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Sta group

  1. 1. «Complex International Logistic Services» Moscow, October 2012
  2. 2. Holding Company «Sovtransavto»International transport and logistic Holding «Sovtransavto» has been operating on the international anddomestic logistic markets since 1968.«Sovtransavto» has created a unique combination of forwarding and transportation network in Europe andRussia: Russia European Union Sovtransavto Logistic (Moscow) Sovtransavto Nizhny Novgorod Sovtransavtoexpedition (Moscow) Sovtransavto Deutschland (Germany) Sovtransavto Kaliningrad Sovtransavto Bulgaria Sovtransavto Smolensk Sovtransavto France Sovtransavto Bryansk Group Sovtransavto Hungary Sovtransavto Rostov Group Sovtransavto Finland STA.RU ( container carrier) Sovtransavto BeNeLux Sovtransavto GREEN Logistics (auto Sovtransavto Eksport Import (Poland) carrier)
  3. 3. «Sovtransavto» Fleet«Sovtransavto» fleet consist of more than 700 modern combinationsof vehicles, featuring : - Curtain trailers; - Container chassis; - Refrigerator trailers; - Float glass transportation vehicles, including innenladers; - Car transporters; - Light-duty trucks and minivans. Sovtransavto is proud to be a long time partner of major OEMs: Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, Koegel, Schmitz, Krone, Lohr, Faymonville
  4. 4. «Sovtransavto» Business directions«Sovtransavto» provides full and flexible service package at the following business directions: 1. Import/export cargo transportation operations 2. Licensed services of Customs broker and Customs carrier 3. Warehouse logistics and adding value operations, cross-docking and distributions 4. LTL services from Europe , including regular groupage and express cargo line haul
  5. 5. «Sovtransavto» Import/export cargo transportation operations«Sovtransavto» being one of the biggest Russian haulers can design and manage any transport schemesbetween Russia and main European destinations: Direction Countries Deliveries share Scandinavian countries Finland, Denmark, Sweden 35% Northern and Central Europe Germany, Austria, Holland, 40% France, Luxemburg Eastern Europe Poland, Chez Republic, Hungary, 10% Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Southern Europe Italy, Greece 15%
  6. 6. Customs brokerage and customs transit services under «Sovtransavto» licenses«Sovtransavto» was one of the first companies in Russia which had been registered as customs broker andcustoms carrier:Customs logistic Features and turnover«Sovtransavto» customs warehouse Allocated at the 20.000 m2 terminal complex of Sovtransavto in MoscowBrokerage services 15.000.000 EUR per yearInternal customs transit operations About 1.000 per month
  7. 7. Warehouse logistic , cross-docking , consolidation and distributions operationsTerminal complex owned by «Sovtransavto» is conveniently located at the south of Moscow. Resources and benefits Services and facilities Facilities 12 hectares including 300 trucks parking places. More than 20.000 m2 of A+, B classes warehouses. Modern equipment featuring Still and Hyster vehicles. Trained staff of more than 150 employees. Storage options Floor, shelf and mezzanine storage systems Consolidation and cross docking Complex distribution projects tailor made for retail chains, international groupage and express Telematic IT-systems Automatic data processing and WMS-system Deliveries and operations KPI-system Not less than 95% just in time deliveries and operations Additional services - picking, packaging and etc; - delivery in Moscow, intercity and international transportation; - open areas for containers storage
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention!Holding «Sovtransavto» Tel.: +7 495 720 16 72 +7 495 933 08 70 E-mail: Web: