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Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. POR T FOL IOSocial Media
  2. 2. Table of contentApproach page 1Social Media page 2ExperienceCurriculum Viate page 3Testimonials page 5 Demonstrations page 7Get in contact page 39Appendix page 40
  3. 3. Demonstrations Social Media 10 - 12 Leonie Brückner, Creative Business Consultant - Twitter and advertising my brand 13 - 15 Socialmediacloud.wordpress.com - Blog where I answer questions about Social Media 16 - 18 MAKIme.com - Creating Facebook Fanpage - Enganging with Customers 19 - 22 Zinia Business Design - Facebook Landing Page - Social Media Strategy Paper - YouTube Channel - Slideshare & Flickr 23 - 25 Hotel Citymar Layos - Facebook Fanpage - Twitter Account 26 - 27 EPC 2.012 - Meeting of Professionals in Communication 2.012 - Facebook Fanpage 28 - 29 Toolea - Community Manager Germany 30 - 31 Kathakbox - Community Manager 32 - 33 SoshiGames - Community Manager Web/Wordpress 35 - 36 Leonie Brückner, Creative Business Consultant - Development of the Website leoniebrueckner.com 37 - 38 BAKUN - Developing the website bakun.es 39 - 40 Leoniebrueckner.posterous.com - Blogging Workshops 42 BAKUN - Using Social Media to find a job as woman with another nationality 43 - 44 Planned Project - Personal Branding for Bruni Adler
  4. 4. Approach Fast changing technologies, especially the development of the Web and Social Media have a massive influence on society and on the behaviour of your customers. There is a shift from organisation power to customer power that has been made possible by So- cial Media. Consumers use Social Media to connect and form groups, with which they can gain influence on a global scale. Face- book, Twitter & Co are used to talk about your company and to form an image about your brand using peer-to-peer information. Traditional ways of Marketing and communication with customers no longer have the same effectiveness as the years before; it has been replaced by Social Media. These facts require an adaptation to the changed behaviour regarding the communication with your custo- mers. With Social Media you can humanise your brand by engaging and interacting with your target audience on dif- ferent platforms to build trust and loyalty. And you don´t even need a high advertising budget to start the dia- logue, the only thing you need are a strategy and creative ideas on how to interact with your customers online1 . 1page 1 Sequoia lab, 2011. (http://www.sequoialab.com/news-article.html?aid=109)
  5. 5. My approachSocial my PortfolioAbout Media Experience i have been involved in Social Media since 2009. My experience began with working for MAKime a German business traveler platform where i discoverd my passion for all the communicaton going on online. My final thesis for my Undergraduate course in international Business and Marketing was focused on strategies and business models for social networks in changing market environments. Research and practical applications brought me deeper into the Social Media world which i then wanted to combine with a theoretical background. in 2010 i decided to do the Master in Social Media at Birming- ham City University. This one year was full of valuable theory eg. current state of academic knowledge, debates around the emer- gence of social media as well as lot´s of practical projects - team wise or individual. A big part of the course was organizing an event - “We are what we tweet”, April 2011. During the course i started working as social media consultant for several companies like Bakun, Toolea, MAKime, SoshiGames or Kathakbox. This work included brainstorming about creative ideas in social media for each client as well as planning and implemen- ting them. i also was a Community Manager. in June i started to create my own brand as Creative Business Consultant. My work in- cludes projects for international clients (Spanish, english, German) eg. designing logos, flyers, business cards, creating websites and Blogs with WordPress, creating and desingning accounts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc., developing social media strategies, blogging, Community Management, personal branding and corporate identity. The last four months i was working as a specialist for 2.0 strategies for Zinia Business Design - an agency in communication 2.0 in Ma- drid. Here i was mainly developing and implementing the company´s social media strategy and corporate identity as well as design- ing and creating its presence on several social media platforms. page 2
