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Junior secondary yr 7:8 aug 18 4.3 preview


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Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying Presentation aimed at years 7&8 who are just starting to navigate social media and deal with cyber bullying and sexting. This talk covers a broad range of topics from cyber security to avoid being hacked or scammed, through to making good choices with what you post online and helping with cyber bullying. I also cover sexting or sharing nudes and what the legal and real world consequences are, and dealing with strangers online. Where to get help and the importance of getting help and reporting.

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Junior secondary yr 7:8 aug 18 4.3 preview

  1. 1. • Presentation by Leonie Smith • For parents of school age children The Cyber Safety Lady More Fun Less Drama! with Leonie Smith Approved Cyber Safety Educator Helping You To Stay Safer Online
  2. 2. Stay Smart Online Tips To Avoid Hacks, Virus’s & Scams!
  3. 3. Protect Your Phone Set a screen lock
  4. 4. Mobile Phone Scams Don’t Call Back!
  5. 5. Sure You Want To Post That? What You Post Online…Stays Online
  6. 6. Facebook Privacy Set All Privacy Settings
  7. 7. Instagram Private - Filter Comments - 2 Factor
  8. 8. STOP Cyber Bullying Are You THE Bully?
  9. 9. Sharing Photos & Videos And…..very risky Only respectful photos & videos Sharing Nudes Under 18yrs illegal!
  10. 10. Where To Get Help
  11. 11. Questions? What Was That Password…… I’m confused No, wait…. Maybe I’m not.