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What is Jobexler?


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Jobexler is video interview platform for recruiters and hiring managers. Find out the main benefits of using video interview to shorten the time for screening job candidates.

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What is Jobexler?

  1. 1. Get the video of your job candidates before you meet them Leonid Bratanchuk :: CEO LinkedIn leonid-bratanchuk Skype leonidbratanchuk
  2. 2. An online video interview platform for recruiters, casting and hiring managers which significantly reduces the time required to screen candidates
  3. 3. Traditional Interview model Benefits Jobexler’s Interview model ! Does all routine work ! Reduces time for screening ! Amazing tool for collaboration
  4. 4. How it works Invite the candidates through e-mail Watch, share and rate recorded video interviews Form the list of questions on Jobexler
  5. 5. Pricing TRIAL LIGHT SILVER GOLD PLATINUM €0 €50/ month €150/ month €300/ month Contact us Valid for 21 day Up to 25 interviews Up to 100 interviews Up to 300 interviews Unlimited interviews
  6. 6. Irina Kremin, CEO of KGS Our customers “Recruiting process becomes an easy task with Jobexler. I can recommend this service to every company, who is looking for the easy and effective way to go through the first round of interviews alongside with saving costs & time.” Natalia Zaytseva, СЕО, CO-­‐FOUDER RTC.UA “Jobexler is a great solution to reduce the time in mass recruitment cases. This platform is a convenient tool for screening sales, marketing and admin personnel”
  7. 7. We are looking for companies, agencies who are interested to use our product for free to get their feedback. Please contact me at To schedule short demo of the product and to get free access to the platform. Leonid Bratanchuk :: CEO LinkedIn leonid-bratanchuk Skype leonidbratanchuk