  6. 6. Curriculum Vitae WOrKing eXperience 2.0 Strategy Specialist okt. 11- Jan. 12 Zinia Business Design, Madrid * 12.23.1986 in Filderstadt Creative Business Consultant Jun. 11- present Germany leonie Brückner Freelancer Social Media Jan. 11 - present Georg-Schinbainstraße 176 88400 Biberach Riss intern, Community And Marketing Manager Germany oct. 09 - Mar. 10 MAKiMe SeRViCeS GMBH, Munich intern, Marketing Department Feb. 07 - Mar. 07 RAVenSBURGeR AG, Ravensburg & contact@leoniebrueckner.com Jul. 07 - Aug. 07 leoniebrueckner.com eDucatiOn Master, BiRMinGHAM CiTY UniVeRSiTY leoniebrueckner Sept. 10 - Sept.11 Birmingham, UK September Master in Social Media leonie.brueckner Final Thesis with MAKiMe SeRViCeS GMBH linkedin.com/in/leoniebrueckner „Social network model and strategy in changing Apr. 10 - Jul.11 market environments“ Bachelor of Arts, HFU BUSineSS SCHool VS-Schwenningen, Germany Mar. 07 - Sept.10 international Business, specialisation in Spanish, Marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship Semester abroad, UniVeRSiDAD De SeVillA Seville, Spain Feb. 09 - Jul.09 Publicity, Service Marketing, Andalucian economy,page 3 Merchandinsing
  7. 7. Other QualificationsProject „Postgraduate Culture“ Nov. 10- Jul. 11Member of project management in collaboration with Award winning Student Academic Partners SchemeBusiness Talks, HFU Business SchoolStudent association that facilitates contact with international companies Feb. 08 - Feb. 09Team member in MarketingOrganisation of the Graduation Ball HFU Business School Mar. 08 - Nov. 08Responsible for MarketinglanguagesGerman: nativeSpanish: fluent, language course, Madrid, Spain Feb. 07 - Mar. 07English: fluent, TOEFL testFrench and Romanian: basicComputingWeb 2.0 ToolsWindows: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)Mac: iWork (Keynote, Numbers, Pages)Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesignOther InterestsTraveling, running, reading page 4
  8. 8. Testimonials Leonie is one of the best Social Media consultants I know. She is highly skilled and her strong communi- Stefanie Lang cation skills makes every project a great success. I have the pleasure to work with her now since her Owner & CEO of MAKIme beginnings in Social Media in 2009. Leonie joined SoshiGames as a Social Media Consultant during the start-up phase of the business and when we Kevin Corti CEO & Development Director at were initially creating our MusicFestivals game. She was a core part of the team that created our web and social me- SoshiGames dia strategy and presence; bringing passion, energy and specialist knowledge to the business. A great communica- tor, very creative and a very professional person. Leonie has a great passion for Internet, Design and Social Media. I like to work with her because Klaus Schnalzger she has golden hands in creating visual communication for getting in touch with your costumers The different Talent Coach heart. Highly recommended!page 5
  9. 9. Testimonials Leonie is an inspiration to work with. She’s organised, motivated and proactive. Leonie’s understanding of Simon Tennant the social media space coupled with some unique ideas helped us hook into an untapped audience. I can Founder and CEO at Buddycloud highly recommend her work. Leonie is most likely the most passionate and driven person I know. I‘m very grateful to have had the Karen Kiely Assistant Account Manager at opportunity to get to know her through studying MA Social Media as well as through collaborating with Sparkart Group, Inc. her on a variety of professional projects. Leonie consistently brings high-level marketing, social media and design know-how to her work. She is a very creative and hard-working person and always gives 110% to everything she does. Working with Leonie is a pleasure; she is always smiling! Additionally, Leonie‘s professionalism, punctuality and communication are second to none. Although we have since moved on to follow our own paths, I really hope to have the chance to collaborate with Leonie again in the future. I know she will be an amazing asset to her future employers and clients. “Ms. Leonie Brückner is an excellent professional. She has worked for ZiniaBD during the development and Miguel Rifá FabregatCo-Founder - Corporate Director implementation of several projects based on web 2.0 Leonie is an intelligent, dedicated and methodical person, I at Zinia Business Design highly recommend her. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. page 6
  10. 10. DemonstrationsLook and see...
