – 1569 By Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator
  3. 3. Peters Projection of the Map of the World – the first version was published in 1885 (by a Scottish cartographer named James Gall). It was not “used” until 1973!
  4. 4. The Peters Projection was the name given to the map in 1973 – by German Arno Peters (a historian and film-maker).