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Services SETA Accreditation Process


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An extract from Leonie Hall's 'Introduction to Accreditation' e-book. Follow me on LinkedIn! Read my stuff here and PLEASE share! Thanks so much.

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Services SETA Accreditation Process

  1. 1. “It is important to understand that accreditation is a choice, and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Accreditation requires significant resources to prepare and maintain accreditation ” - Services SETA The SSETA Accreditation Process Explained Step Two Desktop Evaluation • The compliant application is evaluated by the Accreditation Unit • If the findings of the evaluation are unfavourable, you will be sent an evaluation report and a deadline to address areas of remediation (amend or develop documents accordingly). • If the desktop evaluation is favourable, a site visit is scheduled. 1 1. This section is based on the 2015 Services SETA Accreditation pack Step Four Ratification • Site visit report is quality assured & submitted for ratification to the Accounting Authority. • If awarded a Not Yet Recommended status, a date will be given for remediation. • If awarded Accreditation, the status is ratified by the Accounting Authority • The accreditation decision is submitted after the report is ratified. • Accreditation status allows you to receive an accreditation number and certificate. An extract from The Cool Intro to Accreditation by Leonie Hall Step 1 Apply • Contact • Submit the accreditation application to Services SETA via the online system. • The application is reviewed against a compliance checklist by the SSETA. • If found compliant an email is sent to notify you that the application is in the next phase. • Primary focus providers apply here Click to Follow Leo!  Step 3 Site Visit • Services SETA conducts the site visit with you. • Site visit evaluation report is drafted by the SETA evaluator.