  11. 11. ...on the following pages
  12. 12. Social Media ‘All one needs is a computer, a network connection, and a bright spark of initiative and creativity to join the economy.‘ Don Tapscott, dontapscott.com
  13. 13. Creative Business Consultant
  14. 14. Leonie Brückner - Creative Business Consultant As final project of my MA Social Media i deve- loped my own brand as Creative Business Con- sultant. This included developing my online and offline strategy, designs, social media profiles, establishing a network and doing work for cli- ents. Work for clients includes develop and im- plement Social Media strategies with manuals, create and manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr, linkedin etc. as well as creating and mana- ging websites with WordPress, text and struc- ture of websites, design of logos, flyers, busi- ness cards and personal branding strategies. Here is my Twitter profile which i redesigned for my Consultant role.02 Twitter - leoniebrueckner June - August 2011 Further development of my Twitter profile according to my new brand. Designing the background according to my brand, following users in the creative industries worldwide.page 11
  15. 15. Leonie Brückner - Creative Business Consultant leonie Brückner An important experience during my final project was that i discovered the importantance of my network and the social capital supported by social media, in order to have access to new clients and solve problems. According to Putnam (2000), Social Capital is ‘the collective value of all @leoniebrueckner social networks and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other‘ (cited in Shih 2009, p. 43).03 Advertising my brand and Social Capital July 2011 - present Using Facebook, Twitter and my Blog (leoniebrueckner.posterous.com) to talk about my brand and ask my network for help and Feedback. page 12
  16. 16. Social Media Cloud
  17. 17. Socialmediacloud.wordpress.com on this Blog i answered questions for a client with the help of my own experience and researches on the web. The posts got a few comments which i answered.01 Blog where I answer questions about Social Media July 2011 Concept, creation and design of a Blog with Wordpress - Answering questions about social media asked by a client and comments by others. page 14
  18. 18. Socialmediacloud.wordpress.com02 Blog where I answer questions about Social Media July 2011 Advertisement on Facebook and Twitter - Design of the header using a quote by David Meerman Scott - Photo took by my own and edited with Photoshop.page 15
  19. 19. MAKIme
  20. 20. MAKIme.com facebook.com/businesscommunitymakime MAKime is a platform for business travalers, founded in Munich 2009. After an internship and my final undergraduate thesis i am continous- ly working for MAKime doing designs for the website, the Blog or the Facebook page, writing Blog posts, community management etc. For its Facebook fanpage i uploaded photos, designed the landingpage, in- tegrated RSS for the Blog and did a research for other pages MAKime could „like“.01 Creating the Facebook Fanpage July 2011 Developing and creating the Facebook Fanpage with photos, information, RSS Feed for the Blog etc.page 17
  21. 21. MAKIme.com blog.makime.com one of the main projects i did in 2011 for MAKime was restructuring the Blog and taking care of the design. i also prepared and uploaded the background for Twitter. @MAKime02 Engaging with Customers/Design of the Blog June - Dezember 2011 i was communicating with the target audience writing on the Blog, Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account as well as designing and developing the Blog www.blog.makime.com. page 18
  22. 22. Zinia Business Design
  23. 23. Zinia Business Design Zinia Business Design is an agency specialized in communication 2.0. it is based in Madrid. i worked there for four months as a Freelancer and specialist in 2.0 strategies. Mainly i created the social media strategy as well as the corporate idendity with the corporate design. For both i created a manual for the agency. i was also responsible for the soci- al media of a client Hotel Citymar layos, i analysed several brands and their onlie presence and prepared recommendations in social media strategies for them.01 Facebook Landing Page October 2011 - January 2012 Concept and Design of Facebook landing page and profile picture (facebook.com/ziniabd). Planning and coordinating content for the Blog (www. ziniabd.es/blog), managing content for Twitter and Facebook, creative ideas for the new website (coming soon).page 20
  24. 24. Zinia Business Design02 Social Media Strategy Paper November 2011 - January 2012 Development of the social media strategy of Zinia Business Design, inlcuding communication style and content for platforms where Zinia is present as well as the website www.ziniabd.es itself.page 21
  25. 25. Zinia Business Design03 Youtube Channel October 2011 - Present 04 Slideshare Flickr October 2011 - Present Creating and managing the Youtube Channel by uploading vi- Creating and managing the Slideshare and Flickr accounts by deos and describing the content of the videos. Publishing them uploading presentations and photos and publishing them on on several platforms like Twitter, Facebook, linkedin etc. several platforms like Twitter, Facebook, linkedin etc. page 22
  26. 26. Hotel Citymar Layos
  27. 27. Citymar Hotel Layos01 Facebook Fanpage January 2012 - Present Concept, set up and design of Facebook Fanpage (facebook.com/hotelcitymarlayos). Updates of landingpage according to curent offers and events at the Hotel. i was also creating and managing a Facebook campaign to attract more fans to the Fanpage.page 24
  28. 28. Citymar Hotel Layos 01 Twitter Account January 2012 - Present Design of the Twitter account as well as coordinating content of tweets.page 25
  29. 29. EPC2.012Meeting of Professionalsin Communication 2.012
