Increasing Cyber Safety Awareness In Our Community?


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Presented at the Northern Beaches Business Education Network Meeting. Most schools are presenting cyber safety talks for parents but not all. Some schools are finding their parent population are underrepresented at education nights around their children's use of technology and the internet. Parents are seen often as the "weak link" in the ongoing efforts to keep kids safe online. This slide presentation supported my 1/2 talk outlining the importance of education to parents, how I present it, and what methods I use to overcome some objections some parents might have that lead to their reluctance to attend such meetings. I also outlined how I present to parents, and what might be different about my approach from other organisations that present cyber safety talks to parents. My approach is a positive encouraging approach to parents on the merits of gaming the internet and social media whilst outlining the safer options to learn about for use by children. I highlight the need for safe settings, privacy, education, open conversations, enthusiasm from parents around technology, ideas for games to play with kids, and ways to stay up to date. I also give practical tips on supervision and for guidelines around online behaviour that eventually lead to children self moderating and choosing safe options to play and work safely online. From the perspective of a cyber savvy mum of 4 with long term experience with technology, social media, online media, gaming, being a parent of teens since the early 90's and with 2 children still at home 14yrs and 17yrs, still at the coal face of parenting digital natives. Over all my message is about parenting online as you do offline, with positive messages around technology and the internet.

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Increasing Cyber Safety Awareness In Our Community?

  1. 1. The Cyber Safety Lady “Increasing Cyber Safety Awareness” Leonie Smith Teachers - Students - Parents
  2. 2. An eSafe School What Does It Look Like?
  3. 3. An eSafe School Cyber Safety Educated Students
  4. 4. An eSafe School Cyber Safety Educated Parents
  5. 5. Parent Cyber Safety Are They Showing Up?
  6. 6. Parent Cyber Safety Cyber issues happen more at home
  7. 7. Why The Reluctance? Yikes Cyber Safety!!!
  8. 8. What Will They Learn? Are They Safe?
  9. 9. Online Dangers Scams Strangers Online Sexting Cyber BullyingSTALKING Fake Accounts When To Call The Police?
  10. 10. Online Dangers Block - Report
  11. 11. Parental Controls For Software and Devices
  12. 12. Supervision And Parent Responsibility
  13. 13. Communication Where - What - Who….. Listen
  14. 14. How? Parent Cyber Safety Support
  15. 15. How? Parent Teacher Communication
  16. 16. An eSafe School Teachers - Students - Parents