  30. 30. EPC.2012 ePC2.012 took place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January 2012 in layos, Spain. it was organised by Zinia Business Design. invited where guests interested in social media. Guest speakers were for examp- le Dave Harte from BCU, UK, lucas Walker from Sysomos, Canada or Amparo llairó Díaz, author of the book „el talento esta en la red“. i was also responsible for the website where i developed the structure and decided which content we put on the page, all the while, working together with the designer of Zinia. i also designed the Facebook fanpage and coordinated a campaign to get more fans. next to social media i also designed the Flyers, name badgets, Posters, certificates and other offline material needed for the event.01 Facebook Fanpage October 2011 - Present Concept, set up and design of Facebook Fanpage (facebook.com/epc2012). Communication with the Fans, Facebook campaign to gain more fans, raffle for an invitation to the event. Coordinating the creation of the website www.epc2012.es. page 27
  31. 31. Toolea
  32. 32. Toolea.com i just started (Februray 2012) as Community Manager where i plan the Twitter strategy for Germany, create content and schedule tweets with Hootsuite. it is a spanish company which has just launched its website in england and laun- ching now in Germany.01 Social Media Strategy, Community Management July 2011 - Present Planning the Social Media Strategy and being the Community Manager for the German Twitter Account.page 29
  33. 33. Kathakbox
  34. 34. Kathakbox.co.uk Kathakbox is the latest production from one of the UK’s most dynamic dance companies. 01 Community Management February 2011 Creating Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and WordPress Website) and being the Community Manager.page 31
  35. 35. SoshiGames
  36. 36. SoshiGames.com SoshiGames builds social network games for Facebook which deliver deep player experiences and sustained engagement with brands.01 Community Management March - July 2011 Creating Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and WordPress Website), creating the Social Media strategy and being a Community Manager.page 33
  37. 37. Web/Wordpress ‘In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.‘ Henry Wadsworth
  38. 38. Creative Business Consultant
  39. 39. Leonie Brückner - Creative Business Consultant01 Development of the website leoniebrueckner.com July - September 2011 Design of the website with WordPress - write texts - edit photos and screenshots - install plugins and using html to adapt the site - link the website to other sites. Presenting my service and brand according to my established corporate identity.page 26 Wordpress/Web
  40. 40. BAKUN
  41. 41. BAKUN.es BAKUn is a Spanish international institute for systemic intervention. i created the website and several social media accounts. it started as a project during my MA Social Media and i continued the work as Creative Business Consultant.01 Development of the website bakun.es November - Dezember 2011 Design of the website with wordpress, write texts , edit photos and screenshots, install plugins and using html to adapt the site, link the website to other social media platforms. Create accounts on Flickr and Slideshare.page 38
  42. 42. Posterous Blog
  43. 43. leoniebrueckner.posterous.com i started the Blog in the beginning of my MA Social Media, September 2010 and it still serves as my own Blog where i write about events, news, my work, things i am interested in etc.01 Blogging on leoniebrueckner.posterous.com September 2010 - Present Design of the website with WordPress, write texts, edit photos and screenshots and post my new posts on Facebook and Twitter.page 40
  44. 44. Workshops ‘Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.‘ Anton Chekhov
  45. 45. BAKUN
  46. 46. BAKUN01 Using social media to find a job as a woman with another nationality June 2011 Presenting serveral social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and linkedin in front of women with another nationalities living in Spain. Giving tips how these women can increase their job chances with Social Media, talking abou Social Capital within Social Media.page 43
  47. 47. Planned Project
  48. 48. Bruni Adler01 Personal Branding for Bruni Adler - author of 4 books January 2012 - Present Creating accounts on linkedin, Xing, Youtube, Flickr and Slideshare, presenting excerpts of her books on online forums, publishing a movie she did about her books on youtube and vimeo etc.page 45
  49. 49. And... ... what is your project?
  50. 50. Thank you Thank you for taking your time and looking at my portfolio. This Portfolio only includes Social Media re- lated work. on my website leoniebrueckner.com/portfolio you can find all my work from 2008 until today and my Portfolio which i created during my MA Social Media in 2011. on my website you can also see new projects which might not be included in your version of my portfolio as i am constantly working on new projects. Let´s create something unique for you - so long as I see you smile. Photos in the Portfolio: Social Media - london, Greenwich with the Business disctrict at the horizon, 2010 Web/Wordpress - Tenerife, 2007 Workshops - Stonehenge, 2011page 37
  51. 51. Get in contactcontact@leoniebrueckner.com leoniebrueckner.com leoniebrueckner leonie.brueckner linkedin.com/in/leoniebrueckner page 48
  52. 52. Appendix Here are links related to my work which might be of interest to you: Web: - www.leoniebrueckner.com - www.soshigames.com - socialmediacloud.wordpress.com - www.kathakbox.co.uk - leoniebrueckner.posterous.com - www.toolea.com - www.MAKIme.com - Blog.MAKIme.com - www.bakun.es Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessCommunityMAKIme https://www.facebook.com/epc2012 https://www.facebook.com/ziniabd Twitter: @leoniebrueckner @toolea_es @ziniabd @epc2012 @citymar_layos @MAKIme If you are interested in the Workshop I did in collaboration with BAKUN, please contact me and I will send you the presentation I did.page 49